2010 IDP Waiver Wire Pickups - Week 10

Sorry about the lateness of this article. I was in Chicago the last two days interviewing for a job and just didn't have the time to do anything for the site. Fear not however, as I am back and ready to deliver to great waiver wire advice for Week 10.

Here are a few IDP news tidbits from Week 9:

With the season-ending injury to Dan Connor, Jon Beason is moving back to his original position of middle linebacker. This is good news for Beason owners as his value should improve with this switch. Jordan Senn will get a shot at the starting WLB role and may him some value against run-heavy teams.

It looks like the Texans were experimenting a bit on defense as they had Brian Cushing line back up on the outside with Zac Diles in the middle for a few snaps. They also showed some 46 defense.

DeAndre Levy had his best performance of the year (9-1-0) and looked as though he was close to regaining his pre-injury form when he ran down Santonio Holmes in overtime. His schedule isn't the the greatest moving forward, but he's still going to be a very solid option.

Roman Harper had his best game of the season with 9 solos and a sack against the Panthers. This was a result of the Saints becoming more healthy in the secondary thus allowing defensive coordinator Gregg Williams to use Harper more as an in-the-box safety. Buy now on Harper.

With Gary Brackett getting injured late in the 4th quarter of last week's game, Pat Angerer moved into the middle and had a monstrous quarter of production. This is a situation to keep a close eye on since if Brackett misses anytime, Angerer's value skyrockets.

Rolando McClain was injured in last week's game against the Chiefs and Ricky Brown came in to replace him in an every-down capacity. It has yet to be determined if McClain will miss any time with this hip pointer issue, but if he does, Brown may be worth a look in very deep leagues if you are desperate.

Here are the waiver wire suggestions for Week 10:


1. RDE Chris Clemons (SEA) @ ARI - This guy seems to make my waiver wire article every week (probably because he plays divisional opponents that surrender a lot of sacks). He has a great matchup this week against Arizona and therefore I expect his solid sack production to continue this week.

2. RDE Stylez G. White (TB) vs. CAR - Before the season started, I bet that White would have 8 or more sacks. He currently has 3 at the half way point in the season so he's slightly off pace to reach that number. However, he has Carolina this week and could easily put up 1 or 2 sacks.

3. RDE Haloti Ngata (BAL) @ ATL - Ngata has been quite studly so far this season. He's had 32 solo tackles, 11 assists, and 5 sacks. He's probably not available in your waiver wire, but just in case he is, I will mention him since he's a fantasy play this week against the ball-controlling Falcons.


DEs Jared Allen/Ray Edwards (MIN) @ CHI - I recommended Allen last week against the Cardinals and my advice paid off as he had 2.5 sacks. This week's matchup against the Bears is a fantasy owner's dream. The Bears are giving up 4 sacks per game and will probably give up more than that to the Vikings this week. Allen and Edwards are both must starts in Week 10.

Jared Allen and Ray Edwards


1. WLB Justin Durant (JAX) vs. HOU - I mentioned Durant in last week's waiver wire article (even though he was on bye) and I just wanted to mention him briefly again this week as a reminder to pick him up as your LB3 or flex linebacker if you need one. He's a three-down linebacker on a bad offensive team and he seems to be motivated as of late.

2. SLB Gerald McRath (TEN) @ MIA - As a two-down linebacker, McRath's production is going to be spotty throughout the season. It's very important to look at his weekly matchup when determining his value. This week he has an excellent matchup in the Miami Dolphins as they rarely use spread offensive formations and they run the ball quite a bit. McRath should have one of his better games this week.

3. ROLB Scott Fujita (CLE) vs. NYJ - Fujita has quietly become a solid linebacker flex play this season. He's got a great matchup against the Jets this week and has shown that he can put up 5-6 solo tackles in favorable matchups. Plus, he has been pretty good in the big play column this year as well (3.5 sacks, 2 FFs, 1 INT).

4. ILBs Keith Brooking/Bradie James (DAL) @ NYG - Dallas sucks. And their defense is going to be on the field all day against the Giants who just got done destroying Seattle on their home turf. The Giants are a top 10 matchup for opposing fantasy linebackers and I expect Brooking and James both to have solid games.


WLB Stephen Nicholas (ATL) vs. BAL - Nicholas has filled in amazingly well for the injured Sean Weatherspoon. He's averaging over 7 tackles per game in games that he starts and he has a fantastic matchup against the Ravens who are currently giving up the most points to opposing linebackers. Assuming Sean Weatherspoon is out this week again, Nicholas becomes one of the best waiver wire linebacker options this week.

NOTE: Make sure that Sean Weatherspoon is inactive for this Thursday's game before starting Nicholas.

Stephen Nicholas


1. SS William Moore (ATL) vs. BAL - Moore is still quite wet behind the ears and is continuing to learn the defensive system. With this being said, he's going to have inconsistent performances throughout the season (like last week). However, he's got a great matchup this week against the Ravens and has one of his highest probabilities of a good tackle performance this week.

2. LCB Brandon Flowers (KC) @ DEN - All Denver does is throw the ball. This is bad news for opposing fantasy linebackers, but great news for opposing fantasy cornerbacks. The Broncos are currently giving up the most points to opposing fantasy cornerbacks. Flowers is developing into one of the best all around cornerbacks in the league (coverage, hands, tackling) and should be in for a solid game.

3. SS Aaron Francisco (IND) vs. CIN - Francisco's season is shaping up to look quite similar to that of Melvin Bullitt's last year when he filled in for the injured Bob Sanders. Following this line of thinking, Francisco should continue to average 4-6 solos per game with an assist or two thrown in along the way. This makes him a good flex/matchup play moving forward. He has the Bengals this week which is a solid matchup.


SS Courtney Greene (JAX) vs. HOU - I mentioned Greene along with Justin Durant last week even though they both were on bye because I felt that it was important to keep them fresh in your minds. Greene is in a good fantasy position as the strong safety on a pretty poor offensive team. He's played well since becoming the full-time starter and he has a great matchup this week against the Texans.

NOTE: Greene is classified in some fantasy leagues as a cornerback. If you're in one of these leagues, I would scoop him up as he is probably going to be a low-end CB1 or high-end CB2.

Courtney Greene

Thanks a bunch for reading and feel free to ask me any specific questions. I want to help you dominate your fantasy leagues!

Until next time, this is The IDP Guru signing off.

Last Updated: November 10 , 2010

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Anonymous said...

What do you think about Hawthorne this week? He had a very nice game last week and he could be in for more opportunity.

Jonathan (Hickory, NC) said...

Hey, just a quick fix, but ATL vs BAL is on Thursday night, not Sunday.

Also, how do I pick which two LBs to start between Greenway, Willis, and Mayo? I love the MIN defense against CHI and Mayo has been rock solid all year. Do I really bench Willis this week?

Anonymous said...

Would you start Stylez over KVB?

Jonathan (Hickory, NC) said...

@Jonathan (Hickory, NC)

Sorry, I left out my scoring system:

Tackle = 1, Ast = 0.5, Int =4, FF = 3, FR = 4, BK = 4, Safe = 4, Sack = 3, PD = 3, TD = 6

Does Chung return this week? Even if he does, would you start Greene ahead of him?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Hawthorne is a player to sit this week. His matchup against the Cardinals is not a good one. Plus, the main reason why he had a lot of tackles last week was because the Giants absolutely dominated that game and the Seahawks defense was on the field in their base defense a TON.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Jonathan (Hickory, NC)
Thanks for the catch Jonathan. It has been fixed. Start Willis and Mayo.

Greenway's matchup against Chicago is actually a poor one since the Bears (or should I say Mike Martz) never run the ball.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would still start KVB over Stylez White this week as Vanden Bosch also has a good matchup.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Jonathan (Hickory, NC)
Chung's matchup is a pretty good one against the Steelers but he may rotate out for a few plays since it's his first game back. I'd roll with Greene this week.

Anonymous said...

Which LB to start?
Wake, Durant or Farrior
Also, should I pick up Berry and drop Winfield? Thanks man

Anonymous said...

If you could pick up one to start this week. Angerer or McRath?

derek said...

need to start 2 dbs this week. whoever i dont start i will drop. points are 1 per tackle .5 for assist 1 for pass defended 2 for interception 2 for forced fumble 6 for td. ed reed vs. atl, atogwe vs. san fran, and greene your lock of the week. thanks for your advice

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would start Durant and keep Winfield.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

For this week, I would start McRath over Angerer unless Brackett is out.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would give Atogwe the slight edge over Greene mainly because of pass deflection points. I think Greene has more tackles.

mike said...

Stephen Tulloch was dropped last week, would he trump all players listed this week?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Yes. I have Tulloch as a Top 5 LB the rest of the season.

mike said...

Hey Ryan, Mike again. I forgot to ask one other question. I have Diles at LB, would you recommend swapping him for any of the LB's mentioned for just this week in standard scoring? All LB's mentioned this week are available in my league.
Thanks again!

dominic said...

Should I drop Julius Peppers for Ray Edwards?

Anonymous said...

who to start DL. c.clemons, s.white,c.avril. LB c.wake, d.levey. CB. a.winfield,l.webb S. y.bell,d.witner,j.leonard {its a points for returns and tkl. heavy.

Ryan said...

Hey Ryan, I need one bye week fill-in for a 10 team league I'm in. We have to start 6 IDP players (2DB, 2 flex DB/LB, and 2DL). Tons of players to choose from, here's what I see available:

SNicholas, DWhitner, BJames, EReed, Cushing, Diles, CGreene, BRuud, Dansby, KJackson, GHayes, GMcRath, JDurant, DLevy, etc. The list of free agents in my league is extensive. I currently am starting YBell, Tulloch, Pollard, and Tuck. I have Woodson on bye. I still need one more DB (or LB), and I might just skip playing a 2nd DL this week or pick one up late. Any idea what you would do with so many choices? I need to do everything possible to get a win this week. Thanks for your help!

Scoring is
Tackle Solo 1
Tackle Assist .5
Sack 3
Interception 5.25
Fumble Force 4
Fumble Recovery 2
Defensive Touchdown 10
Safety 10
Pass Defended .75
Block Kick 7

Anonymous said...

Hello Ryan, I'm in a points league with kick return points. I'm looking for a fill in for Chung this week. I've got T.J.Ward, Flowers, Greene and Winfield available. I picked up Tramon Williams last week. Is Chung worth keeping moving forward with his injury? I'm planning on cutting Williams for Chung's replacement. Thanks from Marc

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Yes. Although Peppers is having a solid NFL season, he's having a bad fantasy season. Edwards matchup this week is prime cut. Pick up Edwards.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Diles faces the Jaguars this week which is a good matchup for opposing linebackers. I would stick with Diles.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I'd start:
Stylez White
DeAndre Levy
Antoine Winfield

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I think Chung is worth keeping even though he's a bit banged up right now. Once healthy, he should return to beast form. I'd go with T.J. Ward this week.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I'd start:

DL: Tuck,
LB: Tulloch, Nicholas
DB: Pollard, Bell

You didn't mention any DL FAs. I would go with Edwards/Allen if available. Then Stylez White and then Clemons. Followed by Ngata.

Ryan said...

Thanks Ryan. White and Clemons are available but the others are not. I'll go ahead and pick up Nicholas for tonight and see what happens. How do you feel about YBell going forward? He didn't have many tackles last week, only got 3.5 points out of him which was disappointing. Chung is also rumored to be back this week and he's a FA since I dropped him 2 weeks ago. I'd like to add him back but I can't trust him if he's playing limited snaps. Thanks for taking the time to help out, I look forward to this every week now.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I think Bell will be fine. He's been the top tackling safety over the last two seasons. He's due for a bad game here and there.

I like Chung a lot. He's a bit of a risky start this week as he will probably rotate out some start. The matchup is pretty good though against the Steelers. I picked up him this week even though I wasn't fully confident in his production capabilities because I knew I wouldn't be able to get him next week when he was fully healthy.

So a lot depends on the activeness of your league. If you think you can grab him next week, hold off. If not, grab him now.

Ryan said...

FYI on Nicholas, he's been added to the kickoff coverage team for tonight since he was very good last year and Atlanta is looking for a spark on special team. Another chance at more tackles.

frank said...

Does Chris Clemons lose value with Red Bryant and Colin Cole out? Should I start him or Israel Idonije? THank you

Ryan Sitzmann said...

No, I don't think Clemons loses any value. I would start Clemons over Idonije.

JDFreer16 said...

Couple of questions. Last time Landry played Philadelphia they played him deep most of the day and that really affected his stat line, do you see that happening again this week? So in my case do I start Landry against Philly, or Whitner against Detroit? At LB I have Tulloch @ Miami who seems like a must start (if you think differently let me know please), I need one to start of the next two, Dansby against Tenn, and Levy @ Buf. Tackle Heavy League.

Thanks again :)

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Landry is a guy that I would never bench. I think at one point in the season, he was leading the entire NFL in solo tackles, as a DB! He's an every week starter for me no matter the matchup.

Tulloch is a great start this week and I would give Dansby the edge of Levy as he has a better matchup and he's been playing great as of late.

Anonymous said...

What's up Guru?
I'm starting Beason and Tulloch, but I don't know about Levy against Buffalo-Should I pick up Durant, Flowers, or Pollard instead? OR do YOU have a totally different person in mind? I need TO BE A MAJOR FORCE on defense as the season wears down.



Anonymous said...

cant not make up my mind to start y.bell or d.witner and j.leonard.need one,get points for return yards 1.5 for tkl.

marflan said...

Hey Guru - you're the man! Thanks to you, I won again last week! If I could just get my offense together, I might still make playoffs. Anyway, we play 1 DL/DE/DT and 2 any def. I've got Jared Allen, Dhani Jones and Posluszny.

At DL/DE Justin Smith and Clemons are available, or should I keep Allen?
David Harris, Brian Dawkins, Atogwe, TJ Ward, Dansby, Courtney Greene & R. McIntosh are available. I was thinking of taking Harris for Jones. Should I do this, take any of the others or just keep what I've got?
Solo - 2
Assist - 1
Sack - 3
INT - 3
FF - 3
FR - 3
TD - 6
Safety - 3
PD - 1
Blk kick - 3
Stuff - 1


Ryan said...

Ryan - I found out that Jason Hunter LB is listed as a DE in Yahoo leagues. Is he a sneaky play going forward? Seems that he has produced quite well recently and should be on the field a lot. This week against a heavy run team should me opportunities for tackles.

BTW - Nicholas didn't quite work out for me last night but hopefully I can recover with some other good players this weekend.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I'd roll with Levy this week. He looked good against the Jets and the Bills aren't as bad of a matchup as you may expect. No MLB has had less than 6 solo tackles against them since Week 5.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I'd go with Whitner.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Yes, keep Allen. I'd pick up Harris for Dhani Jones.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I Hunter is a great play as a DE this week. I would start him.

Yah, Nicholas disappointed somewhat. He had 6 tackles but should have had more. The problem was that the Ravens offense just didn't control the ball like they usually do and that lead to less tackle opportunities. He almost had an INT.

Ray Ray said...

I'm in a big play heavy IDP with several top LBs (position rank) to fit into 3 starting spots

Wake (9), Tolluch (21), Lofton (17), B. James (29), and D. Johnson (4)

I've already started Lofton. Please help with the other 2 spots.

I'd also like to pick-up McRath and Angerer because this is a dynasty league. Do either of these guys warrant dropping one of the guys above in favor of the future?

mike said...

Hello Ryan, curious on your thoughts for David Harris this week vs. Cleveland w/standard scoring? Would you play him over this weeks picks? Thanks again.

P.S. Just curious, your job interview Fantasy Football related, if not should be!

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Ray Ray
I'd start Lofton, Tulloch, and Wake (since it's big-play heavy).

Angerer is going to probably start at MLB against Cincy this week and have a good game. Bradie James value is the most limited of the players you have listed. I would drop him for Angerer.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

The Browns have actually been a pretty good matchup for opposing linebackers. I would expect Harris to have a solid game this week.

My interview was not Fantasy Football related (I wish it was!). It was a media associate position with a media agency in Chicago.

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