Week 14 IDP Waiver Wire Pickups - PERFORMANCE RESULTS

Welcome to this week's edition of "IDP Waiver Wire Pickups - Performance Results" where I examine how accurate I was in my Weekly IDP Waiver Wire suggestions from the previous week. The scoring system is as follows:

Green = Accurate Prediction (+1 point)
Golden Yellow = Neutral Prediction (0 points)
Red = Inaccurate Prediction (-1 point)

My goal and standard will be to finish each and every week with a total score of +2 or higher.


"The Untouchables":
Jared Allen (93%)
Julius Peppers (66%)

Elvis Dumervil (65%)
Justin Tuck (62%)
Trent Cole (62%)

Mario Williams (57%)
Osi Umenyiora (54%)

Robert Mathis (53%)

Dwight Freeney (46%)
Andre Carter (46%)

1. LDE Calais Campbell - (Actual Performance:4-1-1)
I went out on a limb with this pick to a certain degree and it paid off nicely for me. In my opinion, Campbell has been almost as good as Darnell Dockett this year.

2. WLB Trevor Scott - (Actual Performance: 4-0-1)
My sneaky play of the week turned out to be a good one. Scott lived up to his pregame hype and came through with a solid fantasy day.

3. RDE Randy Starks - (Actual Performance: 4-0-0)
Starks didn't register a sack in this game. However, he did have 4 solo tackles which helped him salvage some fantasy points this week. Not a good week, but not a horrible week either.

4. LDE Patrick Kerney - (Actual Performance: 1-1-0)
For the second week in a row Kerney has let me down. But, I understand that this is how defensive lineman are most of the time. You just have to find a defensive lineman  you trust to score fantasy points and ride him out.

5. DL/WLB David Bowens - (Actual Performance: 4-1-1)
Bowens has become an obvious play most weeks because of his eligibility in some leagues at defensive lineman (even though he's really a linebacker). He had a good game this week against the shotty offensive line of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

*The IDP Guru's Lock of the Week*
RDE Greg "Stylez" White - (Actual Performance: 4-0-1)
"Stylez" had a nice game against the helpless o-line of the Jets. Moving forward, I would recommend pretty much any DE that is playing the Jets.


"The Untouchables":
Patrick Willis (99%)
James Harrison (95%)
Ray Lewis (83%)

Jon Beason (74%)

Barrett Rudd (72%)

Demarcus Ware (72%)
London Fletcher (71%)

D.J. Williams (69%)

Curtis Lofton (66%)

Kirk Morrison (64%)

Brian Cushing (60%)

Demeco Ryans (57%)

Karlos Dansby (55%)
David Harris (54%)

Lance Briggs (43%)

1. MLB Dhani Jones - (Actual Performance: 7-3-0) 
I predicted that Jones would have between 8 and 11 total tackles this game and he came through with 10 total tackles. Nice!

2. RILB Jerod Mayo - (Actual Performance: 5-2-0)
I was honestly expecting a couple more tackles out of Mayo, but I'll take 7 total tackles most weeks.

3. LOLB  LaMarr Woodley - (Actual Performance: 6-0-1)
Woodley managed to recorded the lone sack for the Steelers Thursday night against the Browns. What's happened to the Steelers?

4. WLB Clint Session - (Actual Performance: 5-1-0)
Session had somewhat of an off day Sunday against the Broncos. MLB Gary Brackett was largely responsible for that by going 10-2-1. Session is still pretty much an every week starter from here on out.

5. WLB Jamar Williams - (Actual Performance: 3-0-0)
I only recommended that you play Williams if starting WLB Lance Briggs was out. Well Briggs played and I hope nobody picked up Williams because he didn't see much playing time.

*The IDP Guru's Lock of the Week*
MLB Justin Durant - (Actual Performance: 7-0-0)
I thought Durant could achieve double digit solo tackles this week against the Dolphins, but he ended up falling a little short. Still a good day nonetheless.


"The Untouchables":
Eric Weddle (66%)
Charles Woodson (63%)
Troy Polamalu (62%)
Antrel Rolle (59%)

Darren Sharper (58%)

Ed Reed (56%)
Oshiomogho Atogwe (54%)
Roman Harper (53%)
Brandon Meriweather (53%)
Daniel Manning (51%)
Erik Coleman (51%)

Antoine Bethea (49%)

1. SS Tanard Jackson - (Actual Performance: 5-3-0)
Jackson had another nice game this week. I've recommended him two weeks in a row and he's come through both weeks. Maybe I'll have to re-evaluate how I feel about him?

2. SS Quintin Mikell - (Actual Performance: 3-3-0)
Once again Mikell disappoints. How can't he register more than 3-3-0 against the Giants in a very high scoring game? Even free safety Sean Jones had 10 total tackles. Say hello to my shit list.

3. CB Richard Marshall - (Actual Performance: 2-2-0)
There just weren't that many tackle opportunities for cornerbacks in this game. Linebackers Jon Beason and James Anderson had a combined total of 25 tackles. Sometimes games don't always turn out the way you thought they may.

4. SS Jordan Babineaux - (Actual Performance: 3-3-0)
Mr. Babineaux had an alright game but nothing to write home about. I still have confidence that he is a Top 15 DB from here on out.

5. WLB Bryan Scott - (Actual Performance: 10-0-1)

*The IDP Guru's Lock of the Week*
SS Melvin Bullitt - (Actual Performance: 6-0-0)
Bullitt had a decent game but, much like teammate Clint Session, he slightly underperformed. This was largely due in fact to MLB Gary Brackett having a huge day (10-2-1). Bullitt still finished with a respectable amount of tackles though.

After totaling up all of the points, I finished this week with a score of +8 (12 positives, 4 negatives, and 2 neutral predictions). In other words, this means I was correct on 75% of my predictions). This was my best week yet!


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