2011 IDP Dynasty Buy Low/Sell High: Week 2

Written By: Eric Olinger

Welcome back. If you’re coming back for more, I’m assuming you took my advice from the Pre-Season Buy Low/Sell High article and you are currently basking in the glory of Week 1 STUDS like D’Qwell Jackson (Called it), Jason Pierre-Paul (Called it), and Daryl Washington (Called that one too!) who all had great games for their owners. While not all of the “Buy Lows” hit as largely as these 3 (Cliff Avril and Von Miller), I am still really excited about these two. Miller was purely a victim of match-ups. Oakland force-fed the run game, completely rendering the pass rush useless. That won’t happen every week. If you can get him cheap, do it.


Sean Lee- ILB- Dallas Cowboys
This guy had his coming out party in primetime! 12 tackles (10 solo), INT, and a fumble recovery.  Last year Lee split time with Keith Brooking at ILB for the ‘Boys. This year, Brooking is splitting time with Bradie James and Lee is staying on the field. Lee was undoubtedly a hot waiver claim for this week, especially for anyone who lost Jon Beason for the year to his unfortunate Achilles injury. Look for Lee and Frank Gore to meet up plenty this weekend. True LB1 potential!!!

Dan Connor- MLB- Carolina Panthers           
And speaking of Jon Beason, here is the man that will be filling those IDP Stud-sized shoes for the remainder of the season. Connor had 6 tackles (5 solo) in relief duties this past weekend. While not a huge “big play” threat, Connor showed last year that he can effectively man the middle and make the tackles. He’s not Jon Beason but he can be a LB3 for the rest of the year depending on the matchup.

Pat Angerer- LB- Indianapolis Colts
I don’t know if Archie Manning said his family was bigger than Jesus or what but it seems like they pissed somebody off.  If your team has a Manning at the helm, you have been killed by injuries! Joining Peyton on the sideline is Gary Brackett, Kevell Conner, and Ernie Sims. And the Giants have lost damn near everyone at some point. But on the bright side, in steps Pat Angerer who had 13 tackles (9 solo) and a fumble recovery this weekend. A prototypical Cover-2 LB who plays fast, he should see a lot of opportunities as the other team’s offense is in it’s “run the clock out” offense.  Low end LB2 / High LB3

Kam Chancellor- Safety- Seattle Seahawks
A pre-season favorite of fellow IDP Guru Bill Edwards, Chancellor lit up the stat sheet in Seattle with 10 tackles (all solo) including 2 for a loss. This guy plays fast and near the line of scrimmage with Earl Thomas roaming the outfield for any wayward passes. Seattle has 2 young play making safeties for the future. DB1 material.

J.J. Watt- DE- Houston Texans
It’s not often I would recommend a 3-4 DE, but this guy just oozes potential. He reminds me of Justin Smith of the 49ers. Now is the time to get Watt. He had 5 tackles in Week 1 (all solo) and 1 QB hurry. The only thing preventing a bigger day was the Colts inability to sustain an offensive drive. In games where the Texans are actually challenged, Watt will be able to produce a lot better stat line. Don’t wait for him to explode and then make a move. Possible DL2 upside.


Parys Haralson- OLB- San Francisco 49ers
This might be the only time you can technically “sell high” on Haralson as I expect he played his best game of the season last week. As promised by Vic Fangio, DC of the 49ers, Aldon Smith was inserted into the lineup on obvious passing downs (no recorded tackles), but Haralson still put up a very nice 4 tackle (3 solo) 2 sack performance. I think this is the exact definition of “Sell High”. Especially in big play IDP Leagues, find someone bitten by the injury bug or target one of the “Buy Low” guys mentioned above.

Mario Williams- OLB- Houston Texans
Believe it or not, this is the best case scenario for Mario Williams owners. If you had him in your lineup you got his 2 tackle, 2 sack performance. Unfortunately, both of those sacks came when the Colts had a monumental brain fart and left Dallas Clark to block Super Mario one-on-one. Kerry Collins is lucky he’s not in a wheel chair today. The Texans were up HUGE from the get go so Mario had his ears pinned back and pass rushing literally the entire game except for 2 plays. Yes, 2 plays is all he “dropped into coverage”. He’s not going to get the “Oldest Show on Turf” every week so I would sell this guy in a heartbeat hoping his name and Week 1 excite someone enough to pull the trigger. He was 2 bone head plays by the Colts away from getting you the dreaded goose egg on the old stat sheet.

Casey Matthews- MLB- Philadelphia Eagles
I feel like I’m beating a dead horse with this guy, but man I just don’t see it. I understand his brother is an elite LB, they both have flowing manes of glorious hair, and they’re both named Matthews, but that’s where the comparisons stop. This guy just doesn’t get it. I watched a ton of this game and he just looks like he can’t decide where he wants to go. The game is playing too fast for him. He put up 4 tackles (all solo) and that’s it. There are better options out there for production than a guy that probably won’t ever produce to his IDP draft spot. Anyone that got burnt by Rolando McClain knows what I’m talking about.

James Harrison- OLB- Pittsburgh Steelers
I warned you last time this guy is going to be an injury concern moving forward. Enter a Week 1 knee injury. Of course it had nothing to do with his dual back surgeries it just confirms that this guy plays with reckless abandon and he’s going to put his body at risk trying to make SportsCenter. He had a respectable stat line 9 tackles (7 solo) but in a Dynasty League, I would much rather move a guy a year too early than a year too late and we are approaching the point of no return with this guy right now. He’s like that car about ready to hit 100k miles and you know you should trade it in.

Bryan Scott- Safety/LB- Buffalo Bills

This isn’t so much a “Sell High” suggestion as it is a “Buyer Beware” as not too many people outside of Buffalo and the Scott family knew who this guy was on draft day. His stats were very impressive against KC, 9 tackles (all solo) and 1 sack but there was some smoke and mirrors going on here. Scott played a lot of this game as a nickel linebacker. Buffalo flat out owned Kansas City in this game. Buffalo had an incredible gameplan to slow down the ultra fast back field on KC. They forced Matt Cassel to beat them through the air and let’s be real here, that ain’t happening! I still think George Wilson is the guy you want from Buffalo. But Scott has at least given us something to monitor. People are going to see the numbers in the box score and chase stats, that’s fine, but I am in a wait-and-see mode with him. The worst thing you can do is waste a waiver claim on a one week wonder and miss out on the guy that could actually help you all year.

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Last Updated: September 15, 2011
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