2010 IDP Waiver Wire Pickups: Week 15

Some leagues have their fantasy football championship this week and therefore this week becomes one of the most important weeks of the year. It's do or die time. With this being said, I will get right to the IDP stuff.

Here are a few IDP news tidbits from Week 14:

Takeo Spikes had another amazing game and could be a good boom or bust pick for owners looking for the potential to put up a lot of points this week.

Stewart Bradley is out for the rest of the regular season with an elbow injury. He will not be placed on IR, however, since the Eagles are hoping to get him back for the playoffs.

The Chargers SILB position remains cloudy as both Stephen Cooper and Brandon Siler got playing time at the position. Optimally, fantasy owners would like to see Siler in there full time as he has shown that he is the better producer from a fantasy standpoint.

With both Jason Williams and Nic Harris out, Jordan Senn got the start at WLB for the Panthers and had 5 total tackles. I don't see much value here, however.

Bucs SLB Quincy Black is done for the year with a broken forearm. The Buccaneers will use a rotation of Dekoda Watson and Adam Heyward to fill the position.

Chinedum Ndukwe is out for the season with a knee injury. He will be a free agent in 2011.

ILB Gerald Hayes was a healthy scratch last week. Daryl Washington got the start in his place and is expected to start the rest of the season. He may be worth a flier in deeper leagues for the rest of the season.

Everette Brown was placed on IR after suffering a fractured wrist.

Here are the waiver wire suggestions for Week 15:


1. LDE John Abraham (ATL) @ SEA - Abraham isn't likely waiver pick in the majority of leagues, but I just wanted to let it be known that he should be a starter this week against the Seahawks. He's been pretty consistent all season long and has had 4 multiple sack games this season. There's a decent chance that Abraham will not only register a sack in this game, but register his 5th multiple sack game this week.

2. NT Sione Pouha (NYJ) @ PIT - Pouha started the season off decently but quickly cooled off. He has bounced back in his last two games with 18 total tackles, a sack, and a fumble recovery. This is likely due to the Jets defense being on the field for a longer period of time with their offense struggling as of late. The Jets will likely be on the field a good portion of the game again this week against the Steelers and Pouha should see a heavy dose of Rashard Mendenhall up the middle. Plus, he has an increased possibility for a sack going up against Big Ben.

3. RDE Charles Johnson (CAR) vs. ARI - With the departure of Julius Peppers and injuries along the defensive front, Johnson has had a chance to establish himself as the Panthers most dominant force on the defensive line. He's had four straight games with a sack and has a solid 43 solo tackles so far on the season. The Arizona Cardinals are coming to town this week which bodes very well for Johnson and his owners.


RDE Jared Allen (MIN) vs. CHI -After a slow start to the season, Allen has had six straight games with a sack. Pretty impressive. He gets Jay Cutler this week which means he could end up having his best game of the year. Allen is a must start and is perhaps the top DL option this week.

Jared Allen


1. SILB Akinola Ayodele (BUF) @ MIA - I mentioned last week that Ayodele is one of the sneakier waiver wire selections right now as he is getting a ton of tackle opportunity and has proven that he is one of the more dependable two-down linebackers in the IDP fantasy football arena. He has a pretty decent matchup against Miami this week and I would expect something similar to his 6-4-0 stat line from last week.

2. WLB Tyjuan Hagler (IND) vs. JAX - For those in deep leagues, the pickins can be quite thin this time of year at the linebacker position. Hagler probably isn't owned in many leagues and has the chance to put up decent LB3 numbers this week if Clint Session remains out. He's had two solid fantasy performances since taking over on the weak side. Look for that trend to continue against MJD and the Jags.

3. SILB Paris Lenon (ARI) @ CAR - Lenon has been solid, although not spectacular, this season. Come playoff time, many fantasy owners are looking for one thing in particular: consistency. This is what Lenon gives you. He's been a solid bet for 5-7 solos and a couple of assists all season. Plus the Cardinals face the Panthers this week who have gotten their running game going as of late and should provide better than expected tackle opportunity.

4. MLB Jamar Chaney (PHI) @ NYG - Chaney could be a nice pickup in deeper leagues as he will be filling in for the injured Stewart Bradley as the Eagles three-down middle linebacker. He doesn't have a ton of competition for tackles and he has a solid matchup against the Giants this week.


WLB David Hawthorne (SEA) vs. ATL - It's unlikely that Hawthorne is available on your waiver wire but if he is, it's time to scoop him up. He's been quite consistent in the tackle department over the last four games and he has one of the best matchups for opposing fantasy linebackers. Expect big numbers.

David Hawthorne


1. SS Craig Dahl (STL) vs. KC - Last week I recommended Dahl as my "Lock of the Week" and received some concerned emails because of it. I told people not to worry and that he was in for a solid week. Hopefully they took my advice since Dahl had 9 solo tackles to go along with an interception. He's starting at strong safety in base packages and linebacker in nickel packages which is giving up a lot of tackle opportunities. He should continue his strong play this week against the Chiefs.

2. CBs Cortland Finnegan/Alterraun Verner (TEN) @ HOU - Both Finnegan and Verner had big games against the pass-heavy attack of Peyton Manning and the Colts. I see similar results this week as they face Matt Schaub. After the debacle with Finnegan and Andre Johnson in Week 12, I have a feeling the Texans will be out to pick on Mr. Finnegan a bit.

3. SS Roy Williams (CIN) vs. CLE - Williams couldn't cover my grandmother, but he sure likes to come up into the box and lay a licking on ballcarriers. With Nedu Ndukwe done for the season, Williams will have less competition for tackles. He's coming off an 11 tackle performance and should see plenty of Peyton Hillis this week.


SS Reed Doughty (WAS) @ DAL - With LaRon Landry officially out for the year. Doughty becomes one of the more valuable DB waiver wire options for the playoffs. At this point in time, he's matchup independent and can usually be trusted for 5-7 solos with a couple of assists each game. I would feel confident with his as a mid-level DB2.

Reed Doughty

Thanks a bunch for reading and feel free to ask me any specific questions. I want to help you dominate your fantasy leagues!

Until next time, this is The IDP Guru signing off.

Last Updated: December 15, 2010

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Raz said...

Hey sitzmann,

I got some LBs being inconsistent on my team.

Timmons vs. Jets
Beason vs. Ari
Ruud vs. Det

1 pt tkl, 0.5 ass, 3 sack, 3 int

Need to chose 2 as I have Cushing (but i like him against TEN). I like Reed Doughty this week but would have to drop one of the LBs. Would you use Doughty over any of these guys?

Thanks for help.

Anonymous said...

What's up Guru? Welcome to Chicago!!!

I have Hawethorne and B pollard--I always like to have a player for monday night-Can you recommend anyone besides J Allen? I had my eyes on EJ Henderson vs Bears. Also, do you like Bishop or Woodley?

You've been great this year--THANK YOU!!!


Ryan Sitzmann said...

Even though I like Doughty quite a but this week, I wouldn't start him over any of the LBs listed. I'd start Timmons and Beason.

I know Timmons has sucked as of late but the Jets have been a good matchup and I expect him to have a bounce back game.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I think you are on the right track with Henderson. He hasn't been superb this season, but he did have 10 tackles the last time he played the Bears. I would roll with Bishop over Woodley.

Raz said...

Hey thanks for the advice Sitzmann. Hope all is well in Chicago.

Sol said...

Hey Guru,

Been following you all season and its been paying off...can I get some advice for this weeks playoffs

I need 1 spot start CB for this week:
Toler, Newman, Verner, McCourty, Greer, Carr

Lost Super Mario so I need 1 spot start D-lineman for this week:
Babin, Pouha, Dunlop

Lastly was thinking over this: Derrick Johnson or Mayo (v.s. Matt Flynn)


Ryan Sitzmann said...

I like Verner this week.

I like Pouha.

You gotta start Mayo pretty much every week.

ReadyMan said...

Thanks for all the great insight!
A couple of questions:

Turk McBride at DT or:
Kevin Williams

Farrior or Hawthorne?

I have 2 LB spots and one flex spot.
I have Pos and Farrior at LB and Hawthorne at the flex.
I could dump Farrior and put Roy Williams in his spot.

At CB:
or Sam Shields (it's a Return yardage league with 1 pt. per 10 yards)

(I have Dahl in the other CB spot, thanks for that tip last week!)


JDFreer16 said...

Hey Guru thanks for all the advice this year, it helped get me to the playoffs, I need two LBs out of these three, Tulloch - Hou, Dansby - Buf, Bishop - @NE. As for DB should I go with Whitner - @Mia, Dahl - KC, or Doughty - @Dal?


Jeffster said...

Hey Guru,

In a bit of a playoff pinch...

I have Timmons and Tulloch for LBs. It seems like Farrior and Timmons have switched places since week 9 as their point production pretty much swapped. I'm tempted to roll with Farrior instead of Timmons, but I also have Bishop and Hawthorne on the wire.

Thanks in advance!

RP said...

Need to start 4 LB's. Have Tulluch, Lofton, Levy and Harris. Who would I drop for D Jones, Dansby or Bishop. Or would you not change the lineup?

Need to start 2 DB. I have Chung and Tillman. Would you add Elam and or Dahl? I am tempted to add Elam for Chung but maybe Dahl is a better option.

Need to start 2 DL. I have Williams(Buf) and Babin. Would you add Pouha or JPP?

Solo 1, sack 3, Int 6, FF 2, FR 3, td 12, safety 6, PD 3 and blk 3.

Ryan said...

I'm getting concerned about Yeremiah Bell. I can pick up either Urlacher, Doughty, or Dahl to replace him. Would you make that move?

Also - do you think Tulloch, Pollard, Whitner, Tuck, and JSmith are good to go this week? Or would you pick up someone else to replace any of these guys? Tuck registered only one tackle last week. It's go big or go home with only 2 weeks left.

Thanks man!

G said...

Hey Ryan, out of Timmons, hawthorne, levy, and spikes, who do you like the best this week? Thanks very much!

Sarah said...

Thanks so much for all your help! Need to pick up a DE this week. Who would you choose out of: Dunlap, Campbell, J. Parker, Turk McBride, Kenyon Coleman, or Jeremy Mincey? Happy holidays!

Rocky said...

Keep the playoff drive alive..
Elam vs Cin, Whitner vs Mia, Branch vs Den, or Dahl vs Kc.. need 2

Abraham vs Sea, J.Smith vs SD, or Pouha vs Pit.. need 1

Cushing vs Ten, Tulloch vs Hou, Mathews vs NE, or Hawthrone vs Atl

J said...

In a league with 1 point tackles, 1/2 point assists, 3 point picks and sacks Winfield sucks. There I said it. He typically nets me about 4 points.

I can pick up Verner, Terrence Newman, Joe Haden (though he didnt do much last week)or Chris Gamble by dropping Winfield. But of course Winfield has Cutler this week so I'm tempted to get burned by him 1 more time. Thoughts?

Also should i stick with T. Cole this week or pick up someone who is tackle heavy like Kenyon Coleman or Matt Shaugnessy.

Finally I have R. Lewis, Beason and Farrior at LB. Would you pickup and start Takeo Spikes or David Hawthorne over any of those guys? If I had to pick up 1 and drop someone on offense who would u like for 15 and 16. Thats a lot so thank you! Hope life is good in Chicago.

J said...

Dhani Jones is also available. Thanks again.

Cassie said...

LB - Timmons, Beason or Lofton. Learning towards Tim and Beas. Although Lofton has been pretty consistent. What says you guru?

Anonymous said...

What's up Guru?

I to pick two out of these three: Elam, Dahl and Daughty. Elam has Cinci coming to town and they will throw a lot. I know Daughty and Dahl are your guys but who should I choose and please try to slide me some logic as to how you came up with your answer?

I also have James Anderson and Willis, is there someone you would recommend over either of these two?

I'm asking for a lot but you are the man!


Anonymous said...

If Session comes back would you recommend starting him over Ayodele?

Thanks Guru!

mike said...

Hey Guru, made it through another week. Good call "again" on suggesting picking up Munnerlyn instead of McCann! My question this week at CB position, should I stay with McCann, or I noticed Daniel Manning is returning kicks again, and had 12 points last week? Manning goes up vs Minn this week. Or would I be better to pick up someone from your list (all available). Last question I'm going with Bishop and Dhani Jones again, unless you think I should pick up someone from list (all available except Hawthorne and Lenon). I say this every week, but you are the Man!

marflan said...

Made it into the playoffs!! Thanks -I'm good with Jared Allen and Poz but should I hang on to Cushing or pick up Hawthorne since he's available.

Anonymous said...


Who do you like as the BEST start this week between Pollard, Verner or Bishop?



Bud Grant said...

Which 2 DB's? Reed, Berry or Dahl?
Seymour or calais campbell at DL? thanks Monk Man

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would go with Tulloch and Bishop. And Whitner.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would pickup Bishop and then you would roll with Bishop and Tulloch.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would drop Levy for Bishop which would give you Tulloch, Lofton, Bishop, and Harris.

I would add Dahl for Chung.

I would keep your DLs as is.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Yes. Drop him for Urlacher.

I think you're good to go with the rest of your players.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I like Hawthorne the best this week.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would go with Campbell.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would go with Whitner and Dahl, Abraham, and then Tulloch.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would drop Winfield for Verner.

I would stick with Cole.

I think you're fine at linebacker.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would go with Lofton and Beason.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would go with Dahl. The Chiefs will be getting into the secondary quite a bit with their awesome running game. Dahl plays linebacker in nickel packages which gives him a better tackle opportunity percentage than the majority of safeties in the league.

Stick with Willis and Anderson.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would still start Ayodele.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would hang on to Cush. He's starting to heat up finally.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I like Bishop best.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would go with Dahl. He's been rock solid since getting the full-time gig.

Go with Bishop and Jones.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Bud Grant
I'd go Berry and Dahl and then Campbell.

ReadyMan said...

and what do you think about the
CBs I posted: Verner, Byrd, or Sam shields (Return yardage league).

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I like Verner.

Herb Greene said...

Hawthorne, Dhani Jones or Bishop?

For my DB Spot: Dahl, Berry, Doughty, Finnegan, McCourty...pick TWO?

****Keep up the awesome work!!!****

Dan said...

Hawthorne, Dahl, or Beason?

1 Solo
.5 Assist
4 Int
5 FF

Danforth said...

Hey Sitz!

Posluszny, Timmons, Tulluch and Cushing...can only start 3... prob gonna sit either Cushing or Timmons... thoughts?
Thanks, Dan

Danforth said...

Sorry, Didn't include... Cushing against Titans, Timmons vs. Jets

2pt. T
1/2 A.T.
3pt Sack
3 int

Thanks, Dan

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Herb Greene
Bishop, Dahl,and Finnegan.

Ryan Sitzmann said...


Ryan Sitzmann said...

Sit Timmons

Connie said...

Hey great pickup with Chaney - I picked him up in 2 redraft leagues and played him this weekend. Thanks to him and others - I have moved on to the championship in both leagues! Great stuff here~

Too bad about Doughty but he got me some points before he got hurt and left the game

J said...

How about some dynasty rankings?

Anonymous said...

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