2010 IDP Waiver Wire Pickups: Week 13

This is The IDP Guru writing to you from the Windy City. It's been a hectic two days as I'm still getting acclimated to my new job and the city. To lessen the burden and stress upon myself and to free up some more time for me to answer specific, roster-related questions, I have decided to discontinue writing my weekly Thursday article, "IDP Stockwatch." I wish I had more time to write this article, but sometimes life interferes and we have to prioritize things and cut things out of our schedule.

On to the IDPs!

Here are a few IDP news tidbits from Week 12:

Jason Williams got the start over Nic Harris this week for the Panthers on the weak side and produced fairly well (
5-2-0, FF, FR). His value is going to be quite similar to that of Nic Harris' when he was starting on the weak side.

LaRon Landry missed another game with an Achilles injury and his status for future weeks is still up in the air. I cut bait with him in a very shallow league (with no bench IDPs) last week just because I wasn't sure how long he was going to be out.

Bernard Pollard had yet another disapointing performance; however it was mainly due to the Titans inability to move the ball on offense as opposed to a change in scheme or performance on Pollard's part.

David Hawthorne had his 2nd straight monster tackle performance. I still wouldn't trust him as an every week starter, but he is a good risky play in solid matchups down the playoff stretch run.

Sean Weatherspoon
saw increased action from his Week 11 game, but still shouldn't be fully trusted until he shows us that he's capable of playing every down effectively.

Dimitri Patterson had a stinker of a game. I believe this was mainly due to Asante Samuel being out for the game and the Bears choosing to pick on his replacement over Patterson. Plus, Patterson has quickly started to establish himself as one of the Eagles better secondary players and teams are consequently starting to throw away from him.
Here are the waiver wire suggestions for Week 13:


1. LDE Jason Pierre-Paul (NYG) vs. WAS - Great name, potentially great player, and great matchup. JPP saw his most extensive action of the year last week and made the most of it with 8 total tackles, 2 sacks, and 2 forced fumbles. That should earn him some increased playing time and with a very juicy matchup against the 'Skins, he may serve as a sneaky play in extremely deep IDP leagues.

2. RDE Haloti Ngata (BAL) vs. PIT - Ngata has done "natta" since Week 9, but it's important to note that the last time he played the Steelers, he had his best game of the season with 11 total tackles and a sack. This matchup tends to be a hard-fought battle of the trenches and I expect Ngata to come through with solid DT1 numbers this week.

3. LDE Cliff Avril (DET) vs. CHI - Typically any player who rushes the passer consistently and plays against the Bears is a decent option on any given week. The Lions get there shot at Jay Cutler this week making KVB and Ndamakung Suh attractive options. It's unlikely that either of these two players are available on your waiver wire, however. With this being said, Avril is worth a shot if your desperate to fill that DL2/3 spot.

RDE Chris Long (STL) @ ARI - Long has really come into his own this season and is a big reason why the Rams are much improved on defense. Even when he hasn't been sacking the quarterback, he has been applying a consistent pass rush and pressure. He should have a field day against Derek Anderson and the Cardinals next week. He's a DL1 option in my opinion.
Chris Long


1. WILB Rocky McIntosh (WAS) @ NYG - McIntosh played fairly well in Week 12 after battling a thigh injury in the previous couple of weeks. He has another favorable matchup Sunday against the NFC East rival New York Giants. "Rocky" may have been dropped in some shallower leagues after a couple of below average games in weeks 10 and 11. If he's out there and you need a decent option at LB2, he is a good choice.

2. MLB Barrett Ruud (TB) vs. ATL - Ruud capitalized on a very favorable matchup last week by posting 9 total tackles (6 solos). He gets another great matchup this week against the Falcons and should post similar numbers and his LB2+ status carries over to this week.

3. SILB Akinola Ayodele (BUF) @ MIN - For those is deep, deep leagues, Davis is worth a look this week. The Bills have consistently had some of the highest tackle opportunities for any defense in the league this season. In his last two games, Davis has accumulated 20 total tackles. The Vikings have been one of the better matchups for opposing linebackers this year and Davis could have LB3 value for Week 13.

4. SILB James Farrior (PIT) @ BAL - I recommended Farrior last week even though his matchup was mediocre and he came through in clutch fashion with a 4-2-1 stat line. His matchup against the Ravens this week is a much better matchup and he should post 7-9 tackles and be a solid LB2 option for IDP owners.

MLB Dhani Jones (CIN) vs. NO - Jones has elevated himself from reliable matchup play, bye week fill-in type linebacker to an every week LB2 over the last few weeks. As Cincinatti continues to struggle offensively, Jones and the defense will get a nice amount of tackle opportunities. He gets the Saints who have been a fantastic matchup for opposing linebackers the last several weeks and Jones should continue his fantasy studliness
Dhani Jones


1. LCB Jabari Greer (NO) @ CIN - The Bengals tend to get behind early and force themselves into passing situations and consequently opposing cornerbacks have been quite busy when playing them. Greer (and Tracy Porter for that matter) are both decent DB3 options this week.

2. SS Reed Doughty (WAS) @ NYG - Assuming trash-talking superstar LaRon Landry is out yet another week with an Achilles injury, Doughty remains an above average play against the Giants this week. Obviously this is a situation that takes close monitoring, so make sure and confirm that Landry is indeed inactive this Sunday.

3. LCB Aqib Talib (TB) vs. ATL - Roddy White had his worst fantasy perfomance of the year against the Packers last week and I would have to imagine that he will be heavily involved in the gameplan this week against the Bucs. Talib is more than likely going to be covering White for most of the game and should have a decent enough performance for CB2-type numbers.

LCB Terrence Newman (DAL) @ IND - It's very rare that I would recommend Newman two weeks in a row, but considering that he has another great matchup, it makes sense. Newman had 8 solo tackles in last week's Thanksgiving day contest against Drew Brees and the Saints and gets the pass happy Colts this week. Manning will be out for redemption after an embarrasing performance last week on SNF and will likely torch the Cowboys lackluster secondary all game long leading to plenty of tackles for Newman.
Terrance Newman

Thanks a bunch for reading and feel free to ask me any specific questions. I want to help you dominate your fantasy leagues!

Until next time, this is The IDP Guru signing off.

Last Updated: December 1 , 2010

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Anonymous said...

(5 points SACK/INT, 1 point tackle, 1/2 point assisted tackle, 1/2 point pass defended) My big-play D has gone bleh on me with Chris Clemons slowing down and Pat Chung not getting picks.

Clemons (CAR), Kyle Williams (MIN), Mario Williams (PHI), or any of your guys listed above?

Chung (NYJ), Y Bell (CLE), B Pollard (PHI), Asante Samuel (HOU if he plays), or any of your guys listed above?


Anonymous said...


Hopefully the move went well for you. Got a couple questions for you, and my league settings are: 1pt Tackle Solo, .5pt Assist, 3pts Sack/Int, 2pts FF/FR, 6pts TD

I've been spot starting DB's looking for good tackle numbers but have gotten burned recently. Please rank these guys as pickups to hold on to: Roman Harper, Abram Elam, and Courtney Greene.

My DL's are James Hall and Robert Mathis and while Hall has had his ups and downs, Mathis has been nothing but down. Is it time to cut bait on him? I've missed out on Kyle Williams and Charles Johnson because I've wanted to keep Mathis but I think it is time to let go.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

Hey, Matt Again...

As a follow up to the DL question, I can pick up the following guys in place of Mathis: Israel Idonije (vs Det), Ahtyba Rubin (vs Mia), and Chris Long (Ari). I already have James Hall and that may impact the Chris Long decision, but I just want good tackle numbers because relying on a guy who needs sacks (like Mathis) is too hit-or-miss for my blood.

Thanks again.

ReadyMan said...

I'm in a must win week, and Chris Clemons is my weak link at DE
I'll stick with him if you think that he's got a shot at producing, but I need some production from that spot this week.
Pickups are scarce, but these are my current options:
Will Smith
Calais Campbell (listed as probable)
Jarret Johnson
Jason Pierre-Paul
Kenyon Coleman
Cliff Avril (but he's a long shot compaired to Smith/Campbell/Clemons, right?)



Ryan said...

Guru! Does Bishop become an every down LB now that Chillar is on the IR? If so, does this mean a lot of tackles from here forward?

Jeff said...

Good luck with the new city, too. Goose Island is the more famous Chicago microbrew, but seek out Two Brothers Brewery. Their Heavy Handed IPA is hard to come by but awesome.

ReadyMan said...

Hello again!
Forgot to ask about CBs:
Do you think Newman has a better day than Devin McCourty?

mike said...

Hey Ryan, which two of these LB's would you start in standard league scoring this week? Laurinatis, Bishop, McClain, Dhani Jones, or Farrior? Thanks.

mike said...

Hey Ryan, one other question. Chris Kelsay and Tambi Hali are both listed as DL in my league. Out of the two who would you play this week? Kelsay's at Min and Hali at Denver. Or would I be better to play a true DL from your list in standard scoring just this week. thanks again!

Anonymous said...

need to start one from each c.avril or s.white and winfield or newman.

Roberto said...

Hello Mr. Guru!

I have a must win week coming up and am unsure of which DBs to use.

Right now I have Earl Thomas and Pat Chung... Toler, Terence Newman and Abram Elam are available and I'm thinking of swapping Chung out since he's been underperforming as of late, and his matchup vs the Jets isn't ideal.

Tackle-1, Tack Ast-.5, INT-4,Sack-2,Pass Def-1

JDFreer16 said...

Hey Guru

Couple questions, am I starting Whitner over Chung for the rest of the season? And with Chillar going on IR am I starting Bishop - SF over Dansby - Cle this week and into the future, especially considering Dansby's injuries?

The Pack said...

Good Luck in Chi Town Guru! I also have concerns with Timmons. I'm in need of a win this week. Possible replacement options are: Beason, Hawthorne, DJ Williams, L. Briggs, and Ruud. For DB, I need to start two of: Chung, Greene, Elam, or Doughty.

Thoughts? Thanks for the help.

Anonymous said...

Which 2 out of 3 ? Ed Reed, Glover Quinn, or Newman?
Also Im thinking of starting Hawthornne over Laurinitis , ure thoughts?
Thanks! and good luck with the new job

Long.Live.The.Fade said...


I am looking to enter IDP league next year.. hope I am able to find at least one.


NC said...

my normal q's:

LB: Fletch, Ruud, Bishop
DL: Long, Cole, Mathis

sack: 3.5, tk: .8, atk: .3, FF,FR: 2, sfty: 6, int: 3.5

Jeff said...


DANG IT! Rolled the dice with Mario Williams and he was less than super last night.

marflan said...

Would you drop Jared Allen and pick up Chris Long or Chris Clemons? My other two def players are Posluszny and Cushing. Can't get rid of Cushing since he already played and I just keep Poz in there every week unless he gets injured.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would go with Chris Long and Yeremiah Bell.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Harper, Greene, Elam

I think Mathis has been decent this year. He's only had a streak of two bad games. He should be fine. But Williams has been a beast this season and would be a good pickup as well.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

If you want tackles, Rubin is your man.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would stick with Clemons as he has a great matchup against the Panthers this week and has a good chance to get back on track.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Yes, Bishop will now be an every-down linebacker. He has a good chance to be a top 10 linebacker here on out.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Thanks for the tip. I will have to check that out once I get settled.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Yes, I think Newman has a better day than McCourty.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Bishop and Jones

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I like Hali. Denver passes a lot and he will have a lot of chances to rush the passer.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would start Avril and Newman.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I think his matchup against the Jets is a decent one. They tend to control the ball quite well and the Pats will likely bring Chung up in run support a bit. I would stick with Chung.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Yes, I would start Whitner or Chung ROS. Same thing with Bishop over Dansby (on most weeks).

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@The Pack
Stick with Timmons. He is one my top projected linebackers this week against the Ravens.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@The Pack
I'd go with Chung and Doughty.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I'd start Newman and Reed along with Hawthorne.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I'd rank them in this order:
1) Fletch, Ruud, Bishop
2) Long, Cole, Mathis

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Stick with Jared Allen.

Anonymous said...

@Ryan SitzmannThanks dude, I really appreciate it!

JDFreer16 said...

@Ryan Sitzmann

Thanks Ryan

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