2011 IDP Dynasty Buy Low/Sell High: Week 3

Written By: Eric Olinger

The hardest part of Fantasy Football is deciding when it’s time to pull the plug on a guy. In Dynasty Leagues it’s probably harder, especially depending on your league and roster sizes. I play in 3 different IDP Dynasty Leagues, 2 of them for 12+ years and the other just in it’s 2nd year of existence. We carry 4 DL, 5 LB, and 4 DB. We start 2 DL, 3 LB, 2 DB, and a IDP Flex. So it’s difficult to sometimes stash that future star at LB while still putting together a strong weekly lineup, especially when bye weeks creep up. So giving up on a guy that has star-studded potential is a calculated risk that sometimes has to be made for the guy that is playing lights out for a 3-4 week window. Sometimes, you have to roll the dice on a guy before he blows up, because if you wait too long, it’s a realistic possibility that you will NEVER have the chance to get him again. I just wanted to give you some insight as to where I’m coming from and what my advice is based on.


LaRon Landry- SS- Redskins
It looks like we might actually see Landry play this week against Dallas. It’s no secret that this guy is one of the premiere strong safeties in the league both from actual and fantasy perspective. A text book “MANimal” he will flat out knock your butt flat! If he’s still on your waiver wire and you’re looking to fill the hole vacated by Nick Collins, grab him. Even if it’s a week too early, don’t wait until it’s a week too late.

Jabaal Sheard- DE- Browns
Ya, he’s a rookie. Ya, he was playing the Colts with Kerry Collins and his “retard in flip flops” mobility. But the Browns realized what a BEAST this guy is coming off the left side and have permanently moved him there. Bottom line, finding a DL1 off the waiver wire is almost impossible. I think there are so very few actual DL1’s anymore it disgusts me. Sheard really does have that potential.

Derrick Morgan- DE- Titans
Morgan is starting to turn the corner and return to his pre-injury form. Tennessee’s line isn’t the same with out Washburn coaching them, but they have a strong rotation of very good DEs. He has ability and talent and I feel like he could be worth starts in a division void of true franchise caliber tackles.

Navarro Bowman- LB- 49ers
We’ve been getting a TON of questions regarding Bowman. Truth is, you could do a lot worse. This defense plays a ton of snaps and there is no reason to think that it couldn’t support 2 LB’s fantasy stock. Last year, Takeo Spikes put up really good number playing next to Patrick Willis, so Bowman could do it too. I like him more than Casey Matthews, Greg Jones, and Dan Connor.

David Hawthorne- LB- Seahawks
This is the textbook scenario of Buy Low. Huge IDP upside, low production due to injury. This all depends on your roster and league size. In leagues that are even fairly deep, he’s worth the risk. He’s going to explode one week and you’re going to kick yourself for letting him go. But at the same time, if guys like Sean Lee or D’Qwell Jackson are on your waiver wire, we obviously endorse you dropping him for one of those guys.


Thomas Davis- LB- Panthers
Even in Dynasty leagues with IR spots, it’s time to let him go. Three consecutive years with a torn ACL in the same knee is probably a career-ender. A tough break for a heck of a player.

AJ Hawk- LB- Packers
Sort of the anti-Navarro Bowman. Playing next to IDP Stud Desmond Bishop has made Hawk a much better NFL LB than fantasy player. The problem is Green Bay is too good offensively. Teams don’t have the opportunity to run on the Packers because they’re too busy playing catch up. There just isn’t the volume of tackle opportunities to play Hawk anymore than as a bye week fill-in.

Rolando McClain- LB- Raiders
SELL! SELL! SELL! Week 2 is exactly what dynasty owners needed to see. Find your league idiot, and fire up the used car salesman routine and unload this guy. (By the way, if you feel like your league doesn’t have an “idiot”, you’re it!) There just aren’t enough games like this to warrant keeping hold of McClain. IDP guys are always going to be up and down but you definitely want guys that have more “up” weeks than “down”. McClain isn’t it!

DeMeco Ryans- LB- Texans
This guy just doesn’t look right since coming back from his Achilles injury and now the Texans are saying he’s dealing with an elbow injury. The Texans D is beginning to deal with the same sort of deal as the Packers. The offense is scoring points so quickly that the other team is going pass heavy and not trying to run the ball as much. 

Osi Umenyiora- DE- Giants
Unfortunately, his stock has probably never been lower. Coming off an injury we’re probably still a week away from his return, but even then, Jason Pierre-Paul has solidified his spot as the premiere DE opposite the Man-child Justin Tuck. Osi will still get his because the Giants often run a D-line with all 3 plus Kiwanuka as a down lineman. Float him out there and see if you get any bites based off name recognition or include him as a piece in a trade, but the days of DL1 are unfortunately past. And if he actually does complain his way out of NY next off-season, it’s hard telling where he might end up.

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Last Updated: September 21, 2011

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