2011 Weekly IDP Rankings - Linebackers

Untitled Document These are The IDP Guru's Weekly Linebacker Rankings (for redraft leagues). This page will be updated each week to properly reflect that current week's rankings.

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Woj said...

Hey guru thanks for your help all year. Here's one more I'm in a tackle heavy league 1 pt per solo 1 pt for 1/2 sack and 3 per int. I have D'qwell, Sean Lee, or DJ Williams. With Collin McCarthy available for my first championship. Who do I roll with? I also have George Wilson and Chancellor. My opponent has Jarius Byrd is Wilson safe to roll with this weekend.

woj said...

Sorry need to play 2 line backers and 2 db's

Patrick said...

Need your help...
Who do I start (Please Pick 4):

L.Fletcher-Baker vs. Eagles
D.Jackson vs. Steelers
D.Hawthorne vs. Cardinals
C.McCarthy vs. Texans
P.Angerer vs. Jaguars
D.Washington vs. Seahawks

Thank you so much, for your help.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I'd go with Jackson and McCarthy and Wilson and Chancellor.

Ryan Sitzmann said...


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