2011 Tackles Issued by Home Scorekeepers

Untitled Document A major difference between offense only Fantasy Football and IDP Fantasy Football is the subjectivity of the scorekeeping. On the offensive side of the ball, a 10 yard catch is a 10 yard catch. However, on the defensive side of the ball, things become a bit less clear. For example, two defensive players get to the ballcarrier at roughly the same time. Who gets the solo tackle and who gets the assist? Or do both players only get an assist? Or does only one player get a solo? There are multiple options in these scenarios and different scorekeepers have different tendencies (right or wrong). Analyzing each home scorekeeper's tendencies will better allow us to make informed lineup decisions.

The most subjective defensive stat is the assisted tackle. With this said, this is the particular stat we will be scrutinizing in this

The key listed below is based upon the average amount of assisted tackles awarded per game by each home scorekeeper (both teams combined). The range within the key was determined by taking the average amount of assisted tackles awarded by home scorekeepers across the entire NFL (32) up to that current week and adding +/-12 to it to get an average span. Anything above or below that average span is considered above average or below average respectively.

45+ Above Average
20-44 Average 
19 and Below Below Average

As you can see from reading the chart, the Bills, Bengals, Colts, Patriots, Raiders, Seahawks, Steelers, and Redskins scorekeepers all award an above average amount of assisted tackles. On the other hand, the scorekeepers for the Broncos, Chiefs, Eagles, Rams, and Buccaneers, all award a below average amount of assists.

In a lot of cases, the disparity between assisted tackles awarded is significant. So far this season, the Colts scorekeeper has given away 218 assisted tackles whereas the Rams scorekeeper has given away only 12!

Taking a quick look at the solo tackle department allows us to see that the Colts scorekeeper does not issue a lot of solo tackles. Rather, he tends to split the tackle between multiple players on most occasions. So for those in leagues that don't get points for assists, you may want to avoid playing your borderline starters when they are playing in Indy. Conversely, the Patriots scorekeeper tends to not only give out a ton of assists, but also gives out an average amount of solo tackles as well. This means he typically gives one player a solo on a play and another player an assist when applicable. For those in leagues that get points for assisted tackles, this type of scorekeeper is the one you want to exploit in home matchups.

Obviously this inconsistency in defensive scorekeeping is an issue that the NFL needs to address across the league. However, until they do, it's important to be aware of each scorekeeper's tendencies and to exploit/avoid them when necessary especially in leagues that reward for assisted tackles.

This article will be updated every Tuesday to reflect the most up-to-date tackles issued. However, scorekeepers rarely change their tendencies over the course of the season and thus the trends that we currently are witnessing are likely to remain for the entirety of the season.

*Home team numbers are listed on the top row, away team numbers are listed on the bottom row

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Matt Stephans said...

What are the above/below the line numbers? Home team tackles on top and away team numbers on bottom? Washington gives almost twice as many solo tackles to the visitors?

William Edwards said...

@Matt Stephans

the top line is the Home team which is to the left, the bottom line is the away team's tackles at the home team's stadium. there is a few like that with the away team having more solo/assisted. it was pretty neat to see the numbers when it was finished.

Jub-Jub said...

This. Is. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Are your Combined Tackles data the average of the awarded Home and Away tackles? If so, your combined data for the Broncos and Buccaneers are off. Could you clarify the for me?

William Edwards said...


the top number is all the tackles awarded to the Home team solo and assisted, the bottom number is the total tackles solo and assosted awarded to the away team at the stadium of the team to the left.

The combined is the number of solo and assisted per game at that stadium.

I'm not sure if that clarifies anything or not. let us know what your coming up with and how.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Combined data isn't off. It's a product of rounding :)

Anonymous said...

I also cannot relate the tackles shown in the first two columns to the combined solo and assisted tackles shown. For example, Washington has 106 home and 66 away tackles and the average is 86, which you show. However, for St. Louis 158 and 152 do not average out to 103. There are similar issues for Denver, Houston, Bucs. Assisted tackles also do not average out. Can you clarify how the combined numbers relate to the first two columns?

Anonymous said...

Some of the calculations are definitely off. Take Buffalo. 225 total home tackles and 217 total away tackles does not equal an average 147 total tackles.

Bears, Panthers, Browns, Texans, Colts, Jags, Vikings, Chargers, Rams and Bucks.

Love the idea though and I look forward to seeing this every week!

Ryan Sitzmann said...

The calculations are actually not off. It's not a total average of tackles. It's a total average of tackles PER HOME GAME. For example, the Bills 225+217=442/3 (number of home games played) = 147 :)

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Anonymous said...

Love this idea...is there a way we could incorporate "# of plays" because i was thinking maybe the reason the Broncos have a low number of tackles is because they run the ball so much. Clock keeps running, not as many plays...You think this would add to the chart or make it more ambiguous?

Anonymous said...

In an attempt to use this tool to the best of its ability - A typical league sees 1 pt per solo and 0.5 per assist. WAS would average 109.5pts/game, while TB would average 115.5pts/game. I think if you have superstar Ray Lewis, you'll want to go where the solo tackles are high, but if you're going with a fringe guy that's maybe a 1 week play you'll want to look where the assists are high.

Chuck from Baltimore said...

I think this is awesome. My friends think I'm nuts for mentioning advantages of particular score keepers. But as of today, I lead the 14 man league in idp points. Love this addition to the site! Glad to see someone else looks into this too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan, I'm really glad you guys went with this article. I wasn't sure after our email conversation if you would be able to get one of your staff to take it on. It should be a great tool from here on out. Thanks for running with it!

Thanks , Jason

EyeoftheHawk said...

Could you imagine how much more phenomenal Patrick Willis would be Fantasy Wise if he played for New England instead of San Francisco or conversely how bad Jerod Mayo would be if he played 8 a year in S.F.

Across the board I'm sure there would be evidence of that... Chances that Howie's kid isn't as bad as his home town scorekeeper makes him out to be, obviously effected by almost no assisted tackles what so ever. (Lack of Career sacks is on him)

Solid proof that even a generous scorekeeper can't keep a #4 overall bust from being a #4 overall bust. (Here's looking at you Aaron Curry)

I absolutely love the article & yet still despise the fact that the NFL allows such obvious sparsity from stadium to stadium.

Rodg·er [roj-er]:
~Evil Nun~
How one pussifies a manly sport into women's badminton.

Goodell; God.help [thisdouchebag]:
~Said Evil Nun's Asshole~

1. to weaken

2. to cower

3. to in essence give Olympic water polo players full scuba gear due to fear of drowning & hypothermia.

My own personal plea to stop making every player in the NFL a kicker.

Anonymous said...

thanks for doing the work on this, have always been wondering...

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