2013 IDP Redraft Rankings - Defensive Linemen

I will continually update these rankings throughout the off-season to reflect changes in free agency, defensive schemes, defensive playing time, rookie draft selections, etc.

Drafting Philosophy:
Defensive linemen are by far the most inconsistent week-to-week fantasy point producers. Many linemen will go three or four weeks without registering a sack and then exactly when you drop them, they have a multiple sack game. This can be extremely frustrating for fantasy owners. In addition, there aren't many unknown linemen that emerge during the season and consequently the waiver wire is usually not packed with worthwhile IDP options.

With this being said, in order to lessen my "cognitive dissonance", I try to use many of my early round defensive draft picks on defensive linemen. Obtaining guys like J.J. Watt and Jason Pierre-Paul allows me to plug them in my roster and not worry about their ups and downs throughout the season, since they have proven their consistency and value.

Scoring System:
Solo Tackle = 1.5 points
Assist = 0.75 points
Sack = 5 points
Interception = 5 points
Forced Fumble = 4 points
Fumble Recovery = 4 points
Pass Deflection = 1.5 points

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Last Updated: September 4, 2013
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Brent Deangelis said...

no love for dumervil

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Brent Deangelis
He's likely going to be listed as a LB in most league management systems so that's why I didn't include him in the DL rankings. If he is listed as a DL, he's a top player at that position.

Josh said...

What are your thoughts on Dontari Poe? I've read that he's slimmed down and he is "unblockable" in practice. We have to start a DT in our league. Would you rather have Poe or Phil Taylor of CLE?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

As you mentioned, reports on him so far this pre-season have been great. I think Taylor is the safer option, so I'd problem still go with him. But you can probably snag Poe later as your backup.

Josh said...

Thanks Ryan! Follow up question: do you like Poe or Jonathan Babineaux better? We have to start a DT, and as you can probably imagine, it's a boom or bust position (mostly bust.) One weeks it's 25 points and the next week it's nothing. So, I guess a better question is, out of Poe and Babineaux, who do you suppose will be more consistent?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I'd go with Poe.

Matt Walsh said...

Guru....back to Dumervil, how much of a "top player"? Top 5?

Thanks for the help!

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Matt Walsh
I wouldn't say top 5, but somewhere surrounding the top 10.

Matt Walsh said...

Another question Guru...what are your thoughts of two Saints guys? Will Smith playing OLB but listed as a DE/LB and Cameron Jordan playing DE in a potential 3-4 scenario. I like his tackle opportunities.

L Hayes said...

Ok now that jpp seems to be on track for week 1, him or Jared Allen? I have Allen but jpp is a fa. Love the site!

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@L Hayes
Super close. I like Allen because he's in a contract year and is the safest bet at the position outside of probably JJ Watt. Upside is slightly higher with JPP, but more risk. That said, safe play go with Allen, risk/reward JPP.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Matt Walsh
Don't see a ton of value with Will Smith. Jordan is a decent low-end DL2-/DLB3+ option, but I don't expect him to repeat last year's numbers with Rob Ryan in town.

Devin said...

Where would you rank Whitney Mercilus as a DL now that he is the starting OLB for the Texans? I took him as my backup in the last round of a 16 team league. I have JPP and Wake starting, but I am still worried about JPP's back. Is it foolish to potentially count on Mercilus? I don't see him ranked anywhere. I am hoping Watt takes the double and triple teams and Mercilus comes in and cleans up.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I'd feel comfortable with him as my DL3. I'd project him for a 40/8 stat line.

ryno2020 said...

Do you know of any lb's who are listed as a DL who may make an immediate impact? Thanks

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Ninkovich is some leagues. But most league management systems have gotten better about properly classifying players.

E said...

Is Corey Liuget on your radar? 23 yr old, 1st rd pick, 51 TT and 7 sacks last year.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Yep. He's on my sleeper list. I have him in the #30-35 range.

woj326 said...

Hey guru in a league 3pts for int,sack,2dp, 1pt solos. I have Lee, D'Qwell, JPP and Dumerville on DL. My question is Dumerville is taking up a DL and Lb spot on my roster. I can play 2 LB and 2 DL spots but can roster 3 each. With Dumerville on roster I can't go after any other LBs or DEs. Is he worth not picking up the likes of Houston, Dunlap. In our league Dumerville has scored 6,3 and 0pts. Is he still a stud in my DL spot? First on waivers this decision is for the year. Thanks for your input. Woj

woj326 said...

Also Daryl Washington ,Carlos Dansby, and. Justin Houston are available on the wire.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Still like Dumervil as a DL3+/DL3 option, drop him if Houston can count as a DL. Otherwise pick up Dunlap.

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