2014 IDP Points Allowed By Position (Through Week 17)

Knowing which teams give up the most fantasy points to a certain defensive position is vital to the long-term success of any IDP owner. Having this type of information will allow you to make those tough weekly lineup decisions as well as spot key weekly waiver wire pickups throughout the season.

This article will be updated each week to reflect the average total points allowed by each NFL team to Defensive Linemen, Linebackers, and Defensive Backs up until that particular point in the season. To start the 2014 season, these stats will be based upon 2013 points allowed. Starting at the beginning of Week 2, we will begin revising this document with up-to-date 2014 statistics.

The chart below was generated using the following IDP scoring system:

Solo Tackle = 1.5 pts
Assist = 0.75 pts
Sack = 4 pts
FF = 4 pts
FR = 3 pts
INT = 6 pts
PD = 1.5 pts
Defensive TD = 6 pts

NOTE: The data is being displayed on the site using an embedded Google Document. Some readers may have issues viewing the tables depending on a myriad of different of factors (e.g. browser, device, method of viewing). This said, I've made the data available in downloadable spreadsheet and PDF form as well. See the download links below.

Excel - Link to Download
PDF - Link to Download

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LL abLa said...

LBs: Preston Brown, Brad Jones, Paul Worrilow, Nate Irving
DBs: Harrison Smith, Bernard Pollard, Morgan Burnett

I'm starting Cameron Wake as my DE but we start 2 LB's 2 DB's and 1 IDP Flex..Who would you recommend?

LL abLa said...

Miles Burris against Houston is a free agent I've been thinking about grabbing too..

Jason Patton said...

Is there a way to customize scoring values in your spreadsheet to get a more accurate output per league settings?

Sridhar Mandyam said...

Is it possible to add the current weeks opponent as a new column?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Jason Patton
There isn't at this point. Hopefully, it will be one day if/when I got around to getting some back-end technology enhancements going on the site.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Sridhar Mandyam
Good suggestion. We will look to implement starting next week. Thanks!

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