2010 IDP Waiver Wire Pickups: Week 2

Hello and welcome to The IDP Guru's "Waiver Wire Pickups" for Week 2 of the 2010 NFL season. I must admit I'm feeling pretty damn good about my Derrick Johnson and Patrick Chung recommendations last week. It always feels good to hit the nail on the head early in the season and get yourself a couple of stud players.

I've got a bunch more IDP sleepers for my readers this week. Most of these players are likely available on the waiver wire in most 10-12 team IDP leagues. Also, within my recommendations for each position, make sure to pay close attention to my "Lock of the Week" player.

And, as always, feel free to ask me specific questions via comments, email, Facebook, Gmail chat, Carrier Pigeon, Morse Code, whatever.

Enough chit-chat, let's get to the good stuff.


1. RDE "Stylez" G. White (TB) @ CAR - White will be going up against a rookie quarterback with an offensive line that is suspect when it comes to pass protection. Even though he didn't register a sack in Week 1, he put up strong tackle numbers and is still on track to be a breakout player this year in my eyes. This is the week "Stylez" registers his first sack of the season.

2. RDE Chris Long (STL) @ OAK - I'm sure there are some overzealous owners that dropped Long after he put up a goose-egg in Week 1. If so, pick him up. Don't be discouraged by his poor performance last week. Defensive lineman are quite inconsistent throughout the season and patience is key with these type of players. Just stick with him for a couple of weeks. This is the year that he's likely to break out. Plus, he faces the Raiders this week :).

3. LDE Charles Johnson (CAR) vs. TB - Heading into the preseason, everyone thought Everette Brown was going to be the young stud to own on Carolina's defensive line. However, Johnson emerged as a more than competent pass-rusher. He's had 10 sacks the last two seasons with limited playing time and I expect the Panthers to try and get after Josh Freeman this week with Johnson leading the charge.

4. LDE William Hayes (TEN) vs. PIT - Hayes was on my waiver wire pickups last week and unfortunately didn't play as he was a game-time decision with an injury. He should suit up this week against the Steelers and will have the luxury of going up against Flozell Adams. Hayes is the Titans best defensive lineman and he should be able to make an impact in this game (unless Adams try's to trip him the entire game which he may decide to do).

NOTE: Make sure Hayes is going to play. He was a game-time decision last week and didn't play. He should play this week, but you never know.


LDE Kroy Biermann (ATL) vs. ARI - Please get "Beer Man" into your starting lineups. I recommended him last week and he came through with a sack. I expect similar-type production this week from the poor man's Jared Allen when he goes up against the Derek Anderson-led Cardinals. Solid linemen are hard to come by on the waiver wire (especially one's of the 4-3 variety) and this is probably your last chance to snatch him before other owners get wind of his potential.

Kroy Biermann


1. WILB Derrick Johnson (KC) @ CLE - I've been pumping up Johnson all off-season and recommended that you get him in your starting lineups last week. He's clearly the most talented inside linebacker on the Chiefs roster and with 12 tackles and a beautiful hustle-play in which he stripped Chargers running back Ryan Matthews of the ball to force a key turnover, he should have a fairly strong hold on the starting job. I'm expecting low LB1/high LB2 numbers from Johnson this season. If mediocre talent Demorrio Williams can put up 117 total tackles in the Chiefs WILB position, imagine what a talented player like Johnson can do.

2. WLB Zac Diles (HOU) @ WASH - If you're worried about Diles' 12 tackle performance last week being a fluke, don't be. Ziles has put up this type of production before when given the chance to start. He can be had on the cheap right now and will put up LB2/LB3 numbers until Cushing comes back in Week 5.

3. WILB Keith Ellison (BUF) @ GB - Well, it's that time of the year again. Paul Posluszny exited the game last week with a sprained MCL after putting up gaudy numbers early in the first half. He just can't seem to stay healthy. I swear this guy is worse than Mr. Glass. However, his injury does open up the door for a nice waiver wire sleeper in Keith Ellison who came in and racked up 6 solo tackles in Posluszny's absence. The pickup is all about opportunity and Ellison will have plenty of chances to rack up points as the Bills defense will be on the field plenty against the powerhouse Packers this week. "Pos" should be back by Week 4, but in the mean time Ellison is a decent LB3 option.

4. SILB Roger "Rocky" McIntosh (WASH) vs. HOU - Being a diehard Cowboys fan, I watched every snap of the Redskins game with great intensity and focus. And let me tell you, McIntosh had a great game. He's well suited for the 'Skins 3-4 defense as he has good size and sheds blockers well. London Fletcher is getting up there in age and has lost a half step which should allow for McIntosh to put up career numbers. He had 10 tackles and a sack against my 'Boys and faces Arian Foster this week which should translate into an above-average amount of tackle opportunities. McIntosh makes for a good fill-in and could eventually establish himself as a long-term fantasy starter this season.

5. MLB Dan Connor (CAR) vs. TB - Connor figures to be the trendy IDP waiver wire pickup this week after a monster game in which he had 13 tackles and a sack. It's important to temper your expectations slightly as Morgan did see an above average amount of tackle opportunities (58) and still remains a two-down linebacker. I see him as a mid-to-low LB2 option against run-heavy teams (e.g. Miami) and an LB3/LB4 option against teams that spread the field with multiple receiver sets (e.g. New England).

Side Note: Just as a clarification, it's Dan Connor not Dan Conner.


WILB Lawrence Timmons (PIT) vs. TEN - Timmons is the most talented linebacker in Pittsburgh (which is saying something!), he's just been too injured to establish himself as a fantasy force. He's now fully healthy and seems ready to take over the middle of the defense from the old and decrepit James Farrior. He posted 11 tackles against the Falcons last week and has been asked to shadow Chris Johnson this week. I'm expecting a MONSTER game from Timmons. Get him on your roster as he could turn out to be one of the top fantasy linebackers this season.


Lawrence Timmons


1. SS Patrick "Wang" Chung @ NYJ - Hopefully you took my advice last week and picked up Chung. If you did, you looked like a genius. If you didn't, you're going to have to hope you can still snatch him off the waiver wire. His 16 tackle performance last week against the Bengals was no fluke. This kid is the real deal. He played in 74 out of the Patriots 78 defensive plays and will be utilized in a variety of ways within the Patriots defensive scheme. Obviously I wouldn't expect 16 tackles every week, but I do expect top-level tackle numbers with a decent amount of big plays. 74 of 78 plays.

2. SS Jim Leonhard (NYJ) vs. NE - This isn't the sexiest pickup I've ever seen, but anytime a starting SS on a defensive-minded team puts up solid tackle numbers (6-0-0), I pay attention. Plus, "Lion Heart" returned two punts for 27 yards in the contest against the Ravens giving him extra value in leagues that reward for return yardage.

3. SS Melvin Bullitt (IND) vs. NYG - O my God! Bob Sanders got injured! What a shock! Seriously, being one of the most electrifying defensive players doesn't mean much when you spend the majority of the time on IR. Sanders tore his biceps muscle and is likely out for the season. No fear, Melvin Bullitt is here. Bullitt has stepped in for Sanders in each of the last two seasons and put up pretty good tackle numbers. He's not going to light the world on fire, but if your weak at DB in a deep league, Melvin can provide some relief.

4. RCB "Old" Greg Toler (ARI) vs. ATL - Greg who? This 4th round pick out of St. Pauls put up an impressive 13 solo tackles and forced a fumble in a win over the Rams. Normally, I wouldn't recommend a player like Toler as much of his production was based on the Rams throwing the ball 55 times. However, teams are going to continue to throw away from DRC giving Toler plenty of tackle opportunities. Plus, he plays Roddy White this week who was targeted 23 times in Week 1. Toler should have some good value this week in CB-required leagues.


FS T.J. Ward (CLE) vs. KC - Ward is a player that I have been targeting in a lot of dynasty drafts and has a good chance to finish the year as the top tackling rookie safety. The Cleveland "3 and Outs," as my good friend Hatty calls them, are not a good offensive team and Ward will find himself on the field quite a bit. The Browns were running a lot of 46 defense in the preseason with Ward playing much closer to the line of scrimmage than a normal free safety. The Browns continued to run this package quite frequently during their first regular season game and Ward benefited with 7 solo tackles, 3 assists, and a forced fumble. Expect more of the same the rest of the year.

T.J. Ward

Thanks a bunch for reading and feel free to ask me any specific questions. I want to help you dominate your fantasy leagues! Until next time, this is The IDP Guru signing off.

Last Updated: September 14, 2010

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Anonymous said...

I can't decide between D. Johnson and McIntosh. What do you think (redraft and fantasy) Guru?

Anonymous said...

I think the advice given in this column is phenomenal. Keep it up, I absolutely got a stud LB in Cameron Wake, and Derrick Johnson is next on my list. Thank you Guru!

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Go for Johnson in both dynasty and redraft leagues. He has less competition for tackles and plays on the weak side so he should have more tackle opportunities than McIntosh who plays on the strong side.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Thanks. Anything I can do to help my fellow IDP owners (unless I'm in a league with you haha).

Mcat said...

awesome column. it's the only thing that gets me through my 40 round IDP league each week. Otherwise, I would be lost.

Jake said...

Hey Guru,

My league rules are tackle=1, assist=.5, pass defensed=1, sack/INT=3

2 LB
2 DE
2 CB
1 S

I have the following LB's: Beason, K. Morrison, Ray Lewis, Dansby. Should I drop any of these guys for Timmons?

I have the following DEs: Justin Smith, Ray Edwards, Trent Cole, Stylez White. Should I drop anyone for Biermann?


Anonymous said...

Guru, love the site and info. I need to start 2 of these four safties this week and having a hard time deciding.

Nate Allen
Erik Coleman
Chris Hope
Kenny Phillips

Scoring: TAK=1, ASIST=.5, TFL=2, SACK=3, INT=4

I'm leaning Allen and Phillips based on matchups.

Also, what are your thoughts on Kenny Phillips this year and beyond? Is he going to become that special IDP we all though he was when we drafted him?


Anonymous said...

Surprised you don't have Michael Griffin listed above. Is there any reason why?

IronmanBravo said...

I am torn between Dan Connor and Derick Johnson. Who is going to score more fantasy points?

king said...

Who would u recommend with my current roster and free agents??

D. Johnson
TJ Ward

Wha do u think??? SN: I LOVE the site and the info thanx! :)

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would keep your roster status quo. It's pretty dang strong as is and I don't see Timmons are Biermann being better than any of your current guys over the course of 16 games.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Your scoring system is fairly balanced, so I would go with Phillips and Coleman. Coleman is a safer play than Allen as he shown that he can put up consistent tackle numbers. Allen has better big play opportunities this week against the Lions, but probably won't be on the field enough to rack up a ton of tackles.

As long as his knee injuries don't flare up, I think Phillips can be a top level fantasy DB. I expect him to get better as the season continues and he gains more confidence in his knees.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Griffin has never been known for putting up gaudy tackle numbers and I'm doubting that he can maintain this tackle pace especially since he's a free safety. This isn't to say he can't have a great fantasy season as he has shown potential to come up with big-plays. I just believe there are more solid and safe plays at the DB position this week.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

That's a good question. I would go with Johnson as he is a three-down linebacker and has far less competition for tackles within the front seven. They are both good options at this point. I just think that Johnson will be more consistent over the course of a full season.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I'm a little confused with your DL players. You say you have Kiwi/Mathias. That's the same player.

Looking at your current roster, I would say stay put. Lofton and Ruud are established studs, Atogwe is a top 10 DB along with Chung. And Kiwi is going to have a great year.

king said...

Sorry bout that meant 2 say r.mathis/kiwi-DL. Should I go after tuck or someone else like him?? Thanx Ryan

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I'd grab Tuck for Kiwi if he is out there. I had Tuck ranked #2 in my defensive lineman rankings heading into the season. He has more upside than Kiwanuka and will get more playing time.

Eric said...

Hey Ryan, awesome website, love your analysis.

Would you drop Ernie Sims to pickup Derrick Johnson or Dan Connor in a dynasty league?

Also what's going on with Bryant McFadden in Pits, can't find much on him, but he went off in week 1.

Thanks for your hard work.

Anonymous said...

Laron Landry is on my waiver wire, and I have Roman Harper and Brian Dawkins. Should I buy into the big week 1 from Landry and cut ties with the old guy for the young one?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Yes, buy into the Landry hype. I was talking him up all off-season and he's produced. The move to SS this season makes him a DB1. I would drop Dawkins and pick up Landry.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I would drop Sims for either Johnson or Connor. I like Johnson better as he is a three-down linebacker and has less competition for tackles, but Connor is still an upgrade over Sims as well.

McFadden's production was likely an aberration. He was covering Roddy White who was targeted 23 times during the game and that's why McFadden saw a TON of tackle opportunities. I would leave him on the waiver wire.

Cassie said...

LBs - Jon Beason, Curtis Lofton, David Harris, Rolando McClain
DBs - Patrick Chung, Erik Coleman, Ellis Hobbs (its a return league too)
DLs - Justin Tuck, Kroy Beirman

Need to start 2LBs, 2DBs and 2DLs - 2pt sacks, 1pt assist, 3pt sack, 2pt pass defense

Leaning towards Beason, Lofton; Chung, Coleman. Is this too much ATL - can drop Beirman for someone else - but I like him.


Jonathan (Hickory, NC) said...

Hey Guru!

Awesome site. Our league just moved to add IDP players this year. We added 2 DB, 2 LB, and 2 DL positions: 6 Def positions to balance our 6 Off positions. None of us has played IDP before. Our scoring settings are tackle (1), ast (.5), sack (3), pass def (3), ff (3), fum rec (4), int (4), block kick (4), safety (4), and TD (6).

I saw your recommendation of Bierman. I also have Van Den Bosch (with his 11 tackles last week) on the waiver wire. I currently start Peppers and Suh at DL. Should I drop Suh for either of these guys? Or for Kampmann or Umenyiora?

Thanks for any comments you can provide!

Ryan Sitzmann said...

@Jonathan (Hickory, NC)
You should definitely drop Suh. He's not going to be able to put up great fantasy numbers in his role in Detroit. I would pick up Kyle Vanden Bosch as he looked awesome in that game against Chicago. Kampman is very solid as well.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

This is who I would start. I usually don't worry about if I have multiple IDPs playing starting on the same team. If they get points, they get points.

Jonathan (Hickory, NC) said...

Thanks Guru! I went and added VDB. I appreciate the advice. I also grabbed Chung to pair with Polomalu in the secondary.

Anonymous said...

I just dropped Rolando McClain for Lance Briggs, should I pick up Derrick Johnson or keep Briggs, we can only start one LB and there are plenty out there except for the major ones like (P.Willis etc)???


Anonymous said...

would you start chung over weddle?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I actually think McClain will be fine and will finish as a top 15 linebacker. Briggs will finish in the same area as well. Either stick with Briggs or go back to McClain. I think McClain going to breakout this week against the Rams. I highly doubt the Rams throw the ball 55 times again. More likely the Raiders get a very heavy does of SJax which will be good for McClain's numbers.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

At this point, no. Weddle has a bad game last week, but it was more of a circumstance of opportunity and not positioning or talent. The Chiefs offense was not very good and failed to really have any sustained drives. Consequently, Weddle wasn't on the field very often and didn't have a lot of tackle chances. Give him a week or two before you start Chung.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan,
I like the site, very good info here. Thanks!

I went out on a limb this year and drafted Urlacher as my #2 LB behind Willis (I figured after a year off it might have helped his game). I've heard a lot of folks don't think he'll do well this year. He seemed to have his swagger back in week 1. Do you think I should keep him or start looking for a replacement?

nibe said...

Hi Guru...first timer here and love your site. Picked you up off Bruno Boys.

Anyway please help me pick 2 for week two:

Chris Hope, T.J. Ward, Delmas


Vanden Bosch, Biermann, Kiwanuka


Anonymous said...

Have Membane as my DT. Can you recommend a few others who may be superior in week two?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I was pleasantly surprised by Urlacher's performance. He seems to have regained that intensity he had in his younger years. I would stick with him.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

For the Membane question, could you give a short list of available DTs that are available in your league. Is it a DT-required league?

Anonymous said...

@Ryan Sitzmann

No worries...picked up Ellis...whoo whoo. And yes, a DT-required league

Anonymous said...

What is your thoughts on Chung? I have laurinitis, Bernard pollard, geno Hayes and Brian Cushing. Are any of these guys worth dropping for Chung or rocky mcintosh?

I am wondering if cushing is worth holding onto.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I love Chung. I see him as a top 10 DB this season especially in tackle-heavy leagues. I'm not as high on Cushing as others due to his dependence on the big-play. It depends on how many linebackers you can start, because even decent linebackers usually outperform top-level DBs. With this being said, I expect LB2-type numbers out of Chung.

Anonymous said...

I can start 3 idps- position doesn't matter. So lbs are slim pickings across the league. 1 pt per solo tackle, 3 for sacks and ints.

I'm wondering if Chung will outscored Cushing considering his 4 game suspension.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Chung could very well outscore Cushing in tackle-heavy leagues. Your scoring system is fairly balanced. I am expecting Chung to put up between 90-100 solos. I'm not expecting near the production from Cushing, but he will probably make up for that with sacks and INTs. I'd go with Chung at least until Cushing comes back and probably even after that.

Anonymous said...

Guru how do you feel about Laron's brother Dawan? I know he had a slow week last week but the jets offense couldn't put any drives together

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan,

Great site. You certainly seem to know more than most about IDPs which I just recently got interested in. My league starts only 3 Idps. I hope you have the energy to keep this site going for a while.

In week 2 I need to pick 3 of

Derrick Johnson @ Browns
Jerod Mayo @ Jets
Bernard Pollard @ Was
David Harris vs Pats

Which 3 do you go with in week 2?
3pts/tackle 1.5/ast
3/int, 3/fum recovery

On waivers....
Chad Greenway vs Mia
EJ Henderson vs Mia
Dan Connor vs TB
James Harrison @ Titans
Clint Session vs Giants
Nick Barnett vs Bills
Daniel Manning @ Dal

Do I pick one up?

Anonymous said...

Who do you like more this year? TJ Ward or Bernard Pollard?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I was a little bit higher on Dawan Landry than most entering the season. I still think he has the potential for a top 25-30 finish. He's not going to do that with tackles alone however. He's going to need to come up with 3-5 INTs. With tackle-heavy DBs being so deep this season, I wouldn't hang onto him too long.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I'd go with Johnson, Mayo, and Harris. I actually like E.J. Henderson quite a bit this week as well against the run-heavy attack of Miami. I would stay with what you have for now.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I like Pollard more. Stay with Pollard.

Dwight said...

So Pollard, Mayo, Harris? not Johnson, Mayo Harris?

Just want to make sure you were talking to me. Not sure if you missed the TJ Ward or Pollard question. That was by a different "anonymous".

Anonymous said...

What's up bro? I truly love this site and I depend on it for in depth analysis to help with my fun/stress filled passion known as IDP.

Question; What do you think of Carolina's James Anderson? I picked him up off waivers since a few of my LB's are on IR. With Thomas Davis done for quite a while, I'm thinking he has a bit of the upside/potential we saw with David Hawthorne last season don't you think?

Also, and this has been something I've been wrestling with all season, but should I keep Anthony Spencer or pick up Bradie James over the long haul? Spencer is capable of making heavy weighted plays, i.e. sacks and James is good for 8 to 10 tackles in any given game though neither excel otherwise.

I'm gonna have to make some savy decisions when its time for me to drop up to 3 defensive guys as soon as Posluszny, D'Qwell Jackson and Cliff Avril are healthy (I have them all on my IR at the present). I think I'm gonna drop Avril(since I acquired Styles White this week) as well as Spencer and possibly James Anderson, especially if last weeks performance proves to be an aberration. I may need to make another drop to secure some depth at CB (We have to start 2 CBs and 2 Ss in my league)

Let me know what you think. By the way, here's my entire D squad so you may have a point of reference in your advisement. (we start 3 LBs, 3 DLs, 2 CBs 2 Ss and an all purpose DP)

Lance Briggs
Lawrence Timmons
Derrick Johnson
James Anderson
Anthony Spencer
D'Qwell Jackson (IR)
Paul Posluszny(IR)

Robert Mathis
Darnell Dockett
John Abraham
Styles White
Cliff Avril (IR)

Tyvon Branch
Louis Delmas
Chris Hope

Brandon Flowers
Sheldon Brown

Ryan Sitzmann said...

No Johnson, Mayo and Harris. I was answering I different question with my Pollard remark :)

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I don't see the same upside as 2009 Hawthorne for Anderson. He plays amongst a linebacking crew that is very solid and competes well for tackles. He also plays on the strong side which makes it more difficult for him to get to the ballcarrier. He had the advantage of seeing an above average number of tackle opportunities. He is a three-down linebacker and will have some big games, but expect him to dud out certain weeks. He's going to be inconsistent depending on the matchup.

Big-play scoring system go with Spencer, tackle-heavy go with James.

Anonymous said...

I play in a 20 team league that starts 2-3 DL's. I have M Patterson PHI, T Brayton and C Johnson from CAR, Brayton is out this week and E Brown is starting. Should I drop Brayton for Brown or drop M Patterson?
My league scoring:
2pts=tackle 1pt=assist 4pts=sack 5pts=Int

btw, love the site. great information. do you have an in-season ranking that's available?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ryan, two out of your three "locks" had above-average games (Timmons and Ward). Nice job! Now, if only I had kept Mathis (2 sacks) in my lineup instead of Biermann... :)

Keep up the great work.


Ryan Sitzmann said...

Thanks Jeff! In my defense, if you wouldn't have asked me who to start I would have advised you to start Mathis. Biermann was my "Lock of the Week" however that was among players available on the waiver wire. Mathis is pretty much an every-week starter and is considered matchup independent by this point.

The Falcons defense wasn't on the field much as they blew out Arizona. I expected the game to be closer and for Biermann to get more snaps. O well, that's the way it goes sometimes.

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