2011 IDP Dynasty Buy Low/Sell High: Week 11

Written By: Eric Olinger


Colin McCarthy- MLB- Tennessee Titans

McCarthy started for an injured Barrett Ruud last week and produced a respectable 5-3-0. Not bad for a rookie’s first start. The more telling note here is the amount of praise given to him by teammates and coaches after the game. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ruud’s injury “lingers” another week to keep McCarthy on the field. Especially since Ruud’s contract is up after this season and the job is McCarthy’s next year anyway.

Kamerion Wimbley- SLB- Oakland Raiders
Wimbley flat out dominated last Thursday’s game against the Chargers racking up 7-0-4(!). The Chargers had absolutely no answer for Wimbley, it was like he and Rivers shared a jersey. It amazes me that a LB can rack up 4 sacks in a game in the NFL. Coaches are supposed to be smart enough to adjust. That speaks volume to Wimbley and what he did. Aaron Curry’s biggest contribution to the Raiders may be freeing up Wimbley to rush the passer and with Carson Palmer and the Raiders O putting up points, it will allow Wimbley to pin his ears back and attack.

Perry Riley- ILB- Washington Redskins
Riley got his first career start last week over a benched Rocky McIntosh and he didn’t disappoint, 7-2-0. Riley is the future of this LB corp. and any fan of the SEC can tell you this guy was nasty at LSU. He’s the kind of guy you don’t want to write about before you can add him on all your own teams first! Washington’s defense has always produced strong IDP LB numbers and with only an aging, but still very effective, London Fletcher ahead of him, Riley should lead the ‘Skins in tackles starting next year.

Ryan Kerrigan- OLB- Washington Redskins   
I really like Kerrigan as an IDP player but he’s being held back by Washington’s inability to get and hold a lead. When he has favorable matchups he really produces, as evidenced by his 5-1-2 and 2 FF line against Miami. If Kerrigan was playing on the Packers, Texans, or Steelers there is no reason to not believe he couldn’t be a 12+ sack guy this year. He currently has 5 sacks 4 FF and an INT on the year. He’s the kind of guy to get and hold in a Dynasty league. Washington can’t get much right these days but it seems like they found a couple of young defensive centerpieces to go with Brian Orakpo.


Leon Hall- CB- Cincinnati Bengals
Hall tore his Achilles this past Sunday vs. the Steelers and is done for the year. But with an Achilles injury it will take at least a full 12 months, if ever, to fully recover. Look at DeMeco Ryans and LaRon Landry. Ryans still hasn’t returned to form and it’s been multiple years since his injury. Landry is just now starting to trust his and is slowly returning to form. I don’t see the benefit in holding on to a CB that will not give you anything else this year and probably not anything next year.

Ray Edwards- DE- Atlanta Falcons
I wonder of the Falcons have buyer’s remorse after spending so much money on Edwards. He has 2 sacks through 9 games for Atlanta after registering 16.5 over his last 30 games in Minnesota. Life was no doubt going to get more difficult away from Jared Allen but he is still playing across from John Abraham. He should have a couple 2 sack games already, not 2 total on the season. He’s to the point that I wouldn’t hesitate to dump him and move on. He seems like a contract year wonder.

Barrett Ruud- MLB- Tennessee Titans
You can pretty much read my opinion on Colin McCarthy and see why Ruud is here. The passing of the torch has begun and Ruud is definitely on his way out. If you’re a gambling man and want to hold him in a Dynasty league, you could because he’ll definitely be in the league next year and possibly starting for a LB needy team (Philly, NYG) but he’s not an elite talent.

Kavell Conner- WLB- Indianapolis Colts
Shockingly, Conner is still amongst the league leaders in total tackles but it is more related to the Colts’ ridiculous score keeper passing out assists to everyone within a 10 yard radius of a tackle and sheer volume. If you are in a league that does not separate solos from assists, then never mind, pick up every available Colts defender. But the Colts are horrible this year and the Defense lives on the field so Angerer and Conner are getting a ton of opportunities as opposing teams go in to clock killing mode about 3 minutes in to the 2nd Q. Whether it’s Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck starting for the Colts next season, the offense has to be better than what Hulk Hogan’s long lost retarded son is doing as QB of this year’s Colts. And the will leave fewer opportunities for marginal talents such as Conner and an up tick for Freeney and Mathis.Good luck this week everyone.

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Last Updated: November 18, 2011
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