2014 IDP Fantasy Points Per Snap

Advanced stat metrics are increasingly becoming more relied upon when it comes to Fantasy Football research. Websites such as Pro Football Focus, Football Outsiders, and Advanced NFL Stats are compiling and analyzing this data to give owners a leg up on their competition in terms of draft preparation and in-season roster maneuvering.

Granted, there's only so much statistics can tell us, but they can be quite useful in spotting player trends long before they actually start showing up in more obvious ways.

This said, I've decided to do a mini-series on some of the more intermediate IDP stat categories over the next few days. We will take a look at IDP snap counts, tackle frequency, sack frequency, and points per snap.

These resources will live on the site leading into the start of the season, so that we can use them as a guide to help inform our 2015 draft decisions.

The IDP fantasy points per snap (total fantasy points/number of snaps played) numbers are available after the jump. Fantasy points were calculated based on the following scoring system:

Solo Tackle
= 2 points
Assist = 1 point
Sack = 4 points
INT = 5 points
FR = 5 points
FF = 2 points
PD = 1 point

There are separate tabs for DL, LB, and DB to make filtering through the data easier. Players needed to have 450 snaps or greater to be included within the data set.

NOTE: The data is being displayed on the site using an embedded Google Document. Some readers may have issues viewing the tables depending on a myriad of different of factors (e.g. browser, device, method of viewing). This said, I've made the data available via a direct link to the Google Sheet which you can find directly below.

Direct Link to View

*Snap count data is courtesy of Sporting Charts

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