2013 Weekly IDP Rankings: Sleepers

These are The IDP Guru's Weekly IDP Sleepers (for redraft leagues). This page will be updated each week to properly reflect that current week's rankings.

This is just a general sleeper list. It is not listed in any particular order.

The "Match-Up Strength" is based off of the latest IDP Points Allowed by Position document. These numbers are to be used directionally early in the season. As the season progresses and more data builds, the accuracy of the match-up information increases.

The color key for the strength of weekly matchups is listed below.

Favorable Matchup
Mediocre Matchup
Bad Matchup

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ryno2020 said...

Guru, what do you think of Jason Jones and Nick Fairley this year? Thanks

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I like Fairley better than Jones. I think if he can stay healty, he has top 30 upside.

Anthony Mullins said...

Week 1 im debating on Alec Ogletree (Rams) vs Arizona or Mason Foster (Bucs) vs New York Jets. Whats your advice on the 2.
Also would Jon Bostic be a better pickup than Ogletree

Anthony Mullins said...

Week 1 im debating on Alec Ogletree (Rams) vs Arizona or Mason Foster (Bucs) vs New York Jets. Whats your advice on the 2.
Also would Jon Bostic be a better pickup than Ogletree

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Anthony Mullins
I'd go with Foster against the Jets. They were a good matchup last year (although they probably won't be that much this year).

Je Photon said...

Mr. Sitzmann,
I have Chandler Jones and JPP starting in my DL slots. With JPP being assigned the "Q" tag, I'm thinking of scooping up Osi or Ziggy Ansah. Both are in great situations. What say you?

Ty Darey said...

Hey Guru!!!
Let's have another phenomal year!!! You're THE MAN!!!

I want to pick up Vontaze and Kiko so bad!!!!!!

I have on my team: Derrick Johnson, London Fletcher, Wesley Woodyard and Lawrence Timmons

Which 1 or 2 would you drop to get these guys??? Or should I??? What would you do?

Thanks Guru!!!


Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Je Photon
I like Osi better for the season, but he has a bad matchup this week. So I like Ziggy more for this week.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Ty Darey
I like both guys a lot But I wouldn't drop any of your current LBs to get them. All of your current linebackers, have potential LB1 value.

Bob Schaaf said...

What about Demario Davis? I figured he'd be a sleeper for this week

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Bob Schaaf
Just outside of the top 30. Could be considered a sleeper, but most people own him or have a close eye on him. Didn't perform quite as well as I expected in the opener.

xtjp760 said...

Kendricks...Brad Jones...Erin Henderson...kiko Alonso... Pick 2 sir!

Hoove said...

Hey there! Quick question....

I've got Mario Williams and Dontari Poe. Have to pick one and the league rewards tackles nicely. Am I dumb to keep putting Mario in my single DL slot?

I just feel like it's a tricky position to fill, and Poe might be due to more consistently rack up 3 or 4 tackles and a sack/half a sack a game....Mario just....I don't know - with Plantars in his foot, I'm nervous. He's higher in your depth charts though.


Sean Kirby said...

2 of Mathieu, Burnett, and Barron in a league with return yards awarded?
And 2 of Burfict, Carter, Alonso, and Kendricks?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Sean Kirby
Burnett (if he plays) and Barron. Carter and Burfict.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I'd keep Super Mario in there for now.

Jason R said...

Great site! Thank you for all your hard work.
Two questions: 1) Who to start as my lb4 this week: L. Briggs, D. Ellerbee, J,Houston, or Russell Allen?
2) Should I drop Russell Allen to pick up M. Fokou on waivers? Allen had a terrible week one and I'm not sure if he's going to be a 3 down lb. Thanks again, Jason

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Jason R
I think you can drop Allen and pick up Fokou for this week. You can probably get Allen back if he becomes a three down backer again. I'd start Briggs in balanced and tackle heavy and Houston in big play leagues.

RTran0802 said...

Hey Ryan...I currently have these 3 LB. B. Wagner, L. Timmons and B. Cushing. Any one of these players on waivers worth adding? W. Woodyard, B. Carter, P. Riley, V. Burfict, E. Henderson,

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I may drop Timmons for Woodyard, but I'd wait until next week to give Timmons one more week to prove himself and also for Woodyard to get healthy.

Hoove said...

Ryan - Just wanted to say thanks for the advice. Keeping 'Super Mario' in for Week 2 was clearly an outstanding decision. The man went bonkers today.

Thanks again!

Anthony de angelo said...


I'm worried about Dqwell. He's not getting the tackles I thought he would this year. You think he'll come aroun d or do i start looking at the waiver wire?

Nathan Suttmeier said...

I have L. David and C. Greenway as my two LBs with three starting LB spots. I have D. Washington on my bench until his suspension is done. Which of the three options is best to hold on to as a replacement until he's playing? Mychal Kendricks, Daryl Smith, Brad Jones.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Anthony de angelo
His tackles haven't been elite but they've been solid. His matchup is good this week and that defense is going to be on the field A LOT. Plus, he's been blitzing a bit. Definitely keep him.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Nathan Suttmeier
I like Jones as a high floor LB2.

Msigns said...

What do you think about Robert Mathis as a sleeper vs Jax? in a flex with Kuechly on bye, do I play Mathis, new starter Matt Elam, Barry Church.

Msigns said...

Mingo is another option with his first start coming up.

Max ax said...

Need to start 3 of 4

Donald butler
d'wwell Jackson
Bernard pollard
Da' Norris searcy

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Max ax
Jackson, Pollard, Butler

M Sae said...

Jon Beason traded to the NY G-men!! does he become fantasy relevant again?? what do you see him as

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@M Sae
Definitely a situation to watch, but if he lost his starting job to Chase Blackburn, it's hard to imagine him being a fantasy stud again if with a new team/opportunity. However, NYG was one of the best landing spots for him as there is little to no competition for tackles if he can snag a starting spot. Just don't know if the can or if he can, if he will be an every down player at this point in his career.

Sst Canada said...

What u think Robert Quinn or Bruce Irvin this week?
Quinn vs texans- hawks vs titans
sacks are worth 4 pts

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Sst Canada

GOHAWKS206 said...

Guru, do you think I should pick up T.J. Ward and drop Mark Barron?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I'd stick with Barron. He's better ROS.

Aaron Clark said...

who do I start? I have 3 positions for D 2 for DB and 2 for LB
I have:
Patrick Willis
Started Tyran Mathieu (got screwed)
Daryl Smith
Jerrell Freeman (will def start him; no brainer)
Jon Beason, Mark Barron and Charles Tillman are on the bench. I need your guru help as I've been depending on you for quite some time

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Aaron Clark
Greenway and Willis. Freeman and Beason. Barron and you already started Mathieu.

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