2010 IDP Stockwatch: Week 8

I thought I would introduce a new in-season article this year in which I discuss a few players who's fantasy value has either gone up or down depending on their performance, role changes, injury concerns, etc. from the previous week. I will try to get this article out every Thursday for your reading pleasure.

Stock Up

Dwan Edwards Down Arrow RDE Dwan Edwards (BUF) - Edwards is quietly having a solid season for IDP owners. He's on pace for 58 solo tackles this season which is quite impressive for a defensive lineman of any sort let alone primarily a 3-4 defensive end. He's not going to single handedly win you weeks, but he's a safe and reliable play at a position that is highly inconsistent and he's likely available on most waiver wires.

Rocky McIntosh Down Arrow WILB Rocky McIntosh (WAS) - There was some concern about McIntosh's fantasy value after Washington's Week 5 game against the Packers in which the Redskins employed the use of a substantial amount of dime packages that McIntosh was not a participant in. However, the Redskins were back to using normal base and nickel packages last week and McIntosh had a solid game with 6 solo tackles, 2 assists, and a sack. He's only had one down week so far this season and has the benefit of playing four of his last nine games at home with a very generous scorekeeper.

Justin Durant Down Arrow WLB Justin Durant (JAX) - I've always had a soft spot for Durant and therefore may possess a bit of bias when I put him in the upgrade column. That bias aside, there are some good reasons to put him here. He plays on a team who's defense is on the field a ton and Durant's position of weak side linebacker affords him a good amount of tackle opportunity. And now that Durant is fully healthy, he is back in nickel packages, once again making him a three-down linebacker. He had 8 tackles last week against the Chiefs and I think his best days are ahead of him.

Michael Lewis Down Arrow SS Michael Lewis (STL) - Most IDP owners are familiar with Michael Lewis as he was a solid fantasy contributor during his years in San Francisco. He was just signed by the Rams today and has a good chance to take over the starting strong safety position once he familiarizes himself with the defensive system and playbook. There's value to be had at this position as the Rams like to use a lot of dime packages in passing situations and therefore their safeties tend to have a good amount of tackle opportunities. Lewis isn't a guy I would pickup right now, but this is a situation worth watching closely.

Ronde Barber Down Arrow

RCB Ronde Barber (TB) - Just when everyone thought he was finished as a viable IDP option, Ronde Barber has started playing a bit closer to his 2003-2006 self than his 2007-2009 self. He's averaged over 5 solo tackles per game and has two interceptions on the season. I think teams fear Aqib Talib a bit more than they do the 36 year old Ronde Barber at this point and consequently Barber is seeing more balls thrown his way. I expect his solid production to continue and he could end up being one of the more reliable tackle corners this year.

Stock Down

Derrick Harvey Down Arrow LDE Derrick Harvey (JAX) - Talk about a bust. The Jaguars selected Harvey with the 8th overall pick in the 2008 draft and he's done pretty much nothing for them since then. He's played so poorly that he has now been benched for the Dallas game this week in favor of 6th round draft choice Jeremy Mincey. I doubt many owners still have Harvey on their team, but if you do, it's time to dump him.

Stewart Bradley Down Arrow

MLB Stewart Bradley (PHI) - I recommended Bradley last week against the Titans and he burned me almost as bad as Keith Brooking did in Week 5. I'm done with recommending slow, white linebackers. Granted, the Titans had an above average number of pass attempts, but they still had 26 rushes by running backs and for Bradley to only come up with 2 solo tackles is pathetic. He hasn't registered more than 6 solo tackles in any one game this season and has nothing more than LB3 value for me the rest of the season.

E.J. Henderson Down Arrow MLB E.J. Henderson (MIN) - I've always been a big fan of E.J. Henderson as he possesses a rare mix of tackling and big play ability (similar to Karlos Dansby). He's played pretty well this year, but his fantasy numbers have left something to be desired. Since Week 2, he's only averaged a little over 3 solo tackles per game and is clearly the second best fantasy linebacker in Minnesota behind Chad Greenway who has been flying all over the field. In the right matchup, I see Henderson putting up low LB2/LB3 numbers, but I no longer consider him to be matchup independent.

Kirk Morrison Down Arrow MLB Kirk Morrison (JAX) - It has been a season of fantasy highs and lows for Morrison. His numbers were mediocre to start the season due to his absence in nickel packages. Then, after the injury to WLB Justin Durant, Morrison's numbers and value started to improve since he was playing in the majority of the team's subpackages. Now it looks like Morrison will be once again constrained to a two-down linebacker role making him a bench player in most IDP leagues.

Adrian Wilson Down Arrow SS Adrian Wilson (ARI) - YO ADRIAN! In 2005, Wilson gave us one of the best yearly fantasy performances from a safety that we have ever seen (93 solos, 16 assists, 8 sacks!). He's lived off of the mystique of that season ever since and continues to be owned in a lot of IDP leagues even though he's only produced at a marginal rate over the last 3 or so seasons. Wilson will jump back onto the IDP radar a couple of games every year with a big performances, but only to follow-up with letdown performances in the following weeks. Leave this tease on the wire in most leagues.

As always thanks for reading and for your comments! You guys have been keeping me busy! I'm looking forward to your questions, comments, and derogatory remarks.

Last Updated: October 28, 2010

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