2013 Weekly IDP Starts & Sits

In this installment of the “Start or Sit Rankings,” I have added additional information that will help you in making your Start/Sit decisions easier. The main intent of this series is to give you a better idea of who will be a fantasy stud or fantasy dud in each respective week. IDPs are ranked on a scale of 1-5. With 5 being almost non-relevant and 1 being a near shoe-in for a huge game.

IDP Ranking System Key
5 = almost non-existent in the stat column.
= will make a play or two, but cannot be trusted for steady numbers.
= pretty much your average fantasy player, won’t wow you with stats, but is solid in deeper leagues.
= will put up above average numbers with some upside.
= an absolute beast you can count on for a big game.

Any suggestions for the “Start or Sit Rankings” are always welcome. As always, please send in some feedback, let me know what I missed and what I hit on.

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Leon Vining said...

I have Barron, Burnett and just picked up Aaron Williams and we start 2 DBs. Should I just go ahead and drop Burnett and trust Williams ROS? Thanks.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Leon Vining
I have a feeling Burnett's injury is going to linger. But if you have space, I'd keep him. Not a bad thing to carry an extra DB.

Lee Aaron said...

Hey Guru, need help with my defensive flex spot for this week.

I have Ihenacho, Brad Jones, Michael Johnson and Burfict.

Who would you start?

1.5 T
.75 Assist
4.5 sack
5 Int


Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Lee Aaron
I'd go with Brad Jones.

idp4life said...

need 4 dbs out of the following guys on my roster and waiver wire

Patrick Peterson
Morgan Burnett (detroit)
Thomas DeCloud (nyj)
Johnathan Cyprien (@stl)
Charles Woodson (sd)
Jason McCourty (kc)
Devin McCourty (@ cincy)
Eric Reid (houston)

1.0 solo tackle
0.25 assist
3.0 int
1.0 pass defended
2.0 forced or recovered fumble
6.0 TD
1.0 25 return yards

thanks. i enjoy your articles. idp leagues are vastly underappreciated.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Burnett, Woodson, Cyprien, Reid

Fantasy Football Guru said...

any reason angerer is not listed?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Fantasy Football Guru
Just an oversight. Thanks for catching. He's added now.

marflan said...

Scoring: 2/tackle, 1/assist, 3/int, sack or ff
Play 1 lineman (Chandler Jones), 2 any d.
Currently have Harrison Smith & Chad Greenway with only one bench spot available, so need to bench one and drop one. Can pick up Duke Ihenacho, Butler, Ellerbe, Freeman, angerer, wheeler.
1) Which one do I drop?
2) Who do I pick up?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

That sucks you have to drop one. Both are studs. I'd drop Smith for Ihenacho though if I had to.

albert Martinez said...

I need to start 3 LBs in week 5 out of : Derrick Johnson, James Laurinitus , Luke Kuechly, Zach Brown.
Who should I start?

albert Martinez said...

I need to start 3 LBs in week 5 out of : Derrick Johnson, James Laurinitus , Luke Kuechly, Zach Brown.
Who should I start?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@albert Martinez
Please refer to the weekly rankings for this week should tell you everything you need to know for this question.

Ryan Barsotti said...

Why does Charles Johnson suck?! Nothing today, big fat donut :(

staff23 said...

This is our first year for IDP so we decided to go with 1 player and use it as a flex. Right now I have NaVarro Bowman, and Daryl Washington. Should I start Washington over Bowman, or pick up D. Ryans and start him vs. redskins this week?


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