2011 IDP Dynasty Buy Low/Sell High: Week 15

Written By: Eric Olinger


Jason Worilds- OLB- Steelers
Pittsburgh reloads better than any team in the NFL. They draft specific types of players, groom them for a year or three, and then unleash hell on opposing offenses. With Woodley out and the Browns overmatched, Worilds had a MONSTER game for an outside rush backer tallying an 8-1-2 line. Keep in mind that it was against the Browns who would be a below .500 team in the SEC, but Worilds is the heir apparent to Harrison and it makes you wonder of the Steelers will tire of Harrison’s antics and simply move on.

TJ Ward- SS- Browns
The Browns offense is disgusting. It brings nothing to the table and their 12 year old QB pretty much keeps the defense on the field. On defense, they have a young nucleus of playmakers that will have to carry this bumbling squad. That includes TJ Ward who is returning from injury this week. Ward excelled big time as a rookie last season. His numbers were a bit down prior to the injury but that may have something to do with said injury. Regardless his talent warrants taking a shot on this in the box thumper.

Patrick Peterson- CB- Cardinals
I was really skeptical about Peterson’s ability as an IDP asset but DC Horton has really figured out a way to maximize Peterson athleticism. Watching him this past week it reminded me of how Green Bay uses Charles Woodson. They blitz him, he’s aggressive, and his return ability is just an added bonus. His downfall is that he’s a gambler and occasionally gets burnt. Oh well, that just means the defense stays on the field.

KJ Wright- LB- Seahawks
The Seahawks said their ability to trade Aaron Curry was because of KJ Wright. He’s not someone I would rush to pick up but he’s definitely someone to monitor. He’s had sacks in back to back games, has a high motor, and seems to always be around the play. With Hawthorne and Chancellor in town, tackles will be scarce but I think he could eventually make a name for himself rushing from the strong side.


The Carolina Panthers
Well, not everyone. I would keep James Anderson and Charles Johnson, and MAYBE Charles Godfrey. Everyone else can go. This team has been torched all year and has had multiple injuries at pretty much every position known to man. Between returning starters, the draft, and free agency, this team could, and should, look remarkably different come August.

Jonathan Vilma- MLB- Saints
Vilma has not looked right all year and you could easily convince me that the Saints are a better defense when Jo-Lon Dunbar is manning the MLB spot. Vilma will soon be 30 years old and just has the look of a veteran that has lost something. If you have to make a choice between Vilma and one of the late season breakouts like Colin McCarthy or Perry Riley, I wouldn’t think twice about cutting Vilma.

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Last Updated: December 15, 2011
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bluepegasus said...

which is a better pick up this week jason worilds or rey maualuga?--theyre both available on my waiver...

my linebackers currently are: sean weatherpsoon, navorro bowman, colin mccarthy, and daryl washington. I have donald butler on injured reserve right now.

tackle- 1 pt
assist- .50
sack- 2 pts, sack assist 1 pt
forced fumble 3 pts
pass defensed 1 pt
int- 3 pts
defensive td 6 pts
block punt 2 pts
block fg 3 pts
safety 3 pts

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Even though you're scoring system is tackle heavy, I'd still go with Worilds as Maualuga's matchup isn't that great for tackle-relient ILBs.

Eric Olinger said...

@bluepegasus I am not a fan of Maualuga. I think the Steelers will blitz Alex Smith heavily, making Worilds a good play with Harrison suspended.

Eric Olinger said...

@bluepegasus I am not a fan of Maualuga. I think the Steelers will blitz Alex Smith heavily, making Worilds a good play with Harrison suspended.

bluepegasus said...

thanks gentlemen!!

Anonymous said...

what you think of Blackburn Chase this week, can he make 5-7 tackles playing MLB?

Eric Olinger said...

@Anonymous Over who? I wouldn't want to have to depend on Chase Blackburn in the playoffs. Chase Blackburn wouldn't start Chase Blackburn in the playoffs! You might get 5 total tackles but he's just as likely to get 3.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answer, Eric. The problem is im playing in a big 32 team dynasty league with 11 defense players in lineup and a lot of them in the roster, so the number of availavle players are very limited. I have very good defense incl Harris, Bishop, Lewis and Anderson in LB and Harper and Stewart (SL) in DB. Total number of LB+DB in lineup is 8. But big problems are injures. So last waivers i got Sanders (ATL) and Blackburn and they got nothing. But i won divisional round and this week 15 i have championship game. Grimes is out, Ray Lewis and Bishop are questionable so i need somebody for this game. I need to choose 2 players out of 4 to play this week from Jennings, Kelly CIN CB , Blackburn and 2 corners from 49 Rogers and Brown. T 1 pnt, TA - 0,5, INT- 2, PD - 2, TFL - 2, Sack - 2. Thats the problem, and thanks for help


Ryan Sitzmann said...

I'm pretty confident that Ray Lewis is going to play this week.

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