2010 IDP Stockwatch: Week 9

I thought I would introduce a new in-season article this year in which I discuss a few players whose fantasy value has either gone up or down depending on their performance, role changes, injury concerns, etc. from the previous week. I will try to get this article out every Thursday for your reading pleasure.

Stock Up

Colin Cole Down Arrow RDT Colin Cole (SEA) - Cole has been a pretty decent option for those in deeper, DT-required IDP leagues. He's averaging close to four solo tackles per game and has an impressive 5 pass deflections this year. He's no Ndamukong Suh, but he will provide you with a steady amount of points each week for those struggling to plug this position in 14 or 16 team leagues.

Clint Session Down Arrow WILB Clint Session (IND) - I had high hopes for Session heading into the season, but an early-season injury limited his production. Since his return to the lineup in Week 5, Session has had 32 total tackles and a sack in four games. In my opinion, he's a better linebacker and in a better position to put up more fantasy points than MLB Gary Brackett. Session did suffer a dislocated elbow and a fractured forearm last week against the Texans, but he still has a chance to play this week.

Gerald Hayes Down Arrow SILB Gerald Hayes (ARI) - Hayes made quite the splash in his first game back from a back injury that landed him on the PUP list. He had 5 total tackles and a fumble recovery for a touchdown in limited playing time. Hayes is expected to start on the strong side this week and may soon develop into an every-down linebacker in base packages. He's not likely to supplant Paris Lenon is the team's subpackages, keeping him a two-down linebacker in most instances. With this being said, his value is similar to that of Dan Connor, Andra Davis, Keith Rivers, and so on.

Gerald McRath Down Arrow SLB Gerald McRath (HOU) - McRath put up an impressive 10 solo tackles last week and consequently many owners will be rushing to the waiver wire to pick him up. Although McRath is an impressive young talent and has had a couple of very nice fantasy games, he's not going to produce at a consistent enough level as a two-down linebacker to be depended on as a LB3 or higher. He's a great add in dynasty leagues and as depth and a spot play in redraft leagues, but he's not going to be a 2009-David Hawthorne-type pickup.

Tramon Williams Down Arrow

RCB Tramon Williams (GB) - Williams was forced into a starting role when Al Harris was placed on the PUP list at the beginning of the season. He started off the season a bit slow as he was still adjusting to his increase in playing time. However, over his last three games he has started to really blossom into a viable NFL cornerback. Williams had his best game of the year last week in which he had 5 total tackles, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery, an interception, and two pass deflections. In fact, he's played so well as of late that the Packers have made a contract offer that would make him higher paid than veteran Al Harris. This spot has some fantasy value and Williams is also a factor in the punt return game which makes him extra valuable in leagues that reward for return yardage.

Stock Down

Everette Brown Down Arrow LDE Everette Brown (CAR) - For a guy that was hyped up so much in preseason IDP fantasy circles, Brown has been a major disappointment. Many of his production issues can be attributed to Carolina sucking and never having a lead in games. Brown is an undersized, speed rusher who is best built to rush the quarterback when his team has a lead and the opposing team is forced into obvious passing situations. Until either the Panthers team improves or Brown gets better against the run, I don't see him living up to his preseason expectations.

Brian Cushing Down Arrow

MLB Brian Cushing (HOU) - As a Brian Cushing owner, I watched the Texans/Colts MNF game very closely as I was quite interested in seeing how Cushing would react to his new position. Well folks, I was a bit disappointed in what I saw. Even though Cushing didn't play badly, he seemed to lack the aggressiveness that made him so productive last season. He was a step slow on a lot of plays and seemed to not be playing downhill enough. With this being said, I still expect a better stat line than 2-3-0 in future games as this was Cushing's first game in this new role and the Colts aren't a very good matchup for middle linebackers. He has a good matchup this week against the Chargers and his performance in this game should give us a better indication of his future value. Overall, I think moving to the middle is going to be a slight downgrade for Cushing's fantasy numbers even in the best case scenario.

Jon Beason Down Arrow WLB Jon Beason (CAR) - I've been standing up for Beason against his detractors all season, but after 7 games, it would be foolish to ignore the trend that is going on in Carolina any longer. James Anderson, for whatever reason, is continually outperforming Beason and I have a hard time believing that things are going to change a whole lot this season unless Thomas Davis comes back. Beason is still on pace for 121 total tackles, but has fallen out of the LB1 range into the mid-to-low LB2 range.

Daryl Washington Down Arrow SILB Daryl Washington (ARI) - In typical Cardinals fashion, the team is imposing the classic "out with the new, in with the old" strategy. Wait, that doesn't sound right. O yeah, it's the Cardinals. The return of the 30 year old Gerald Hayes off the PUP list has left Washington as the odd man out amongst Arizona's linebacking crew. Washington will most likely rotate in for a series here and there, but his value isn't looking too good for the rest of the season unless Lenon or Hayes gets injured.

Roman Harper Down Arrow SS Roman Harper (NO) - Throughout his time in the league, Harper has been perhaps one of my favorite fantasy safeties. He's usually a safe bet for 5 or 6 solo tackles per game and usually about 80-85 solo tackles per year. This year has been a bit of a struggle for Harper however as the Saints have been extremely banged up in the secondary and he has been forced to play more in coverage than in years past. Playing further away from the line of scrimmage has hurt his tackle production and knocked Harper out of the DB1 range in tackle-heavy leagues. As the Saints get healthier in the secondary, Harper's tackle production should begin to improve and get back to his normal range, however.

As always thanks for reading and for your comments! You guys have been keeping me busy! I'm looking forward to your questions, comments, and derogatory remarks.

Last Updated: November 4, 2010

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