2011 IDP Waiver Wire Pickups - Week 2

Hello and welcome back to the IDPGuru.com's most popular in-season article, IDP Waiver Wire Pickups which will be releasing every Tuesday of the regular season. Typically, I would give weekly recommendations based mainly on the quality of the matchup that week. However, since we are only one week into the season and matchup trends have yet to be determined, I will base my recommendations for the first couple of weeks mostly on projected long-term seasonal value.

The first couple of weeks are arguably the most important for fantasy owners as those hidden/unexpected waiver wire gems are just sitting out there for the taking. Through careful research and a little bravado on your part, these early season pickups could be the difference in you winning your league or not.

With this said, here are The Guru's Week 2 Waiver Wire selections...

Defensive Linemen
1. LDE Greg Hardy (CAR) - The release of Everette Brown last week gave Hardy the opportunity to prove himself in Week 1 and he rose to the occassion with 4 solo tackles, 1 assist, 1 sack, and a forced fumble. Hardy is an underrated talent and could put up surprising numbers playing opposite "Big Bully" Charles Johnson. I don't think he has elite upside, but at a position that is quite thin from a fantasy perspective, Hardy's worth a look as your DL3 if you are struggling to fill that slot.

2. LDE Ray McDonald (SF) - After being a part-time player for the majority of his career, McDonald seems poised for an expanded role this season. He stood up well against the run in Week 1 and added a sack as a bonus. Granted, he was playing the Seahawks and his upside is limited as a 3-4 DE, but he could be a decent bye week/matchup filler in tackle-heavy scoring system.

3. RDE Jason Pierre-Paul (NYG) - Unless you've been sleeping under a rock for the last month, this addition to the list comes as no surprise. JPP continually climbed up my 2011 Defensive Linemen Redraft Rankings during the preseason and has the physical skills to be one of the elite pass rushers in the league. The injuries to Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora only increase the chance that Pierre-Paul breaks out sooner rather than later. With 2 sacks in his first game, he's well on his way for a top 10 finish. Roster him now.

4. LDT Henry Melton (CHI) - Although I'm admittingly not a Bears fan, I do live in Chicago and therefore find myself watching the Bears quite closely each week. Melton, a 4th round pick out of Texas, looked extremly solid up the middle as he picked up 2 sacks and had 7 QB hurries. The Bears defense tends to be synergistic in a lot of ways with average talents exceeding expectations. I think Melton fits this mold and could be a nice addition in DT-required leagues.

1. WLB Thomas Davis/MLB Dan Connor/SLB James Anderson (CAR) - With the season-ending injury to Jon Beason, these three linebackers will see a significant uptike in tackle opportunity. Upon initial inspection, you may think Conner is the player to own here since he will be taking over the middle linebacker duties from Beason. However, Thomas Davis and James Anderson are truly the players to own on a week-to-week basis as they will be the every down linebackers while Connor will head to the bench in subpackages. We all saw the type of numbers Anderson put up last season as a three-down SLB. And although, I don't expect him to repeat his 2010 numbers, he makes for a great LB3+ with upside. Even more so, I think Davis has the potential to put up LB1 numbers now.

2. WLB Sean Weatherspoon (ATL) - I've never doubted Weatherspoon's talent. My only concern was the amount of tackle competition he had amongst his fellow Falcons linebackers. However, after watching the game film from Week 1, he seems ready to blossom as a solid LB2+ in tackle-heavy leagues this season and adequately compete with Curtis Lofton for a bulk of the tackles on the Falcon's defense.

3. WILB Sean Lee (DAL) - Being a diehard Cowboys fan, I am perhaps a bit more familar with Lee than most. With this said, I had a feeling this kid was a special type of player from the start. He was overshadowed at Penn State by elite linebackers like Paul Posluszny and Dan Connor, however a healthy Lee is arguably just as good as those two players. He was fantastic in coverage in Sunday Night's game and was quick to the ball on almost every occassion. I expect Rob Ryan to use Lee in an every-down role and to rotate Bradie James and Keith Brooking. Expect more 12 tackle performances from Lee this season. Don't hesistate to roster him as a solid LB2+.

4. SLB Pat Angerer (IND) - Relatively speaking, I'm not quite as high on Angerer's week-to-week 2011 value as other IDP writers. As of right now, Angerer is still not playing in subpackages. With this said, his impressive stat line was more a factor of the Colts getting down early to the Texans and therefore staying in their base defensive package for the majority of the game. The good news is the Colts figure to be down early in a ton of their games with Peyton Manning likely out for the season and Angerer could see a ton more snaps than originally expected. Additionally, the injury to MLB Gary Brackett opens the door for Angerer to assume an every down role. If this happens, jump on him and don't look bad. Even if Angerer continues to leave the game in subpackages, he's worth a pickup as a LB3 in most leagues. Just be aware that he could be a bit inconsistent from week to week.

Defensive Backs
1. SS Kam Chancellor (SEA) - I've been raving about this guy all off-season and heeding readers to draft him as a sleeper pick in late rounds. If you listened, it looks like you made out like a bandit as Chancellor put up a team high 9 solos yesterday against the 49ers. If you didn't take a chance and draft Kam in your fantasy draft, do not fear as he's likely still on your waiver wire. But you need to pick him up as the cat is pretty much out of the back on him now. He's got great size and run-stopping ability for a safety and plays behind a weak set of OLBs on a defense that is likely to be on the field a ton this year. This all combines to make Chancellor a top 10 DB in tackle-heavy leagues this season.

2. SS/LB - Bryan Scott (BUF) - There have been a lot of questions via email, comments section, and the forum concerning the Bills safety situation and the relative value of Scott to teammate George Wilson. Do not panic. Wilson is still the starting strong safety in Buffalo and remains the player to own in all leagues. Scott saw an above average amount of snaps in this game as the Bills used him at linebacker in nickel packages. Due to the Chiefs extreme inneptness on offense and propensity to use spread sets, the Bills found themselves in the nickel package for pretty much the entire game. If you have roster flexibility, Scott is a nice matchup play type pickup as he could put up similar box score numbers in weeks in which he faces a team who throws the ball a lot.

3. SS Jon McGraw (KC) - The season-ending knee injury to Eric Berry is an IDP tragedy. But with every injury, comes an opportunity. McGraw took over for Berry after he exited the game and put up 8 solo tackles. If Sunday was any indication, the Chiefs aren't going to be very good this season and McGraw could see a plethora of tackle opportunity behind a generally weak set of run-defending linebackers. He's likely available in all leagues and could make for a solid DB3 pickup.

4. SS Craig Dahl (STL) - Coming into this season, I was a bit torn on Dahl's value. If given enough snaps, his value could creep up into the DB2 range. However, the Rams used multiple players throughout the preseason at the strong safety position leading me to believe that Dahl would only be a part-time player. For the time being, it seems as though my assumption was wrong. Dahl played a majority of the team's snaps in Week 1 and put up 9 total tackles in the process. It's not a given that Dahl remains the every down starter, but picking him up off the waiver wire is a chance worth taking in most leagues.

5. LCB Ladarious Webb (BAL) - For those in leagues that require you to roster a CB or that reward IDPs for return yardage, Webb is an interesting waiver wire pickup. His physicality showed through this week as he posted 11 total tackles and also contributed a half sack on a cornerback blitz. He's the type of cornerback that could be relatively consistent and is shaping up to be a CB2+ with nice upside in return yardage leagues.

6. SS Morgan Burnett (GB) - I had Burnett tagged as an IDP sleeper all off-season and he came through in a big way on opening week with 14 total tackles. These numbers are a bit inflated due to Saints being a good matchup for opposing secondary players, but the writing is on the wall. I have Burnett projected in the 80-85 solo tackle range He makes for a solid DB2+ in tackle-heavy leagues.

Last Updated: September 13, 2011
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ReadyMan said...

Great writeup Ryan!
After a so-so outing by Nick Barnett in my DP slot, who do you recommend:
Barnett, Chancellor, Angerer, or Thomas Davis?

Glover Quin didnt do so well at CB (in my ESPN league), but I'm going to try and be patient with him, for his upside.


ReadyMan said...

Just noticed, Weatherspoon is also available, so him,
Barnett, Chancellor, Angerer, or Thomas Davis and drop barnett?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I still think Barnett is one of your best options. The game on Sunday was a weird one. I don't think you are gonna see the Bills blowout many teams like that again. He should be fine.

Bob said...

For my backup S slot, would you cut William Moore to pick up either Chancellor or Burnett? If so which is the guy to grab, or would it be worth it to try and get both? This is for dynasty so I'm thinking this year as well as long term, thanks!

Bob said...

Sorry forgot to list the scoring
Tackles - .75
Assists - .5
INT - 1
Passes Defended - .75

exactly said...

my league starts 1 DL, 4 LBs, 1 DB and a Flex position...I start:

DL Abraham
LB Ray Lewis
LB Hawthorne
LB D'Qwell Jackson
LB D. Washington
DB TJ Ward
Flex C. Wake

With Daryl Smith on my bench...looking for some depth/upside guys, and if I can't get my hands Lee would you rather pick up a guy like M. Burnett or McGraw or go for a guy like N. Bowman or D. Butler?

The Truth said...

I got a few questions for you. My league starts 2LBs and 2DBs. I have Bishop, Hawthorne and Demco Ryan at LB and Branch and Harper at DB. As I was watching the Den Oak game last night, I noticed Branch was more in the secondary than in the box. After the game, I found out that they were using Huff as a nickel corner. Branch still posted 5 tkls and 1 assist but how will this affect him going forward? All of the DBs and LBs you mentioned are available in my league. I know it has only been 1 week but would you drop any of my players for the guys you just mentioned? My league is tackle-heavy, 2pt solo tackle, 1 assist, 5 sack, 5 int, 2 forcef, 2fumbrec, 2 safety, 1 passdefensed, 6td. I really like Chancellor for the reasons you mentioned soo as the Guru what would you do??? Thanks man!!
Btw-Whats up with Hawthorne?

RussTNailer said...

We play 1 DL, 1LB, 1DB and 2Dflex. Solos's 2pts, Asst 1pts and 3pts for all other big plays.

My team:
DL - Cole
LB - Poz, Ruud, Ryans
DB - Weddle, L Landry, Mikell

I was disappointed in Cole, Poz, Weddle and Ryans this week. Obviously I wont give up on Poz or Weddle yet. I missed out on DQwell and Lee (very upsetting being a big Cowboys fan).

Is JPP worth replacing Cole? It seems to me that Cole is seeing less play now due to the additions on DL in Phi.

I'm not sold on Mikell and am concerned about Landry but willing to hold him while waiting on news. All your DB's above but Chancellor are available. Are any worth dropping Mikell for or do you know anything more about Landry?

Any idea what happened to Hawthorne? All of a sudden he is avail as is Black and Barnett. Do any of them replace Ryans? or for that matter Mikell or Landry?

Fantasy Football Guru said...

I have william moore on my bench. Who do you think is better going forward moore or jon mcgraw?

Tackle 1 pt
Int 3pts


Cassie said...

Do I keep Dumervil given his performance - he is qualifying as a DL - I have JPP as my other. worried about starting JPP and kiwimura (both on Giants). Also, would you drop Wilson for Chung? Landry on the bench.

Rooster said...

Great call on Kam Chancellor guru. I drafted him based on your advice and he had a great week. Thanks!

Lance said...

Drop Richard Marshall for L Webb or P Peterson or D McCourty in a tackle heavy league that gives points for return yards? Thanks

Anonymous said...

love your site! DB question. from here on out, who is the better keeper Tyvon Branch or Devin Mcourty?

Anonymous said...

What's lardarius webbs value this year and in dynasty? How long will he be starting?

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff! Would you rather roster D'Qwell Jackson or David Hawthorne as an LB2?

Anonymous said...

Kinda surprised Erin Henderson isn't on the list.

Anonymous said...

I was also going to ask about Erin Henderson. I am thinking about dropping Stew Bradley and putting in a bid on Henderson.

NC said...

Q: Who to start this week? 0.8tkl, 0.4atkl, 2 pick, 2FF/FR, 2PD

LB: Start 2; Weatherspoon vs PHI, Bishop vs CAR, Fletcher vs ARI, and D.Ryans vs MIA


M.J. said...

Three quick questions....

I start one DB, and I have LaRon Landry on my team. Chancellor is still available. With Landry's injury issues, is it a good move to drop him in favor of Chancellor while I can??

Second, I start two LBs... Lawrence Timmons is my LB1... which of these would you pick as #2: Desmond Bishop, Daryl Washington, Curtis Lofton or Weatherspoon...

Third, I have Julius Peppers as my DL, and we start one. I'm getting the urge to pick up Pierre-Paul in his place. Good idea or stick with Peppers??


J said...

2 points per sack/INT Tackles =1 assisted tackles = .5 points

If you could only carry three, who would you take and in what order: richard marshall, bradley fletcher, jason mcourty, Ladarious Webb, Jabari Greer.

Dan said...


3 pts a tackle, 1 pt for assist. help me start 4 idp starters on my team:

lawrence timmons vs. seahawks
d'qwell jackson vs. indy
geno hayes vs vikings
devin mccoourty vs. chargers
reed doughty vs. cardinals (landry will not play week 2)
cam chancellor vs. steelers

looks like timmons and jackson will be on lock for my defensive starters, need help to make a decision on the other 2 positions. thanks!

schnore said...

This is my new favorite site.

Last week my defense scored one (!) point. Hawthorne was a late scratch, A Boy Named Suh got one lousy tackle, and Dumervil did nada. I am the laughing stock of my league. I need to redeem myself in Week 2.

Our format: 1 pt tackle, 0.5 asst tackle, 3 pts sack, 3 pts INT, 2 pts for fumble recovery, forced fumble.

My question: hich 3 IDPs do I start from the following list? (^ = current starter.)

- ^ David Hawthorne (Sea - LB) @ Pit
- ^ Terrell Suggs (Bal - LB) @ Ten
- ^ Jason Pierre-Paul (NYG - DE) vs. STL
- DeMeco Ryans (Hou - LB) @Mia
- Bart Scott (NYJ - LB) vs. Jac

My rationale:

- Hawthorne should return this week, and, judging from last week's PITT massacre, I think he'll abuse Big Boring Ben, a la Suggs.

- A healthy Suggs seems like a no-brainer.

- I'm drinking the Kool Aid on Pierre-Paul. Does he retain the same value when Tuck returns?

- Benching DeMeco, who had a decent Week One, but I think he's still a bit rusty.

- Bart Scott looked good Week One, but I think he's an obvious bench choice.

Thoughts on this ranking?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Since this is a tackle-heavy scoring system, I would go grab both. Burnett first in a dynasty league, Chancellor first in a redraft league.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would rather go for Butler or Bowman. I see them both having LB3+ upside. Bowman is probably easier to obtain on the waiver wire.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@The Truth
I would stick with Branch. He's a top 5 DB on a top with great tackle opportunity and little competition for tackles.

Hawthorne is fine. Pete Carroll said he will play in Week 2. He missed Week 1 due to injury.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would stick with Cole. He is seeing less snaps, but still more than most linemen. He's been a top 10 DL every year the last few seasons and figures to have a great year with the three shutdown corners the Eagles have.

I'm a little leary of Mikell as well. He seems to be playing back in coverage even more than I originally thought. I would drop him for Burnett.

Hawthorne missed Week 1 with an injury. He will be back this week. I would keep Ryans, however.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Fantasy Football Guru
Tough question. I like McGraw's upside if he continues to play the every down, in-the-box safety role. However, there is no guarantee that happens. Moore is a slightly safer pick, but comes with risk as well due to his reliance on big plays. I would go with McGraw if you are feeling a bit risky.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I probably would drop Wilson for Chung. I think Dumervil is still gonna be a solid DL2. JPP is a low-end DL1 even with the crowded front four the Giants have.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Because of the return yards, I would grab Webb. He's a physical corner who will likely get attacked by opposing offenses.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Branch is the better keeper over McCourty.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Long-term value of cornerbacks is always extremely hard to judge. My best guess is Webb is good for the majority of this season and likely falls into fantasy oblivion after that.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Tough one. I would probably rather have Jackson at this point than Hawthorne.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Erin Henderson was a one week fluke. He doesn't play in subpackages and really wasn't shedding blocks. He was just in the right place at the right times this week.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Those are all kind of poor matchups. I would start Bishop and Ryans.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Depends on your depth. If you have bench space for Landry, keep him. If not, watch his status for this week's game. If he isn't going to play, drop him and pickup Chancellor.

I would start Bishop.

Peppers is solid. I like him on the Bears line. JPP has great potential but is surrounded by a ton of other guys that could steal snaps from him if he falters. Stick with Peppers.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Webb, McCourty, Marshall

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Start Timmons, Jackson, Hayes, and Chancellor.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Start Hawthorne, Ryans, and Suggs.

Sam said...


It'll be the first time this season that I am playing with IDPs in a FF league.

My current lineup is as follows:

DEF Baltimore
D Desmond Bishop
DB T. Branch
DB A. Talib
DL T. Cole
LB R. Lewis
BN TJ Ward
BN N. Suh

Most of the guys you mention as good pickups are currently available on the waiver wire. Poz is available as well.

Any tweaking you recommend or should I just leave it as is?



Ryan Sitzmann said...

I'd drop Talib for Chancellor, Burnett, or McGraw (in that order).

Anonymous said...

Which 2 have the best matchups this week?
D Bishop
Dqwell Jackson
Sean Lee
Derrick Johnson
Daryl Washington

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I'd start Bishop and Jackson.

marflan said...

I can play two at a "any D" position: weatherspoon, Lee and Hawthorne are available. I've got Posluszny and TJ Ward. What would you recommend? You helped so much last year - missed the playoffs just barely. I'm starting with you earlier this year!

marflan said...

Sorry, our format: 2 pts tackle, 1 pt assist, stuff or pass defensed; 3 pts sack, int, ff or fr

marflan said...


Chancellor and Harper also available

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Pickup Hawthorne and drop TJ Ward.

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