2017 Weekly IDP Rankings: Week 3

These are The IDP Guru's Weekly IDP Rankings. This page will be updated each week to reflect that current week's rankings.

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will cooper said...

My league has Jadeveon Clowney eligible as a DL rather than a LB, where would you rank him, and is he worth adding over Brandon Graham, Ezekiel Ansah or Emmanuel Ogbah?

patsfan said...

My league has vic beasley classified as a DL. Where would you rank him as a DL?

Mike Middleton said...

Hey Ryan, thanks as usual for the great IDP insight. I need to make a decision today on if I want to put Taco Charlton on Taxi Squad or keep him on my active roster for the year. How likely do you think it is that Taco will be a serviceable backup DE in a start two DE 16 team league?

Dan Kennedy said...

We don't play positions in my league. Would you fire up Jarrad Davis over Keanu Neal?

Michael Carter said...

14 team, standard scoring. 1 lb, 1 db, 1 dl, 2 flex.

My team: deion jones, shazier, r foster, jarad davis, burfict; burnett, vacarro; brandon graham

I'm thinking I should trade for DL. Should I push Shazier and like vacarro? Any top 10 DLs you think are worth going after/undervalued?

*Note* Karl Joseph is on our waiver wire

Thanks for you help. I'm a huge fan of your work.

Phil said...

Hi, my IDP players are
LB-Freeman, Wright, Vince Williams
DL-Hunter, Jordan
DB-Sean Davis, Peppers (return points)

With LB FAs like Jack, Reddick, Foster, Toomer available, is my lineup set for week 1, and should I drop Donald or someone on offense (Fleener?) for one of these LBs for depth? It's a 14 team league. Thanks.

Keith Collins said...

Should i take Darius Butler over Lamarcus Joyner? I am intrigued by both but Joyner is the more natural safety.

Jjwatt said...

What kind of upside does TJ Watt have?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@will cooper
I'd rank him right in the DL10-12 range this week. So worth adding over Ogbah for sure.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I think he's in the DL2+/DL1- range this week against the Bears.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Dan Kennedy
It's close but I'd stick with Neal.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Michael Carter
I like Graham a lot this year, so I think you're fine at DL.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I'd stay put.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Keith Collins
Coin flip - so go with your gut.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Really depends on the scoring system. I think he can be a top 5-10 pass rushing OLB.

Jason Patton said...

Griffen or edgerusher/lb Eli Harold in the DL spot?

Daniel Cairns said...

How come Antoine Bethea is not on the DB list?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Jason Patton

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Daniel Cairns
I'm worried that he's going to be part-time judging by how the preseason went. He's got Tyvon Branch and Budda Baker pressing for time behind him. Hope I'm wrong but playing it conservative for this week and not ranking him very high.

Jjwatt said...

Its a tackle heavy league that gives 3 points for fumbles and sacks. 5 for ints.

Any low key names that might put up big tackle numbers?

jyager said...

DL/EDR question. Cameron Heyward, Bud Dupree vs CLE Sheldon Richardson vs GB Jerry Hughs vs NYJ or Robert Quinn vs IND

John said...

1.5 per tackle 5pts int. 4 PT sack
7 idp 1lb 1dp 1dl 4flex I have Hassan Reddick and Corey James Jerry Hughes haha dix Eric Reid addae Tony Jefferson Jamal Adams
Would you switch any of the safeties out for players such as Blake Martinez AJ Klein Correa or Shobert? If so which safeties would you drop and which linebackers would you add?

Jerome Campbell said...

I have jabrill Peppers and Jamal Adams and ai want to start jabrill because of his opportunities but you have Jamal ranked higher. Please help!!

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would go Hughes.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Jerome Campbell
I'm really bullish on Adams. Great talent with minimal talent competition in front of him on a defense that is likely to lead the league in time spent on the field. Peppers has been playing a lot of centerfield, so I think he's going to be more big play dependent than people think. This said, I still like Adams more.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I'd stay put for now. Martinez is the most intriguing of those options. I'd watch and see if he plays all three-downs this week and be ready to pounce if he does and has a productive game.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

BJ Goodson, Vincent Rey, Cory James, Antonio Morrison

Jerome Campbell said...

Ok. I trust your opinion!

The Package said...

To replace Reshad Jones, I am looking at either B. Jones vs Giants or Hyde vs Jets. Jones is listed as a FS so tackles may not be there. I see you like Jones a little more. Why is that? Thanks.

Joycough said...

I drafted
LB: Timmons, Barron, & Goodson
DL: Wilkerson
DB: Davis
On the wire is:
LB: M. Foster, AJ Klein, Morrision, Hicks, Williamson, and Posluszny
DL: Kerrigan, Ansah, Clark, Hughes, Hayward, Suh, and
DB: Bell and J. Adams
I need a LB for this week. And wondering if you would swap anyone I have for the wire for either this week or the season?

Jerome Campbell said...

Ever though Peppers have punt and kick return duties?

Unknown said...

Jamal Adams or Malcolm Jenkins?

Darryle Moody said...

Ryan, thank you for the service you provide us for fantasy here - it's a great site! Vic Beasley has been dumped out in our players pool so I wondering if he is an upgrade over Darren Lee season long? Most IDP sites have him ranked higher than Lee but, like you, I think Lee is primed for a lot of tackle opportunities. Our league rewards 1 point for solo tackles and .5 for assists, and 2 points for sacks. Thank you for your advice!

Harry H said...

Vigil or Schobert and Kline need one for dynasty?

Ryan said...

Cory James, Antonio Morrison, Danny Trevathan. Which two would you start this week?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@The Package
Jones had 70+ solo tackles last year and with Barry Church gone and Hitchens out he should have no problem being the Cowboys' second leading tackler. Hyde is playing the Jets who aren't likely to control the ball much on offense and so I don't expect him to have much opportunity this week.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I'd keep the your LB the same. If I had to pick someone up off the wire, I'd take a chance on Morrison.

Ryan Sitzmann said...


Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Darryle Moody
Beasley not very valuable in that scoring system. I'd definitely want Lee over him.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Harry H

Ryan Sitzmann said...

James and Morrison. I'd be cautious with Trevathan until he shows us he's healthy.

Jjwatt said...

Can Toomer put up legit LB2+ numbers while Perryman is out?

Chris Moroney said...

Scoring is Tack / TFL = 1, Ast = 0.5, Sack/FF/FRec = 2 , INT = 3.
I must start 1 LB and can start max 2. Have Jamie Collins and Eric Kendricks. But Lavonte David was just dropped cuz of bye and Jerrell Freeman is also a FA. Make a move or stand pat? - Thanks! CM

Johnster said...

I'm thinking of dropping either Avery Williamson or Antonio morrison for Humber or Vigil, although the waiver guys will probably cost me a lot more than either of the two I already have rostered. Which of those two would you drop?

Jjwatt said...

Solo/PD = 1
Assists = 0.5
Sack/FF/FR = 3
INT = 5

Choose 1 PLEASE

Darron Lee
Nick Kwiatkoski
Myles Jack
Nick Vigil
AJ Klein
Mason Foster

Ryan Sitzmann said...


Ryan Sitzmann said...


Clyde C. said...

You don't have Yannick Ngakouke in top 50 d lineman? Please explain.... thanks

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Clyde C.
My rankings platform currently has him classified as a LB for some reason. I emailed them and they are changing. As a DL, he would be a DL3+.


12 team IDP. 2pts tackle 3pts sack/ff/int. Have to start two LBs. Go with my drafted duo of Telvin Smith and Shazier OR ride the hot hand duo of Myles Jack and AJ Klein? Or some mix of the four that you see fit? Thanks.

Unknown said...

Super deep league. Must choose one. Cunningham or Cole. Who to gamble on?

Jjwatt said...

Mason Foster or Mark Barron ROS?

Unknown said...

At DT, pierce or Nkemdiche?
At DE, Hunter or Graham?
At LB, Goodson, B MarshaL, Demario Davis, Cuningham, Floyd? 2 LB please
At CB, worley, Joyner, mills, skrine, Griffin, adam Jones, A Brown,? 2 CB please
At S, Tony Jefferson, Reid, sorensen, tandy, Byard, Parker, Farley? 1 S

P.s. Which two Safety and CBs are worth keep for rest of season from them?


Soheil Sadighi said...

Regarding your Week 2 rankings, you have Deion Jones way higher than BMarsh. Why?

DJ matchup is not good, whereas BMarsh has dream matchup.

paulzone said...

1.25 - all tackles
7 - sacks
3 - FF
2 - FR
5 - int

For DL this week, pkease pick 2 out of:

Brook Reed vs GB
Preston Smith vs LAR (DL on espn)
Leonard Williams vs OAK
Fowler vs TEN
Addison vs BUF


Unknown said...

x.howard a good source for tackles this week?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

What are your thoughts on ascendance of relatively low-ranked newcomers? I play in non-IDP exclusive leagues and everyone is pretty slow to pick up guys like Poyer, Jack, Lawrence. Benches usually only have 1-2 IDP and it seems like everyone is content (including myself) sitting with guys like Mosley, Shazier, Collins rather than leaping for possible top 3 guys in Poyer/Jacks/Lawrence

Am I making a mistake here? Or are these guys burning hot -- and you view them as due for regression.

Sorry for the subjective answer required question, but this is the only IDP site I rely on.

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