2011 IDP Dynasty Buy Low/Sell High: Week 4

Written By: Eric Olinger

I don’t know if it’s because of the lockout or the new trend in the NFL becoming a passing league, but IDP LBs have been disappointing so far. With 4(!!!) QB’s still on pace to break or shatter (Tom Brady) Dan Marino’s single season passing yards records, we have seen a huge bump in CB's and safety’s tackle numbers and steep decline, in most cases, in the traditional MLB’s numbers. Guys that we were high on have been hit with injuries, some severe and some of the more stressful nagging variety. Personally, I’d rather you sit out and get healthy than drag your broken rear end up and down the field. Because if you’re playing, I assume you’re healthy enough to make an impact. Nothing stinks worse than playing a guy that says he is healthy and he plays one quarter or he half asses the whole game. Anyone out there tired of waiting on Hawthorne to produce? Ya, us too! Take a page out of the Arian Foster playbook and shut it down until you’re right. And another thing, the official score keeper in San Diego has got to be one of these new age hippies preaching the “Sharing is Caring” B.S. Takeo Spikes has 24 total tackles this year, 8 solo, 16 assists…really? Indianapolis’ score keeper is from the same school of thought. Pat Angerer has 24 solo and 18 assists for a ridiculous 42 total through 3 games. Obviously, there are always going to be “pile jumpers” who rack up unearned assists.  Now that’s out of my system, on to the “meat and potatoes”…


Pat Angerer- MLB- Indianapolis Colts
What are you doing?” “I’m announcing my presence with authority!” Yes. Yes, you are. With Gary Brackett placed on IR Wednesday, Pat Angerer could be the IDP Waiver addition of the year. Angerer plays FAST. Like 4 packs of Fun Dip and a 6 year old fast. Coming off a 21 tackle game, 12-9-0, it’s going to be hard to trade for him. I tried in one of my leagues and I was too late. This guy is going to be the real deal. The Colts Offense is stuck in neutral and the D is going to be on the field a ton. If he’s on your waiver wire, go get him. I would drop all the underperforming “names” for him: Poz, Rudd, Hawthorne, etc.

Jason Williams- WLB- Carolina Panthers
Let’s not kid ourselves, Dan Connor is not getting it done from an IDP stand point. He’s just a guy. He’s barely getting you more points than the Dan Connor from “Roseanne”. The guy replacing Thomas Davis is Jason Williams and his first week on the job, he performed admirably, producing a 7-1-0 stat line. There were rumors of Jason Williams coming off the field in Nickel packages, but it didn’t appear so. The bottom line is, Thomas Davis will not return to the team next season. If Williams performs well he could be the guy moving forward. Definitely worth a shot in deeper leagues.

LaRon Landry- SS- Washington Redskins
Coming off of the dreaded Achilles injury, Landry missed 6 games last year, all off season, and the first 2 games of this year. But the thing is, this IDP Monster looks right. He doesn’t appear to have the hesitant look that DeMeco Ryans had and so many other players returning from an Achilles always seem to have. Monday night he was flying around flat out laying the wood to the Dallas wideouts. If this guy is somehow available, he’s a must add in a Jim Haslett D that will feature his playmaking abilities. Anyone who had him last year pre-injury knows, this guy is a MANimal.

Brian Robison- DE- Minnesota Vikings
Once Ray Edwards left, there became an opportunity for IDP success across from one of the craziest S.O.B’s in the NFL, Jared Allen. With 2.5 sacks through the first 3 games, it appears Robison has a real shot of being that replacement. He had 2 sacks on Matthew Stafford last week and coming into that game Stafford had been sacked ZERO times in two games. I really like his long term value, but here are his next 3 games, @KC, ARZ, @CHI!!! Can anyone name me the left tackles on these teams? Exactly, he has a great stretch coming up. Definitely worth a DL3 stash. With the right matchups, he can safely be used as a DL2. The sack potential is there.

Greg Hardy- DE- Carolina Panthers
On each team that has lethal bona fide stud at DE, there is a slightly above average guy on the other side that will “Carpe the Diem, Seize the Carp!” (Movie quote…anyone…?) Greg Hardy is that guy. Carolina was considered crazy for not paying Julius Peppers and letting him walk, and they might be, but Charles Johnson is the truth and Greg Hardy is a perfect compliment on the other side. He has a sack in 2 of the 3 games so far and as long as Cam Newton and the offense can put points on the board and give the other team a need to throw the ball Johnson and Hardy will be pinning there ears back and in kill-mode.


Barrett Ruud- MLB- Tennessee Titans
Maybe we should have realized something when this guy was a Free Agent and nobody rushed to sign him. Truth is, he had a couple decent years in TB and developed a name. His name is worth more than his production. A MLB that plays the pass better than the run is NOT what you’re looking for in Fantasy Football. Find someone who is a name chaser and exploit their ignorance. I would rather have a young up-and-comer than a guy that will probably beat an annual “one year contract” guy.

Dan Connor- MLB- Carolina Panthers
A swing…and a…MISS! Talk about wasting an opportunity. He is approaching Casey Matthews status. You can’t say it’s the scheme because Jon Beason puts up the numbers in the same spot. In a game against JAX where he should have put up very good numbers, he “sh*t the bed”, so to speak with a 4-2-0 stat line. He is coming off the field on passing downs and just isn’t that effective. Don’t bother wasting your time with his pretty much non-existent “upside”.

Bob Sanders- SS- San Diego Chargers
I really don’t know why I bothered including this guy. In Dynasty Leagues that allow IR spots, he might be a guy that has been held on to. Don’t bother. He was put on IR in real life yesterday again by the Chargers and GM AJ Smith flat out said it didn’t work out for the team or the player and he wished him well. This guy used to be a MONSTER, he hit like a LB and was built like a Kicker. His body just couldn’t hold up to the extreme punishment. There is absolutely no point in even holding onto him. The Bob Sanders of old is not coming back.

Casey Matthews- MLB/WLB/Towel Guy- Philadelphia Eagles
Short and sweet. MLB= FAILURE. WLB=EPIC FAIL. Remember the Brandon Jacobs 40 yard TD reception last week? Guess who blew the assignment…Mr. Casey Matthews. Get a haircut hippie!

Wesley Woodyard- WLB- Denver Broncos
One of the very best backups in the league, he has been starting in the place of injured DJ Williams. The bad news is DJ Williams is about to return. The best news from an IDP standpoint would be put Williams back in the middle and send Mays to the bench leaving rookie Von Miller, DJ Williams, and Wesley Woodyard as the LB Corp, but unfortunately there have been no indications from the Broncos that this is the plan. Woodyard is most likely a top 12-18 LB in your league and I’m a believer in selling a week too early than a week too late. Try to move him prior to Williams making his return.

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Last Updated: September 29, 2011
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