2012 Off-Season IDP Dynasty Buy Low/Sell High

Written By: Eric Olinger

With the NFL Draft only a few days away, Dynasty Leaguers are overridden with anticipation. Like Christmas Eve, we can’t wait to find out what new toys we’ll have to play with. At the same time, there are some old toys that aren’t so eager to see that new Buzz Lightyear show up, putting them deep in the toy box. This week is one of the best times to strike deals in Dynasty leagues. People are excited and like a used car salesman, you can talk your way into some big things. Luckily, or unluckily depending on which side you’re on, there isn’t a CarFax report for these players out there. Here are some Dynasty Buy and Sells for the off-Season.


Kam Chancellor, SS, Seattle Seahawks
It’s no secret that I love this guy. One of the best young strong safeties in the league exploded onto the scene last year with 10 solo tackles in Week 1, finishing with 97 total for the year. The great thing about Chancellor he plays LB in some formations and with Hawthorne now gone and replaced with the HORRIBLE Barrett Ruud, Chancellor is about to ball out.

Kelvin Sheppard, MLB, Buffalo Bills
You have to love what the Bills are building on defense by signing Super Mario Williams and Mark Anderson to add to Dareus and fix the pass rush. Then sign Dave Wannstedt to run the D. Wannstedt singled out Sheppard as a “nucleus” player and I’m buying it. In a 4-3 with that line, he shouldn’t have to fight through garbage, having a clear path to blow up runners. He also has the skill set to blow plays up behind the line. He’s picking up a lot of momentum quickly so the sooner you can get your hands on him, the better.

Perry Riley, ILB, Washington Redskins
For a while there it looked like the ageless London Fletcher was not going to be resigned, leaving a gold mine to Riley. But the Redskins got the deal done and brought back the team leader. That’s OK as playing along side Fletcher won’t kill Riley’s IDP potential. He’ll take the NaVarro Bowman role to Fletcher’s Willis, the Robin to his Batman. This year Riley will put up LB2 numbers, but know that when Fletcher moves on Riley will be an ELITE IDP STUD.

Cameron Wake, DE, Miami Dolphins
This might not be a feasible situation for everyone. But every year NFL teams switch coordinators and as a result change schemes. The Dolphins are switching from a 3-4 to a 4-3. In leagues that have positional limits like 4 DL, 5 LB, this causes a real pain in the butt. Owners have to move them and it causes some good names to end up on the wire. Or in this case, Wake might already be on the waiver wire. His 8.5 sacks were nice but from a LB spot he was a real hit or miss player. From a DL spot he’s a strong DL2.


Robert Mathis, OLB, Indianapolis Colts
For the same reasons I like Wake, these are the reasons I don’t like Mathis. With the Colts switching to a 3-4 defense, Mathis plays with his hand up for the first time in his career. Freeney will be playing the Suggs position in Pagano’s D with Mathis in the Jarrett Johnson role. On top of that, the Colts are going to STINK again and teams will basically be running the clock out from the 2nd quarter on. Move him while the rose colored glasses of Andrew Luck coming to town are on.

Barrett Ruud, MLB, Seattle Seahawks
The tongue lashing continues. Anyone seeing Ruud filling Hawthorne’s vacancy in Seattle and thinking the production will transfer needs to get a grip. Ruud is one of the least effective LBs in football. He does not stay on the field in nickel situations, leaving in favor of K.J. Wright and Chancellor. If you still have him on your roster for some reason from the Tennessee debacle, sell him now and spin the “someone has to pick up Hawthorne’s production!” angle. This guy’s a turd.

Curtis Lofton, MLB, New Orleans Saints
This whole unit scares and confuses me. What’s going to happen with the newly resigned Vilma and his suspension? Where do he, Lofton, and Hawthorne all fit? I think Hawthorne is the most talented of the group and most likely to be an every down LB. Who ends up wearing the headset and calling the defensive plays will tell us a lot. Lofton was never the man in ATL, deferring to Sean Weatherspoon so I don’t think Lofton is the guy to have in NO either. I would shop Lofton to see what kind of offers you could get, but I wouldn’t give him away either. It’s a dirty situation that I would rather not have anything to do with.

James Harrison, OLB, Pittsburgh Steelers
Personally, I was jumping ship on Harrison last off-season. I think Pittsburgh drafted his replacement when they took and sat Jason Worilds. Harrison is a cross eyed mental case. He stays relevant because of his illegal, headline creating, dirty hits. A 15 yard penalty is the same as a 15 yard reception. Worilds could/should replace Harrison as soon and Week 1. The very least that Harrison owners should expect is a rotation between he and Worilds this year.

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Last Updated: April 23,2012
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