2011 IDP Stockwatch: Week 4

Written By: Bill Edwards

Hello and welcome to this season-long series for IDPGuru.com. In this article, I will discuss a few players whose fantasy value has either gone up or down depending on their performance, role changes, injury concerns, etc. from the previous week. I will try to get this article out every Wednesday for your reading pleasure.

Stock Up
RLB – Wesley Woodyard - (DEN) – After totaling 10 tackles in week 2, Woodyard had 13 total tackles in weeks 3 with 1 pass defended. Woodyard has been filling in for the injured D.J. Williams. Williams is said to be returning shortly from his elbow injury. We will have to see how the linebacker’s roles will settle once Williams is at full health. In the mean time continue to start Woodyard with confidence as long as DJ is out.

MLB – David Hawthorne - (SEA) –
Hawthorne must be getting back to full health. His stat line from week 3 is more along the lines of what we all expected from him this season, 9 total tackles, 1 pass defended. Seattle’s week 4 opponent (ATL) is ranked 22nd in points allowed to LBs in the Points Against Article so Hawthorne may not blow you away this week with his stat line, but a full week of practice would give him a LB #2/3 ranking.

LCB – Kyle Arrington – (NE) –
Arrington is listed behind Devin McCourty on the Yahoo! sports depth charts however he is tied for the league lead in INTs with Morgan Burnett. Arrington had a stellar week 3 against the Bills recording 6 tackles, 3 passes defended, and 2 INTs. Arrington should have decent numbers going forward as the Patriots have yet to prove they can stop the pass. Look for Arrington to continue as a DB #3 with some upside if any injuries occur to the Patriots secondary.

RDE – Jared Allen – (MIN) –
Allen had his best game of 2011 against the Lions. Unfortunately the Vikings could hold onto a second half lead again. Allen though came through with 6 total tackles, 3 sacks and 1 Forced Fumble. Allen is tied for the league lead in sacks with Jason Pierre-Paul. Allen is a must start because of his big play ability. Solid DL #1 in sack heavy leagues.

RLB – James Anderson – (CAR) –
A few weeks ago someone posted a comment about my ranking of Anderson. I suggested he needed some injuries to break through and produce. That same week Beason and Davis both went to the Injured Reserve list. Anderson looked really good in a week 3 rain out against the Jaguars. His 9 total tackles and 1 pass defended helped the Panthers get their first win of 2011. He’s a solid LB #2 going forward with LB #1 potential.

Stock Down
MLB – Barrett Ruud – (TEN) –
Rudd was a beast for the Buccaneers the last few seasons. He started off hot in Tennessee this season with 14 total tackles in week 1. However, he fell off some in week 2 with 2 total tackles. Week 3 wasn’t much better with 4 total tackles. Now he does have 20 total tackles through 3 games which isn’t bad, and that is part of the reason he wasn’t apart of the Stock Down report last week. He should be doing better for his fantasy owners. Rudd should regain his form at some point and get back to 6-8 tackles per game. LB #3/4 until he gets out of this funk.

MLB – Paul Posluszny – (JAX) –
This is this week most popular forum question “what’s with Poz?” I don’t know. Hopefully he reads this and gets back to making stops like he did in Buffalo. He’s too good to continue to play like this. His tackles per game have dropped from 9.4 in 2010 to 5.6 in 2011. He may be moving toward his 2009 tackle avg of 6.9. Lets hope he gets his groove back soon. LB #3 until Dr. Evil returns his Mojo.

ROLB – Mario Williams – (HOU) –
Maybe it is time to let Williams play DE again. His stats through 3 weeks are not so good with only 5 total tackles. Brooks Reed hasn’t played much worse in back up role with 3 total tackles. So maybe Houston should let Williams get back to doing what made him the 1st overall pick in 2006, getting after the quarterback. A 6’6” 283lb man has no business in pass coverage.

RLB – Ben Leber – (STL) –
Leber was a slightly better than average LB with the Vikings and looked like he would improve when signing with the Rams. Through 3 games he has 10 tackles. Chris Chamberlain has 8 tackles, 1 sack and a forced fumble playing behind Leber. Leber may be getting long in the tooth playing in his 10th NFL season. Look for his numbers to stay below average going forward. LB #5

RILB – Lawrence Timmons – (PIT) –
Timmons’ stats are trending in the wrong way. After a monster 12 tackle week 1, he came down to a respectful 8 tackles in week 2. Week 3 he only had 3 tackles. Timmons plays against Houston in week 4. The last time he played Houston he recorded 4 total tackles. He is a solid LB with big game potential every week so it was hard to put him in a Stock Down report. His stats in week 3 are not indicative of his ability and he will rebound and be dominate again, just maybe not week 4. LB #2 with LB #1 form in week 5 and beyond.

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Last Updated: September 28, 2011

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