Week 13 IDP Waiver Wire Pickups - PERFORMANCE RESULTS

Welcome to this week's edition of "IDP Waiver Wire Pickups - Performance Results" where I examine how accurate I was in my Weekly IDP Waiver Wire suggestions from the previous week. The scoring system is as follows:

Green = Accurate Prediction (+1 point)
Golden Yellow = Neutral Prediction (0 points)
Red = Inaccurate Prediction (-1 point)

My goal and standard will be to finish each and every week with a total score of +2 or higher.


"The Untouchables":
Jared Allen (93%)
Julius Peppers (66%)

Elvis Dumervil (65%)
Justin Tuck (62%)
Trent Cole (62%)

Mario Williams (57%)
Osi Umenyiora (54%)

Robert Mathis (53%)

Dwight Freeney (46%)
Andre Carter (46%)

1. RDE Will Smith - (Actual Performance:2-2-0)
The Saints didn't dominate the game as many people expected they would, largely due to the Redskins' ability to protect Jason Campbell. Smith and company managed to compile zero sacks on the Redskin quarterback.

2. LDE Shaun Ellis - (Actual Performance: 3-2-2)
Ellis came through this week in a big way by registering two sacks against the Bills meager offensive line. Maybe I'll start recommending 3-4 lineman more often (I still probably won't).

3. RDT Jonathan Babineaux - (Actual Performance: 0-0-0)
I don't know if this guy went on vacation or what. But he couldn't even manage 1 measly tackle this week. This is why I typically hate recommending DT for fantasy options. What a loser!

4. RDE Jonathan Fanene - (Actual Performance: 0-1-0 INT TD)
I must say I lucked out on this pick. Fanene would have been on my shit list (along with Babineux), but unlike Babineaux, he managed to come up with a big play. Thank your lucky stars if you started him this week.

5. RDE Aaron Schobel - (Actual Performance: 5-3-1)
The Bills got to Jets QB Mark Sanchez 5 times this week and Schobel was certainly involved in that action. Not only did he have sack, but he threw in 8 total tackles as well. Way to redeem yourself from last week!

*The IDP Guru's Lock of the Week*
LDE Patrick Kerney - (Actual Performance: 0-0-0)
So much for lock of the week... This goes to show you how hard it is to predict defensive lineman fantasy production. Kerney had been fairly consistent all year and, on paper, he had one of the best matchups a defensive lineman could have, and he registered zero points.


"The Untouchables":
Patrick Willis (99%)
James Harrison (95%)
Ray Lewis (83%)

Jon Beason (74%)

Barrett Rudd (72%)

Demarcus Ware (72%)
London Fletcher (71%)

D.J. Williams (69%)

Curtis Lofton (66%)

Kirk Morrison (64%)

Brian Cushing (60%)

Demeco Ryans (57%)

Karlos Dansby (55%)
David Harris (54%)

Lance Briggs (43%)

1. MLB Jonathan Vilma - (Actual Performance: 5-0-0 INT) 
If not for his interception, Vilma would have had a mediocre day (tackling-wise). This reduction in tackles was largely due to the Redskins choosing to throw the ball 42 times instead of running heavily as they usually do.

2. RILB Nick Barnett - (Actual Performance: 4-2-0)
Barnett finished with a fairly mediocre fantasy day. There just weren't a lot of tackles in this game. Barnett was actually the Packers leading tackler.

3. RILB  Lawrence Timmons - (Actual Performance: 3-5-0)
Even though Timmons didn't register a sack in this game, he still managed to amass 8 total tackles (only 3 solo) to make for a decent day. Obviously, nobody expected the Raiders to be the Steelers especially at Heinz Field.

4. MLB Paul Posluszny - (Actual Performance: 5-0-1)
Honestly, I was getting a little nervous when I looked at the halftime box score Thursday night and saw that Posluszny was nowhere to be found. But, like all great fantasy players, he came through in the end by registering his 1st career sack. And with that, he turned a crappy fantasy performance into a good fantasy performance.

5. MLB Larry Foote - (Actual Performance: 3-6-0)
Foote put up his usual fantasy numbers this Sunday and remains a good week in and week out source of 7-9 total tackles.

*The IDP Guru's Lock of the Week*
RILB Jerod Mayo - (Actual Performance: 9-3-0.5)
I'm really hoping that some people took my advice and picked up Mayo this week because it sure would have paid off. Mayo put up perhaps his best game of the entire season this Sunday. I'm sure glad I picked him up in my fantasy league this week!


"The Untouchables":
Eric Weddle (66%)
Charles Woodson (63%)
Troy Polamalu (62%)
Antrel Rolle (59%)

Darren Sharper (58%)

Ed Reed (56%)
Oshiomogho Atogwe (54%)
Roman Harper (53%)
Brandon Meriweather (53%)
Daniel Manning (51%)
Erik Coleman (51%)

Antoine Bethea (49%)

1. SS Tanard Jackson - (Actual Performance: 6-1-0)
Jackson produced 7 total tackles, which was about as many as I was expecting from him this week.

2. SS Bernard Pollard - (Actual Performance: 10-1-0)
After this performance, Pollard, in my opinion, becomes a "matchup independent" fantasy player. Which means, you should start him every week. With that being said, I probably won't have him listed in these waiver wire articles for the rest of the season. What a Stud!

3. SS Tyvon Branch - (Actual Performance: 6-5-0)
I gave Branch a second chance this week after a poor performance last week and it paid off. He had 11 total tackles and was back to his usual role of playing close to the line of scrimmage to stop the run. As long as he can stay healthy and maintain his starting SS role, he'll be a top 10 DB moving into next year.

4. LCB Cedric Griffin - (Actual Performance: 2-0-0)
I am really disappointed in Griffin's performance this week. I truly thought he would have at least 6 or 7 solo tackles against the Cardinals. For some reason, the cornerbacks for the Vikings didn't generate many tackles in this game.

5. SS Reed Doughty - (Actual Performance: 7-1-0)
I must say, Doughty is "pretty fly for a white guy." He continues to put up consistent tackle numbers. As long as the matchup is decent, I would feel comfortable starting him most weeks.

*The IDP Guru's Lock of the Week*
WLB/FS Bryan Scott - (Actual Performance: 3-3-0)
Even though Scott managed 6 total tackles, I still consider this an inaccurate prediction because he was my lock of the week and I expected much more from him considering his matchup. In his defense, the Bills were running a slightly different defensive scheme in this game. They were being very aggressive with their secondary players and bringing them up close to the line of scrimmage to play the run and consequently secondary players, like George Wilson, had a lot of tackles.

After totaling up all of the points, I finished this week with a score of +5 (11 positives, 6 negatives, and 1 neutral prediction). In other words, this means I was correct on 61% of my predictions). I consider that a pretty solid week. Hopefully, my Week 13 IDP Waiver Wire suggestions were helpful.


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