2013 IDP Points Allowed By Position

Knowing which teams give up the most fantasy points to a certain defensive position is vital to the long-term success of any IDP owner. Having this type of information will allow you to make those tough weekly lineup decisions as well as spot key weekly waiver wire pickups throughout the season.

This article will be updated each week to reflect the average total points allowed by each NFL team to Defensive Linemen, Linebackers, and Defensive Backs up until that particular point in the season. To start the 2013 season, these stats will be based upon 2012 points allowed. Starting at the beginning of Week 2, we will begin revising this document with up-to-date 2013 statistics.

The chart below was generated using the the following IDP scoring system:

Solo Tackle = 2 pts
Assist = 1 pts
Sack = 4 pts
FF = 2 pts
FR = 5 pts
INT = 5 pts
PD = 1 pts

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Abhishek Sahai said...

Can you please separate the above stats for 3-4 Outside LBs and other LBs.

Gregory Thomas said...

@Abhishek Sahai

I was just about to make a similar suggestion. It would be interesting to see points allowed for 3-4 defenses and 4-3. My guess is a team like Jacksonville that gives up a lot of sacks would see a much higher ranking for LBs against 3-4 defenses.

Zlatko Trpkovski said...

Well in that case it will be interesting to see DLs and DBs split into DT + DE and CB + S respectively.

Regardless, thanks for the stats.

Abhishek Sahai said...

It's not just about splitting it to get more details. It is about getting correct perspective.
For ex: Eagles are second on the list of points allowed to LBs and dead last in points allowed to DL! Why? Because they gave most of their sacks and fumbles to 3-4 linebackers including Chief's Justin Houston.
After looking at this document one would think DLs have worst matchup against PHI which is not the case.

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