2013 Weekly IDP Starts & Sits

In this installment of the “Start or Sit Rankings,” I have added additional information that will help you in making your Start/Sit decisions easier. The main intent of this series is to give you a better idea of who will be a fantasy stud or fantasy dud in each respective week. IDPs are ranked on a scale of 1-5. With 5 being almost non-relevant and 1 being a near shoe-in for a huge game.

IDP Ranking System Key
5 = almost non-existent in the stat column.
= will make a play or two, but cannot be trusted for steady numbers.
= pretty much your average fantasy player, won’t wow you with stats, but is solid in deeper leagues.
= will put up above average numbers with some upside.
= an absolute beast you can count on for a big game.

Any suggestions for the “Start or Sit Rankings” are always welcome. As always, please send in some feedback, let me know what I missed and what I hit on.

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