2018 IDP Rankings - Cornerbacks (Redraft)

Listed below are my 2018 Cornerback Rankings for IDP Redraft Leagues. I will continually update these throughout the off-season to reflect changes in free agency, defensive schemes, playing time, draft selections, etc. However, keep in mind that the information listed here is just a small sample of a much larger set of rankings and descriptions that are accessible through purchasing my 2018 IDP Fantasy Football Draft Guide.

Drafting Philosophy:

It's difficult to find cornerbacks that are consistent year-to-year producers as their opportunity is often reliant on how often quarterbacks throw the ball their direction, along with their role in the defensive scheme. To help find value, many owners leverage the "rookie corner rule" strategy which targets first year players at the position. Since these players typically get thrown at early and often, they tend to see above average point scoring opportunity. Another, albeit less effective, strategy is to seek out players on winning teams. These types of teams typically have leads over their opponents and therefore see a high amount of pass attempts as opposing teams play catch up. 

Scoring System:
Solo Tackle = 1 point
Assist = 0.5 point
Sack = 3 points
Interception = 4 points
Forced Fumble = 2 points
Fumble Recovery = 2 points
Pass Deflection = 1 point
Defensive TD = 6 points

1Marshon Lattimore CB - NO (6), +4 vs. ECR

Lattimore was outstanding in his rookie season, finishing as Pro Football Focus' 7th best cornerback. And he managed to produce CB1 fantasy numbers in the process. Now that the word is out on him, he'll likely see less balls thrown his way so he mayy hit a tackle plateau but the next level big play capability keeps him in the DB2 discussion.

2Tre'Davious White CB - BUF (11), +18 vs. ECR 
White had a strong rookie season both from a fantasy and real-life perspective. The Bills heavy use of zone defense should ensure White's opportunity stays high as will the arrival of cover corner Vontae Davis.

3Ronald Darby CB - PHI (9), +8 vs. ECR 
In a relatively small eight-game sample size, Darby was a stud for the Eagles and instantly become one of the best fantasy options at the cornerback position. Cornerbacks tend to exhibit more year-to-year volatility in box score production due to the nature of their position, but Darby has proven to be a relatively consistent performer and should be one of the first CBs taken off the draft board.

4Marcus Peters CB - LAR (12), +33 vs. ECR 

Peters has already racked up 19 interceptions in his first three seasons in the league. Granted, he's seen his totals in that category every season as teams throw at him less and less. But he still makes enough big plays and has decent enough tackle production to be considered an every week starter in CB-required leagues.

5Jason McCourty CB - NE (11), +55 vs. ECR 

McCourty has long been one of the league's best tackling cornerbacks (he's had three 70+ solo seasons in his career). He won't get you much in terms of big plays but that may change this year as he's on a good team where teams will be forced to throw at him while they are playing in catch up mode.

6Jalen Ramsey CB - JAC (9), +29 vs. ECR 

The fifth overall pick in the 2016 draft, Ramsey has already become one of the league's defensive superstars and most talked about players. Under normal circumstances, Ramsey's label as a "shutdown" corner would really hurt his fantasy production but quarterbacks are forced to throw his way as the Jags have another lockdown corner in A.J. Bouye playing across from Ramsey. This said, we should continue to see around 50 solo tackles, 10 assists, and 4 or so interceptions out of the 23-year old.

7A.J. Bouye CB - JAC (9), -1 vs. ECR 

Much like his teammate Jalen Ramsey, Bouye is one of the better cover corners in the league. Because there is a cornerback of even greater talent opposite him, Bouye still gets thrown at enough to make big plays and he's a sound enough tackler to put up decent numbers in the run defense category.

8Darius Slay CB - DET (6), -6 vs. ECR 

Slay led all cornerbacks in interceptions with eight a season ago. He takes enough chances where opposing quarterbacks still test him at a decent clip, so I can buy him being a consistent year-to-year producer in the big play columns. 45-52 solo tackles is a reasonable projection.

9Josh Norman CB - WAS (4), +16 vs. ECR 

Despite being a household name in many fan circles, Norman has never really been a major fantasy contributor. He puts up slightly above average tackle numbers but has just ten career interceptions over his six-year career and laid a goose egg in that stat column last year. He might have some week-to-week matchup value but shouldn't be relied on as a starting staple in most leagues.

10Kyle Fuller CB - CHI (5), -19 vs. ECR 

With 59 solo tackles, Fuller was one of fantasy's better options in CB-required tackle-heavy scoring formats. Another year in the Bears scheme could boost Fuller's production even further, but he's never likely to be a 5+ interception type of guy.

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Last Updated: August 20, 2018
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