Week 10 IDP Waiver Wire Pickups - PERFORMANCE RESULTS

I think an important part of being a prognosticator/advice giver is being open about your accuracy. We aren't future tellers and, therefore, we will not get every prediction correct. However, a good IDP prognosticator should be right more than they are wrong, otherwise what's the point?

With this being said, I will release a follow-up column every week to my "Weekly IDP Waiver Wire Pickups" column. In this column, I will review the players I recommended for the week and give you their actual performance. I will then break down how accurate I was on all my suggestions. The scoring system is as follows:

Green = Accurate Prediction (+1 point)
Golden Yellow = Neutral Prediction (0 points)
Red - Inaccurate Prediction (-1 point)

My goal and standard will be to finish each and every week with a total score of +2 or higher.

1. Any starting DL from the Dallas Cowboys (especially NT Jay Ratliff) - (Actual Performance: Not Nearly What I Expected)

2. RDT Jonathan Babineaux - (Actual Performance: 2-0-0)

3. RDE Greg "Stylez" White - (Actual Performance: *DNP Because of Injury*)

4. RDE Will Smith (not the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Will Smith) - (Actual Performance: 2-0-1 FF)

1. MLB Paul Posluszny- (Actual Performance: 10-2-0)

2. MLB Larry Foote - (Actual Performance: 3-0-0)

3. MLB Stephen Tulloch - (Actual Performance: 2-0-1)

4. MLB Jonathan Vilma - (Actual Performance: 6-2-0)

1. FS Oshiomogho Atogwe - (Actual Performance: 5-0-0 INT, FF, PD)

2. SS Erik Coleman - (Actual Performance: 7-4-0)

3. FS Reggie Nelson - (Actual Performance: 3-0-0)

4. SS Chris Harris - (Actual Performance: 3-2-0)

After calculating this week's total points, I finished with a score of +2 (6 positives, 4 negatives, 2 neutrals). I consider this a fairly solid week. To think of it another way, I was correct on 60% of my predictions. When looking within each position, it was easy to see that I had a very high success rate with LB's and DB's. However, the success rate for DL wasn't what I expected.

Moving forward to next week, I will put more of my research time into the DL position.


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