2010 IDP Stockwatch: Week 2

I thought I would introduce a new in-season article this year in which I discuss a few players who's fantasy value has either gone up or down depending on their performance, role changes, injury concerns, etc. from the previous week. I will try to get this article out every Thursday for your reading pleasure.

Stock Up

Kyle Vanden Bosch Down Arrow RDE Kyle Vanden Bosch - I have a love/hate relationship with KVB. I thought he was an overrated piece of dog poop when he played with the Titans. I still don't think he's capable of being a DL1 without other great lineman to protect him (e.g. Albert Haynesworth). However, he actually does have the luxury of playing on an above-average defensive line in Detroit where he receives plenty of protection and he was all over the field last Sunday against the Bears (10-1-0). As long as Detroit's line stays healthy, Vanden Bosch will be a low-end fantasy DL1.

Sedrick Ellis Down Arrow LDT Sedrick Ellis - Ellis is someone that I had my eye on entering the season. He's one of the most talented defensive tackles in the game and if he can stay healthy he could be a very nice pickup for those owners in DT-required leagues. He had a nice game against the Vikings with 5 total tackles and a sack.

E.J. Henderson Down Arrow MLB E.J. Henderson - T.J. Henderson E.J. Henderson has been an IDP that has managed to fall off most fantasy owners radars due to freak injuries keeping him out for for a large part of the last two seasons. When healthy, Henderson is fully capable of putting up low LB1 numbers. He's a sound tackler with two great defensive tackles who free him up to have clear shots at the ballcarrier. He also blitzes quite a bit and is capable of 4 or 5 sacks in a season. He looked pretty darn good in the season opener and posted 9 total tackles (8 solos). He's available on the waiver wire right now and can be had for LB3 cost.

Brian Urlacher Down Arrow MLB Brian Urlacher (CHI) - Urlacher looked great in the teams controversial game against the Lions. He was all over the field and seems to have regained the tenaciousness he had at the beginning of his career. Briggs is still the linebacker to own here, but Urlacher's stock is rising.

Brian Dawkins Down Arrow FS Michael Griffin (TEN) - Griffin was a sleeper of mine during the off-season and he started the season with a bang by posting 10 solo tackles and 2 assists. People forget Griffin was a top 10 DB in 2008 when he posted 7 INTS and 75 total tackles. I wouldn't expect anything more than average tackle numbers out of Griffin, but he has a knack for finding the ball and could be a solid play in big-play leagues.

Stock Down

Randy Starks Down Arrow NT Randy Starks (MIA) - Starks was on my bust list this year and it doesn't seem like he'll be coming off it anytime soon. He posted just 1 tackle against the Bills and the fantasy blackhole that is nose tackle has seemed to consume most of his fantasy value. He's fairly safe to drop in most formats.

Gary Brackett Down Arrow MLB Gary Brackett (IND) - Gary Brackett and Union Gap looked unimpressive in the Colts opener against the Texans. Considering Arian Foster ran the ball 33 times, Brackett should have put up more than 4 tackles. He looked sluggish and slow to the ball and wasn't diagnosing plays efficiently. I have to wonder if that big contract he signed has him a bit complacent. He's been too reliable over the past few seasons to drop, but keep an eye on his performance this week as there are a lot of good linebackers on the waiver wire.

Michael Boley Down Arrow WLB Michael Boley - I was really high on Boley entering into the season. He was a three-down linebacker playing on the weak side in a cover-2 based system. However, Boley now seems like the odd linebacker out in New York. The Giants had 13 plays with their "big base" and five plays with Kiwanuka playing linebacker behind the normal line. That meant Boley was on the sideline for 18 more plays than usual which limited his overall snaps to 48. I don't expect the Giants to use their big base package every game, just against teams that run the ball a lot like Carolina. But, it's still a big blow to Boley's overall value. I see him as an LB4 with LB3 upside.

David Hawthorne Down Arrow WLB David Hawthorne (SEA) - I wasn't quite as high on Hawthorne as some of my fellow IDP writers. The fact remains he had one good season and he wasn't highly touted coming out of college. But I still expected Hawthorne to put up more than 3 tackles in Seattle's blowout of the 49ers. Granted he got hurt during the game and that limited his play count to a certain degree, but what is most concerning to me is that he wasn't playing in the teams nickel packages. He only played in 33 of the team's 66 defensive snaps. Hawthorne is a guy I would sell high on if you can.

Brian Dawkins Down Arrow SS Brian Dawkins (DEN) - This guy is older than dirt and I'm afraid it's finally beginning to show. He's never been a top level tackle DB (outside of last season) and he only managed 3 tackles last week against Jacksonville. Dawkins always seems to come up with points whether it be through tackles, sacks, INTs, FFs, etc., but I wouldn't hold onto him if guys like Patrick Chung or LaRon Landry are on your waiver wire.

As always thanks for reading and for your comments! You guys have been keeping me busy! I'm looking forward to your questions, comments, and derogatory remarks.

Last Updated: September 16, 2010

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David Larkin said...

Good stuff as always, Ryan. I expect Brackett to pick it up this week. Surely the Colts can't be horrible on run defense two weeks in a row? They usually respond well after a loss.

Anonymous said...

Do you expect the colts to try and use Angerer because Brakett player so poorly?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

No, they just signed Brackett to a long-term contract. Unfortunately, I don't see Angerer cracking lineup unless Wheeler underperforms on the strong side or someone gets injured.

Anonymous said...

Which 2 out of three at DL?

Anonymous said...

I've been driving myself crazy going over the stats.
I'd appreciate any help with these choices.
(IDP scoring is: Tackle 1 point, shared tackle 1/2 point, Sack 3 points, Pass Defensed 1 point, Stuff 1 point, Forced Fumble 2 points.)

At DT I have Marcus Stroud.
Would Red Bryant, Turk McBride, Sedrick Ellis, Chris Ellis, or Domata Peko be a better choice?

At DE I have Tamba Hali and Robert Ayers.
Would Bryan Thomas, Greg Hardy, Juqua Parker, Aaron Kampman, or Travis LaBoy be better choices?

At LB I have Derrick Johnson and Lawrence Timmons (just dropped Dan Conner for Timmons…hope that was the right choice).
Would Urlacher, Rocky McIntosh, Bart Scott, Zac Diles or Paris Lenon be better choices?

At CB I have Brandon Flowers and Greg Toler.
Would Marcus Trufant, McFadden, Ellis Hobbes, Mike Adams, Tillman, or Cromartie be better choices? (I just dropped Tillman for Toler.)

At S I have Danieal Manning (yes we have PR/KR yardage) and Pat Chung.
Would Charles Godfrey, T.J. Ward, Babineaux, Atogwe, Pollard, Chris Hope or CC Brown be better choices?

Thanks for any help!


Anonymous said...

I had Eric Weddle and Ray Edwards on my roster for 3 points last week. What happened?

Not For Long... said...

Been looking for a solid site that seems to know what it's talking about to cut down on my 2 hours a day I spend on IDP alone. Thanks for the article. I'll be back daily and look foward to more great info. Although I have a feeling I'll still be on the same amount of time. Funny how that works...

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that I also have Posluszny sitting on my bench. I'm not sure what to do with him once he gets back to playing.

do you think he's better or has a better position than Timmons or Johnson?


Anonymous said...

Great site do you post a weeking ranking. The only one i saw was a weekly waiver wire. Once again great site?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I actually like Long and Biermann. I don't think the Dolphins are going to throw much and Edwards won't have a lot of opportunity to get to the quarterback.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

At DT, I would pick up Sedrick Ellis.

At DE, I'd stay where you're at.

At LB, I like Derrick Johnson and Timmons. Connor will have his good games, but he's going to have his games were he only puts up 3-4 solos as well since he's only a two-down linebacker.

At DB, I'd go with Tillman over Toler. He plays in a cover-2 system and is an established tackle corner. Toler could end up having a good year, but Tillman is a much safer play even if he doesn't put up the numbers he has in years past.

At S, I'd remain the same for now.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

The Chiefs offense was anemic last week and couldn't establish a sustained drive. Consequently, Weddle was hardly on the field. He should be fine.

As far as Edwards goes, lineman production greatly varies week to week and you just have to be patient.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I had Posluszny as my 3rd ranked linebacker heading into the season and I still stand by that ranking. He was putting up monster numbers in Week 1 before he got hurt. He's a LB1 when he returns. He's value is greater than both Johnson and Timmons.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I do not do weekly IDP rankings. They are very time-consuming to do and I personally never got much out of them as an owner. If you have specific question about players to start, feel free to ask me.

Anonymous said...

What up, feeling the new stock watch, well done.....

I waivered it up this week and like my choices
need to start 3 for week 2
This is my preferred order: Timmons, D Johnson, Connor, Wake..agree?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I like Timmons, Connor, D. Johnson, then Wake. I like Connor's matchup better than Johnson's. TB doesn't use many multiple receiver sets, so Connor should stay on the field about as much as he did against the Giants. Also, Johnson is facing the Browns and I seriously doubt their ability to sustain long drives which may impact his tackle numbers. All of the first three are still good plays however.

Anonymous said...

Great site! I need 2 LB's to pick up this week. Guys available are Briggs (on waiver might not get), Greenway, Diles, Urlacher, E.J. Henderson, Morrison, Boley, Levy, or Ellison? Thanks in advance!

John said...

Hey Ryan!
I have a DL question. My league starts 7 IDP players (2DL,2LB,2DB and a flex)(DL scoring -3pts tackle, 1.5 assist, 6pts sack, 3pts PD, 3pts FF, 2pts FR)

I have 3 on my roster atm, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Glenn Dorsey, and Justin Smith.

On the waiver wire atm - Chris Clemons, Dwan Edwards, Robert Geathers

I'm currently starting Vanden Bosch and Dorsey, do you think I should hold on to Smith or maybe look at the waiver wire for a replacement?

Also, my LB's are Dan Connor, DeMeco Ryans, Daryl Smith, Chad Greenway, and Geno Hayes. Which 2 of those should I start and maybe a 3rd as my flex?

Daryl Washington is on the wire, was wondering if I should pick him up and drop one of those LB's?

Thanks for the help Ryan!

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I like E.J. Henderson quite a bit this week against Miami. Ziles is a good play as well along. I'd go with those two guys if you don't want to have Henderson and Greenway since they're on the same team. But I think both will put up good numbers similar to what they did last week.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Hold onto Smith. He's perhaps the best 3-4 DE in the league and is for the most part consistent from year-to-year with his production.

Start DeMeco, Greenway, and Connor or Hayes as your flex. I'd almost lean towards Hayes because I'm expecting Carolina to run the ball a ton this week.

Anonymous said...

who would u start:

gary brackett vs giants


rolando mcclain vs rams

Anonymous said...

is Jason Babin worth aquiring?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

The DL situation in Tennessee is quite convoluted right now. They have a lot of good players among the line. After all is said and done, I think Hayes and Morgan emerge as the top two guys still. However, Ford (if healthy) has value. I wouldn't count on Babin to put up the tackle numbers he did this week on a consistent basis, but 4-6 isn't out of the question.

Anonymous said...

rank these corners moving forward for a dynasty league:

Stanford Routt
Jason Allen
Bradley Fletcher
Aaron Ross
Josh Wilson

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