2013 IDP Strength of Schedule

Look me start off by saying that this 2013 Strength of Schedule guide should only be used directionally. These rankings were developed based off of last year's IDP Points Allowed by Position and obviously team's offenses change (for better or worse) over the course of an off-season through free agent signings, coaching changes, scheme changes, rookie additions, etc.

I prefer to use this tool when I'm stuck between two very similar IDPs during the draft and can't decide which one to choose (i.e. as a tiebreaker). This has worked very well for me in the past and I expect it to continue to work very well in the future.

The IDP scoring system that this grid was based on is listed below:

Default IDP Scoring System
Solo Tackles 1.5
Assists 0.75
Sacks 5
INTs 5
Forced Fumbles 4
Fumble Recoveries 4
Passes Defensed 1.5

Rankings go from 1-32 with 1 being the most favorable schedule for that position and 32 being the least favorable schedule for that position. I've highlighted the top 5 schedules for each position in GREEN and the bottom 5 schedules for each position in RED.

I hope you find this helpful and feel free to suggest any additions to the grid that you may find useful.

Teams DL LB DB
    Arizona Cardinals 28 17 29
    Atlanta Falcons 21 32 30
    Baltimore Ravens 13 13 4
    Buffalo Bills 26 12 25
    Carolina Panthers 32 24 27
    Chicago Bears 17 18 3
    Cincinnati Bengals 8 9 10
    Cleveland Browns 7 4 15
    Dallas Cowboys 14 10 7
    Denver Broncos 6 6 13
    Detroit Lions 9 8 26
    Green Bay Packers 25 1 22
    Houston Texans 18 16 11
    Indianapolis Colts 12 15 21
    Jacksonville Jaguars 11 21 6
    Kansas City Chiefs 16 25 2
    Miami Dolphins 23 14 16
    Minnesota Vikings 4 5 23
    New England Patriots 22 28 17
    New Orleans Saints 24 22 32
    New York Giants 3 7 24
    New York Jets 31 29 19
    Oakland Raiders 2 11 5
    Philadelphia Eagles 5 27 12
    Pittsburgh Steelers 27 2 14
    San Diego Chargers 15 26 1
    San Francisco 49ers 10 31 28
    Seattle Seahawks 29 30 18
    St Louis Rams 19 19 31
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30 20 20
    Tennessee Titans 1 23 9
    Washington Redskins 20 3 8

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Last Updated: August 15, 2003
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