Ryan's Rants - Installment #3

I find myself finding getting irritated by many things. With that being said, I thought it would be quite cathartic for me to write a series of weekly articles in which I rant about the various things that annoy me.

I know this has nothing really to do with Fantasy Football, but hell, it's my website, I can do what I want.

Here is the 3rd installment of "Ryan's Rants" :

1. "ATM Machine", "PIN Number", etc. - It nevers fails that I run into people who say the aforementioned objects in this manner. Hello people, ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine. So when you say ATM machine, you are really saying Automated Teller Machine machine and PIN stands for Personal Identification Number, so when you say PIN number, you are really saying Personal Identification Number number.

Believe it or not, there is actually a technical term for this syndrome. Ironically, it's called RAS syndrome or Redundant Acronym Syndrome syndrome. Here are a few others besides the two I have just mentioned:

  • HIV virus (Human Immunodeficiency Virus virus)
  • ISBN number (International Standard Book Number number)
  • UPC code (Universal Product Code code)
  • AC/DC current (Alternating/Direct Current current)
  • LCD Display (Liquid Crystal Display display )
  • IRA account (Individual Retirement Account account)
  • RF frequency (Radio Frequency frequency)
  • LAN network (Local Area Network network)
  • VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number number)

    For a complete list of these annoying phrases, check out this website, which is dedicated solely to this syndrome.

    So let's imagine a conversation (from my perspective) with a person he consistently uses these annoying phrases:

    Me: What you do today (Retarded Person)?

    Retarded Person: Not much. I went to bank and went to the Automated Teller Machine machine but I couldn't remember my Personal Identification Number number. Therefore, I couldn't access the money in my Individual Retirement Account account which I needed to treat my Human Immunodeficiency Virus virus.

    Me: Wow

    So if you are a person who does this, please stop. You are not using proper English and, most importantly, it annoys me.


    2. University of Dubuque Email System - I attend a small private college in my hometown of Dubuque, Iowa. We have about 1,500 students (which is less than the high school I attended). I don't live on campus and, consequently, I rely heavily on email as a means to communicate with my professors and classmates. At most universities this wouldn't be much of a problem, however, UD's email system is absolutely horrible. It is usually inaccessible at least a couple of times throughout the day. And our small population size isn't an excuse. This university raised the 3rd highest amount of money of any college in Iowa (behind Iowa and Iowa St.) and they only have 1,500 students. We should have the best email system known to man! I, along with many other students, have voiced our concerns to the administration and haven't seen any improvement in the email system. I personally don't care that much anymore since I'm graduating in a couple of months. However, this problem needs to be corrected so that current/incoming students do not have to deal with this annoying problem in the future.  

    3. Italy - I just got back from spending 10 days in Italy and it was amazing. I have always been fascinated by Roman history and it has been a desire of mine to visit Rome for a long time. It was a great place to vacation, but I'm glad to be back in the United States. There are many conveniences that I take for granted living in the US and the lack of these conveniences would make it very difficult for me to actually reside in Italy for an extended period of time. Here is just a short list of stuff about Italy that pissed me off:

    1) You don't get ice in any of your beverages - How hard is it to make some ice? I'm lazy as hell and I can still manage to fill an ice tray (my roommate may disagree). A nice glass of soda just doesn't taste the same without ice.

    2) You have to pay to use the bathrooms - Honestly, you're going to make me pay 50 euro cents to use the bathroom? The kicker is that they usually pay someone to stand there and make sure you pay. So what the hell is the point? They're probably losing money. They say they make you pay in order to keep the bathrooms clean. However, the bathrooms are disgusting. In America bathrooms are free and much cleaner.

    3) You have to pay for water - A group of friends and I sat down at an Italian restaurant near the Pantheon in Rome and ordered some food (which was delicious) and the waiter asked if we wanted water. We naturally said yes. When we checked our bill at the end of the meal, we noticed we were charged about 20 euro for water (equivalent to about $35). For water!

    4) Lack of Bars - Naturally, being a college student, I wanted to hit up some of the local Italian bars. While in Rome, a groups of friends and I scoured the city of Rome and managed to find one bar. Yes, one bar. This bar was called "Druid's Rock." Upon entering, I immediately noticed that this was a bar that catered to teens (some as young as 15 or 16). These teens could not handle their alchohol at all and were averaging one broken glass about every 15 minutes. Now I understand why we aren't allowed to drink until 21 in the US.

    5) No condiments - Going to Italy, I was pumped to mow down on some great bread. But, in my opinion, their bread sucks. The crust is rock hard and they don't give you butter or cheese to put on your bread. You eat it plain. A lot of times, you have to pay extra to get condiments like ketchup. So essentially, you eat everything as it is served. Weak!

    6) Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves - It seemed like everytime we got close to a historic landmark in Italy we were approached by one of the three groups of people mentioned above. There's nothing more annoying then trying to admire the Duomo in Florence and having a snaggle-toothed gypsy shaking her cup of change in your face! Also, I always had to have my valuables locked up like Fort Knox anytime we went out because there are pickpocketers at every corner. How about you get a real job instead of trying to feel me up for money.

    These are just a few of the things that irritated me about Italy. All in all though, Italy was amazing and traveling there was one of the best experiences of my life.
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