2013 IDP Return Men

In IDP leagues that issue points for return yardage, fantasy owners can get a little more creative with their defensive back selections. Often times relatively unknown secondary players can produce at a higher than "normal" rate due to their role as return men. Even defensive backs who are strictly limited to third down nickel packages can have nice value in these leagues due to their return yardage production.

Listed below are defensive players who have a possibility to return either kicks, punts, or both this season. A lot of these players are backups in most defensive packages; however, there are a few who actually start on defense as well. I've notated which players are starters and which players are bench players. Overall, the picking is quite slim.

Feel free to call out any omissions or necessary changes to the list in the comments section below. This list will continually be updated throughout the regular season.

(In general order of value)

CB Patrick Peterson (PR)*
CB Leodis McKelvin (PR)*
S Tyrann Mathieu (PR)
CB Javier Arenas (PR/KR)

CB Marcus Sherels (PR/KR)

CB Adam Jones

CB Brandon Boykin (KR)

Patrick Peterson
is probably still the most valuable person on this list and will likely be the first cornerback taken in many leagues that issue points for return yardage. There's been a lot of talk about Peterson contributing offensively as a wide receiver this year, but I wouldn't bank on him seeing any more than a handful of snaps in each game, however. There's also a good chance that the Honey Badger and newly-acquired Javier Arenas will steal some return share away from him. This is a situation to watch closely as all three players will likely get their chance to shine and Peterson or Mathieu could wind up having very nice value this season in return yardage leagues.

Leodis McKelvin
has missed valuable practice time over the last week or so due to an undisclosed injury, but he's still a good bet to land the starting cornerback gig if nothing else than due to his large contract. He's not currently slated to return kicks however as the team wants him to focus more on his defensive role. He still has value as a starting cornerback who receives a majority of the punt return duties, however.

The Vikings have narrowed down their punt returner battle to Marcus Sherels and Bobby Felder. Even if Sherels lands the gig, he doesn't see enough defensive snaps to warrant draft consideration. Same goes for Adam Jones and Brandon Boykin.

*Signifies a defensive starter

Last Updated: September 4, 2013
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Zain Malik said...

Is Mckelvin going to surrender the role to Robert Woods or Marquis Goodwin??

jar said...

What about Janoris Jenkins

Ryan Sitzmann said...

It's probably going to be a combination of Tavon Austin, Benny Cunningham, Givens, Pead, and Pettis returning kicks and punts for St. Louis.

jar said...

@Ryan Sitzmann

Ahh ok - i was thinking about keeping Jenkins and loosing my 11th pick in a mixed league - but maybe ill think twice as keepers are due tomorrow. Thanks very much

Ben Warner said...

Hey guys,
I am currently in a league that just added a single IDP to spice things up. I am currently holding Patrick Peterson, but am wondering if a high tackle LB would be a better choice. It's a 10 team league so there are plenty left to choose from. My league does reward for return yards which is why this is even an issue. I'd love some feedback from more seasoned players. I've listed our IDP scoring settings below for quick reference.

Thanks in advance!

Tackle Solo 1
Sack 2
Interception 4
Fumble Force 3
Fumble Recovery 2
Defensive Touchdown 6
Safety 2
Block Kick 2
Return Yards 30 yrds per point
Return Touchdown 6

Kellen said...

with Leon Washington out the door, does this mean Devin McCourty will be the go to go for both PR/KR?

William Long said...

I have morgan burnett and charles tillman as my 2 IDP. I feel like i should drop one of the for McCourty if he becomes the go to returner. Am i wrong?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Not sure if McCourty will be returning kicks or punts this year unless injuries happen.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@William Long
I'd stick with Burnett and Tillman.

Clyde C. said...

Great website! Who would you start week 1...Patrick Chung or Tyrann Mathieu? 1pt per tackle, .5 per assist, 1pt per 25 return yards.

exorr said...

McCourty will not be returning kicks this year. He should be removed from this list. The Pats have said numerous times they didn't want him doing it anymore.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Clyde C.
I'd start Chung for Week 1 until we see how much playing time Mathieu gets from both a defensive and special teams perspective.

jared said...

McCourty is listed as the starting KR on the Patriots website, if that means anything (probably not). I happen to think that he will rotate in with others (Slater?), which will only enhance his value. That and the fact that he is masquerading as a CB in most leagues (ESPN/CBS) while playing Safety is two pluses to his overall forecasted value at CB.

The big name to look-out for is Q. Demps with KC. He is a backup SS and the starting KR. When it is all said-and-done, he might be the number one KRC for 2013.

Joseph Cahill said...

I have Jenkins and Sherman as my DBs. Do I stick with Sherman? We get return yards in this league, too.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Joseph Cahill
I like Jenkins more than Sherman. But if you have to start 2, they are both good options.

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