2016 IDP Strength of Schedule

Look me start off by saying that this 2016 Strength of Schedule guide should only be used directionally. These rankings were developed based off of last year's IDP Points Allowed by Position and obviously team's offenses change (for better or worse) over the course of an off-season through free agent signings, coaching changes, scheme changes, rookie additions, etc.

I prefer to use this tool when I'm stuck between two very similar IDPs during the draft and can't decide which one to choose (i.e. as a tiebreaker). This has worked very well for me in the past and I expect it to continue to work very well in the future.

Rankings go from 1-32 with 1 being the most favorable schedule for that position and 32 being the least favorable schedule for that position.

NOTE: The data is being displayed on the site using an embedded Google Document. Some readers may have issues viewing the tables depending on a myriad of different of factors (e.g. browser, device, method of viewing). This said, I've made the data available via a direct link to the Google Sheet which you can find directly below.

Direct Link to View

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