2010 IDP Waiver Wire Pickups: Week 14

Fantasy Football playoffs are cranking up. Some teams are in, some teams are out. For those of you still in the race, hopefully this waiver wire suggestions will help you in your pursuit of a championship.

Here are a few IDP news tidbits from Week 13:

Pat Chung had a very disappointing performance this week as he wasn't playing in all of the teams packages and therefore did not have very many opportunities for tackles. I wouldn't trust him as anything more than a DB3 moving forward.

Takeo Spikes had a monster game while Patrick Willis was surprisingly quiet. I wouldn't read into this very much, however.

Abram Elam had yet another solid game, while T.J. Ward had perhaps his worst of the season. I view them both as about equal right now as I consider Ward the safer play but Elam the player with more upside.

Stephen Tulloch continues to be a beast. He may be the best fantasy linebacker out there right now.

Sean Lee continues to see increased playing time and is looking like he will be a great dynasty stash for next season.

Here are the waiver wire suggestions for Week 14:


1. LDE Jeremy Mincey (JAX) vs. OAK - Mincey has had 3 solid games since becoming a starter four weeks ago. He hasn't been spectacular by any means, but he's been above average for fantasy purposes and he has an appealing matchup against the Raiders this week. He's a decent DL3 option.

2. RDE Stylez White (TB) @ WAS - White has been a disappointment this year in the eyes of many fantasy owners. I personally expected him to come close to reaching double digit sacks in 2010. Although it doesn't look like he will reach that goal, he has a good chance for a sack this week against the Redskins who are one of the best matchups for opposing fantasy defensive lineman.

3. LDE Jason Pierre-Paul (NYG) @ MIN - I pointed out in my article last week that JPP was a nice play in deeper leagues and owners that picked him up were rewarded handsomely as he pulled in two sacks. That makes four in his last two games. He's getting better with each passing game and has a decent matchup this week in the Vikings. He should be a solid DL3.


LDE Justin Smith (SF) vs. SEA - Smith is consistently one of the best fantasy lineman that plays in a 3-4 defense. The Seahawks have really struggled to protect the quarterback at times this year. I really like Smith's chances for a solid game.

Jeremy Mincey


1. WLB Jason Williams (CAR) vs. ATL - Williams has played well for the Panthers on the weak side (14 total tackles in two games) and has one of the best matchups an opposing linebacker can have this week in the Falcons. I would expect 6 or 7 solos and a couple of assists.

2. SILB Akin Ayodole (BUF) vs. CLE - Ayodele is a player that can be very valuable come fantasy playoff time. He's readily available on most waiver wires and he the potential to to put up LB2-type numbers. The Bills defense continues to be on the field on a ton and should get a big dose of Peyton Hillis this week. I like Davis for 8-10 total tackles this week.

3. Dhani Jones (CIN) @ PIT - Jones is one of the safest pickups on a week-to-week basis because even if he doesn't produce in the solo tackle column, he usually has 4 or 5 assists to at least help him put up some respectable numbers. I have a feeling he will have a good game this week in Steel City.

4. SILB Brandon Siler (SD) vs. KC - Siler has been a favorite IDP underdog of people who follow this portion of fantasy football closely for the last couple of years. With Stephen Cooper hurt last week, Siler got his chance at an every-down role and produced well with 12 total tackles. He'll see a ton of running attempts this week against KC and should put up a good amount of tackles.


WLB David Hawthorne (SEA) @ SF - Even though the matchup isn't the greatest and Hawthorne still isn't playing in a lot of subpackages, he's definitely worth a pickup. He's shown that he can be a LB1 stud linebacker when given the chance. He's had an amazing 39 total tackles in his last 3 games and is showing no signs of slowing down. Plus, the 49ers probably won't run a ton of multiple receiver sets and therefore the Seahawks will likely be in their base package a majority of the game. This bodes well for Hawthorne.

David Hawthorne


1. LCB Cortland Finnegan (TEN) vs. IND - Finnegan has been pretty solid the last four weeks (25 solo tackles). He gets to go up against Peyton Manning this week and should see plenty of opportunities for tackles and interceptions. I would feel comfortable starting him as a CB1 this week if I didn't have great options at that position.

2. SS Reed Doughty (WAS) vs. TB - There are rumors swirling around that LaRon Landry may return this week. If this is the case, Doughty doesn't have much value. However, if Landry is unable to go this week, Doughty is a solid DB2 pickup regardless of the matchup. He's posted back-to-back 10 tackle games while filling in for LaRon and should continue to post similar numbers given the proper amount of snaps.

3. LCB Captain Munnerlyn (CAR) vs. ATL - Munnerlyn has taken over the starting LCB role from Chris Gamble and he produced fairly well by registering 6 solos and an interception in each of the last two games he's started. He get's the pleasure of playing Roddy White and the Falcons. He probably won't be covering White all the time, but he should get his fair share of chances for fantasy points.


SS Craig Dahl (STL) @ NO - The strong safety position in Saint Louis has been a very productive one from a fantasy standpoint since the days of Adam Archuleta. Since Week 8, Dahl has taken a majority of the snaps at the position and has consequently become one of the most consistent tacklers at his position in all of fantasy football. His matchup against the Saints is a good one and he should be able to keep up his 7 solo tackle pace over his last 5 games.

Craig Dahl

Thanks a bunch for reading and feel free to ask me any specific questions. I want to help you dominate your fantasy leagues!

Until next time, this is The IDP Guru signing off.

Last Updated: December 7 , 2010

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LU97 said...

need a third LB - Farrior(PIT vs CIN and had a big game against CIN in week9), Siler (SD vs KC), Angerer (IND vs TEN). Would give up monster tackles for better chance at a sack.

ReadyMan said...

Do you think Hawthorne is a better choice than Timmons? I'm ready to drop Timmons after 4 weeks of mediocre play. It's playoffs time, so it's week to week for who's gonna produce.

Also, I have Marcus stroud at DT. He really disappeared this week. Do you think Ellis vs. StL is a better choice? (McBride, Robbins and Sean Rogers are also available).

What do you think of McCourty vs Chicago? He's done well, but I could start Dahl, Munnerlyn, or Bryan McCann (we have a return yardage league) also. thoughts?

Highlander said...

Which one DB this week: Hope, Bethea, Winfield or Dahl? thx

mike said...

Hey Ryan, nice call on Hali over Kelsay last week, listed as DL in my league. Would you recommend going with Hali again this week? Also, I have Dhani Jones & Bishop at my LB spots, but should I switch one of them out for Hawthorne? As always Thanks!

Woj said...

Hey Guru,
would u keep Michael Griffin against Indy or give hime up for Abram Elam? I already have TJ Ward I can only have 2 safeties on my roster in a tackle heavy league.(3pts for picks) This is a make or break for me win this and I am tied for first in division which is the only way in! Any input that may help would be appreciated, possible cb' can have 2 on my roster. Also I need a defense special teams I have titans right now I was thinking maybe Niners or Seahawks
Thanks again.

Cassie said...

I am all over that Timmons question as well - I have a bye this week, so I will not make any judgments until then.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I'd go with Farrior. He's been a beast his last 4 or 5 games.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

At this point, I would roll with Hawthorne. He is a bit risky, but Timmons seems more like his 2009 self since his injury.

I'd probably stick with Stroud against the Browns this week.

I like Munnerlyn since it's a return yardage league.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I like Dahl.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Yes, I'd go Hali again and I'd stick with your LBs.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would stay with Griffin and I like Seattle's special teams.

James said...

Who would you start B. Siler (assuming he gets the nod over S. Cooper) in place of this week: L. Timmons -Cin or D. Bishop -@Det or neither. He has a nice match up against KC.

Anonymous said...


I have a bye this week but I am thinking about a change next week. James Anderson hasn't been his usual self over the past few weeks and Farrior has been a stud. Do you think it is worth making the swap?
Also, I had courtney greene as saftey in a tackle heavy league. He went down and I am thinking about going with Dahl or McFadden. Who would you recommend going forward? If you have a better player over those two let me know.

Playoffs said...

Hey ryan,

Who do like out best out of Timmons, farrior, Hawthorne, Briggs, or urlacher? Thanks

Also, do you have an opinion on a bad denver defense vs Arizona and rookie QB Skelton? Skeltons built like flacco, and I just can't make up my mind if it's a worth a gamble? If no opinion here, no worries. Thanks again.

mike said...

Hey Ryan,
I have a CB question for you. My league counts return yardage, Bryan McCann is going to return kicks as well as punts this week against Philly. Does he get enough tackle opportunities on D to take a chance on this week in your opinion? Or am I better off going with someone on your list? Thanks!

marflan said...

Thanks to your excellent suggestions, I am one game out of the playoff picture - it's a tight race and I'm one of five teams that could make it. High enough scores with a W, and I'll be there. So, DL I've got Jared Allen with not the best matchup this week. Should I still hang on to him, or trade him for justin Smith, Suggs or Chris Clemons? All are available. For my any def position, I've got Poz the no-brainer and Brian Cushing. Is there anyone I should look for to replace Cushing (EJ Henderson, Dhani Jones, Considine, Roman Harper, David Hawthorne, Paris Lenon and Dahl are all available) Of all these players, how would you rank the top 3 for this week?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would probably go with Bishop.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would stay with Anderson. Beason is a bit banged up and so it Williams. He should be a solid LB2.

I like Dahl.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I think Hawthorne has the biggest upside, but he's probably the most risky. Farrior has been solid and has a good matchup. Urlacher has been a stud lately. I would go with Hawthorne if you are the underdog and Farrior if you are looking for a safer pick.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Philly is typically a bad matchup for fantasy purposes. I would probably go with Munnerlyn as he returns punts and should get a good amount tackles.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would stick Allen and Cushing has one of the best matchups up this week so I would stick with him as well.

Anonymous said...

No waiver wire pickups for Week 15 before Wed night? No bueno.

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