2013 Tackles Issued by Home Scorekeepers

A major difference between offense only Fantasy Football and IDP Fantasy Football is the subjectivity of the stat keeping. On the offensive side of the ball, a 10 yard catch is a 10 yard catch. However, on the defensive side of the ball, things become a bit less clear. For example, two defensive players get to the ball-carrier at roughly the same time. Who gets the solo tackle and who gets the assist? Or do both players only get an assist? Or does only one player get a solo? There are multiple options in these scenarios and different scorekeepers have different tendencies (right or wrong). Analyzing each home scorekeeper's tendencies will better allow us to make informed lineup decisions.

The chart listed below is ordered in descending fashion based upon the differential from the average amount of total tackles issued by home scorekeepers throughout the 2013 season. Any team above a +11 differential is highlighted in green and considered an above average matchup. Conversely, any team below a -11 differential is highlighted in red and is considered a below average matchup. All other teams that fall in between are highlighted in yellow and considered an average matchup. Please see below for a color-coded key breaking out the various groupings.


+11 and Higher = Above Average
+10 through -10 = Average
-11 and Lower = Below Average

This article will be updated every Tuesday during the regular season to reflect the most up-to-date tackles issued. However, scorekeepers rarely change their tendencies over the course of the season and thus the trends that we currently are witnessing are likely to remain for the entirety of the season.

NOTE: The data is being displayed on the site using an embedded Google Document. Some readers may have issues viewing the tables depending on a myriad of different of factors (e.g. browser, device, method of viewing). This said, I've made the data available in downloadable spreadsheet and PDF form as well. See the download links below.

Excel - Link to Download
PDF - Link to Download 

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