2009 Fantasy Football IDP Waiver Wire Pickups: Week 17

Welcome to The IDP Guru's final installment of "Weekly IDP Waiver Wire Pickups" for the 2009 season. It's been a great ride and I've had a blast recommending players and answering all of your questions. FYI, I will continue to write articles during the off-season. These articles will focus on the effects of IDP free agent signings, changes in defensive schemes, IDP rookies and their potential fantasy impact, etc. As always, feel free to contact me anytime with any questions you may have and thanks for all your support!

Also, I will be writing articles for Top Fantasy Football and Fantasy Football Maniaxs during the off-season as well. So, feel free to stop on over and check out those articles if you wish.

Most leagues are over with and the league championship has already been decided. But, for you owners who are in 17 week leagues, I'm here for you with some great IDP waiver wire advice.

But before I get started with the waiver wire suggestions, here is something I stumbled upon when doing my research for today: Congresswoman Corrine Brown - Go Gata (With Subtitles). If you like to laugh, it's definitely worth a look.

Anyways, here are my IDP Waiver Wire recommendations for Week 17:


"The Untouchables":
Jared Allen (88%)
Elvis Dumervil (67%)
Julius Peppers (65%)
Trent Cole (62%)

Justin Tuck (57%)

Mario Williams (5
Robert Mathis (48%)
Osi Umenyiora (47%)
Andre Carter (46%)
Darnell Dockett (42%)

1. LDE Calais Campbell - Campbell has been a solid DL3 this year and slightly upgrades to a DL2 this week against the Packers, who have done a much better job of protecting the quarterback the last six to eight weeks, but are still susceptible to giving up sacks.

2. RDE Vonnie Holliday - Holliday has quietly registered three sacks in his last four games and he has a nice matchup this week against the Kansas City Chiefs, who have one of the worst pass-blocking offensive lines in the league. I can see Holliday having a couple of solo tackles and a sack this week.

3. RDE Randy Starks - I recommended Starks last week and he made me look like a fool. But, I'm going him another chance. He's played well this season and I like his chances of getting to Big Ben this week.

4. LDE Mathias Kiwanuka -With Osi Umenyiora being regulated to playing only in third- down passing situations, Kiwanuka has become the Giants starting LDE. In those two games in which he's started, he's posted 13 total tackles (11 solo) and he should be able to post some nice tackle numbers this week against Adrian Peterson and the Vikings.

5. LDT Eric Foster -With many of the Colts defensive lineman not playing the last two games, Foster has had a chance to step in and gain some serious playing time. The Colts will more than likely rest many of there top tier defensive lineman again this week against the Bills, leaving Mr. Foster with plenty of sack/tackle opportunities.

*The IDP Guru's Lock of the Week*
RDE Jonathan Fanene - Fanene hasn't done jack the last two weeks. However, he has a superb matchup against the Jets, who allow the most fantasy points to opposing defensive lineman. I expect there to be plenty of sacks handed out in this game and Fanene has probably the best chance of any Bengals defensive lineman of getting one.


"The Untouchables":
Patrick Willis (98%)
James Harrison (89%)

Ray Lewis (83%)

Jon Beason (82%)

London Fletcher (78%)
Barrett Rudd (72%)
D.J. Williams (70%)
Demarcus Ware (70%)
Brian Cushing (66%) - INJURED (QUESTIONABLE)
Kirk Morrison (61%)
David Harris (61%)
Curtis Lofton (58%)
DeMeco Ryans (58%)

Jonathan Vilma (57%)
Karlos Dansby (56%)

1. MLB Jasper Brinkley - Rookie Jasper Brinkley has played well since taking over for the injured MLB EJ Henderson two weeks ago (click here to see how Henderson was injured). From the games I've watched, Brinkley seems to be around the ball quite a bit. He has a very good matchup versus the Giants this week and should be a great end of the season filler.

2. LILB James Farrior - Compared to his fantasy production last year, Farrior is having somewhat of an off-year. However, he provides good value this week because of his matchup against the Dolphins. Inside linebackers tend to put up great fantasy numbers against Miami and Farrior is the Steelers most consistent tackler. He should be a safe play for 7-9 total tackles this week.

3. WLB Andra Davis - Davis has struggled to produce in the second half of the season in the same way he was during the first half of the season. However, he has shown some improvement over the last two weeks and he should have a good amount of tackle opportunities this week against the Jamaal Charles led Chiefs. Charles has said that he wants to break 1,000 yards for the season and he will need 134 to do so. With this being said, I can see the Chiefs giving Charles the rock 30 times in this game.

4. MLB Hunter Hillenmeyer -  I recommended Hillenmeyer last week and, boy, did he make me look good. He had 15 total tackles and had a brilliant strip of Adrian Peterson in overtime that won the Bears the game. Well done sir, well done. Hillenmeyer's matchup this week against the Lions is a pretty good one. I think Hunter should be good for 6 or more solos this week.

5. WLB Geno Hayes - Hayes has really started to come into his own the last few weeks of the season. He's registered a sack in each of the last two games and is starting to put up some nice tackle numbers. His matchup against the Falcons isn't a good one, but the last time he played them he went 9-0-0. I have a gut feeling Hayes may reproduce a similar stat line this week. If your feeling a little risky, Hayes could be a great play.

*The IDP Guru's Lock of the Week*
MLB Stephen Tulloch - Tulloch has been one of the most consistent tackling fantasy linebackers in the league this year. And with both starting WLB Keith Bulluck and SLB David Thornton out for the year, Tulloch has little competition for tackles. He has the Seahawks this week who have surprisingly given up the second most fantasy points to opposing linebackers over the last 7 weeks. Tulloch is a must-start this week.


"The Untouchables":
Charles Woodson (68%)
Brian Dawkins (61%) 
Antrel Rolle (58%) - INJURED (QUESTIONABLE)
Darren Sharper (57%)
Roman Harper (53%)

Eric Weddle (53%) - INJURED (QUESTIONABLE)
Brandon Meriweather (52%)
Erik Coleman (50%)
Gibril Wilson (49%) 
Yeremiah Bell (49%)
Charles Tillman (46%) - INJURED (OUT)
Bernard Pollard (46%)
Troy Polamalu (46%) - INJURED (QUESTIONABLE)
Tyvon Branch (44%)

1. SS Chinedum "Nedu" Ndukwe - I expect a big game out of Ndukwe this week. He has a fantastic matchup against the Jets. This is a must-win game for the Jets and, with that being said, they are going to run the ball a ton with Thomas Jones. The Bengals will put 8 in the box (including Ndukwe) to stop him and force pretty boy Sanchez to actually make a play.

2. LCB Antoine Winfield - I highly doubt Winfield is available on  a ton of waiver wires. However, he was injured for a large part of the season and may be available in some of the shallower leagues. Winfield is a bonafide IDP stud and has a great matchup this week against the Giants. If you have him, start him.

3. RCB Jacob Lacey - I normally wouldn't recommend picking up a Colts player this week because they are going to rest a majority of their players. However, I don't think Lacey is "good enough" to be rested and should play the entire game. Also, I think the Colts defense could be on the field more than usual because their offense will have a hard time moving the ball with poor rooking backup Curtis Painter leading the way. You should expect a solid game out of Lacey, who has been a pretty consistent tackler throughout the season.

4. LCB Brent Grimes - This guy has absolutely been on fire over the last 3 weeks (22 solo tackles and 3 INTs). He does have Tampa Bay this week which isn't the greatest matchup for opposing CBs and the last time he played them, he went 1-0-0. However, at this point in the season, you have have to ride the hot player. If you need to play catchup, Grimes is a great high risk/reward pick.

5. RCB Ronde Barber - Barber is having a pretty quiet year due to his lack of interceptions (zero). However, his tackles numbers are actually up slightly this year and he has a great matchup against Roddy White and the Falcons. I can see Barber producing some decent tackles numbers this week. If you have a good lead in your league and are looking to play it safe, Barber is a good play. He hasn't had less than 4 solo tackles since Week 7.

*The IDP Guru's Lock of the Week*
SS Mike Brown - I recommended Mike "Michelle" Brown last week and he really came through (13 total tackles). He has a fantastic matchup against the division rival Denver Broncos this week. I'm expecting another great game with Brown this week.


I hope you found this article to be helpful!

Please feel free to leave comments, questions, suggestions, or derogatory remarks!

Also, every Wednesday, I write an "IDP Starts and Sits" article for Top Fantasy Football. Make sure to stop over and check it out for more IDP advice!


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J said...

1 POINT tackle, 1 Point for Assist. 2 for INT and Sack.

CB: Start Craig Dahl, Jonathan Joseph, Madeui Williams, or Brent Grimes.

DT: Brandon Mebane or Dwan Edwards

Also, will Ruud rebound, Hawthorne? Thanks!

Chris said...


Excellent blog. I stumbled on it three weeks ago and have been using it while managing my IDP lineup. This is my first season managing IDP and, worse, I missed my draft, but through a crash course on IDP management and aggressive waiver wire use, I have gotten myself in the finals.

Keep up the fine work.



Ryan Sitzmann said...


Since you are in a tackle-heavy league, I will recommend players accordingly.

I like Grimes and Madieu Williams. Williams has had a couple nice tackle games in a row and has a great matchup against the Giants. Grimes has been on fire lately but the matchup sucks. I would probably go with Madieu since he's the safer play.

I would go with Mebane over Edwards. He's been more productive the last few weeks and he has the better matchup.

I actually like Hawthorne over Ruud. Chris Johnson really wants to get to $2,000 yards this year and needs 128 yards to do it. He'll get a ton of carries. I'm expecting a large game out of my man Hawthorne!

Hope this helps! Good luck.

Ryan Sitzmann said...


Thanks much!I can't imagine playing in a league with a team defense after playing in an IDP league for so long. In my opinion, IDP is more challenging but more fun. Anyways, good luck!

Jordan said...

Ryan - Love the blog, just found it as well a couple of weeks ago and it has helped a ton!

Do you think Nedu or Fanene are in any danger of sitting out?

I need to pick two from these groups, we are a big play league - 10 points per sack or int, 1 point per tackle.

DE: Carter, Fanene, Bowens
LB: Spencer, Paul P (bills), Tamba Hali
DB: Dawkins, Winfield (worried about him resting), Nedu, Delmas

Happy New Years! Thanks in advance for the help!


Ryan Sitzmann said...

This is what is so difficult about being in a 17 week league. I'm in one and were in 2nd place but we have a ton of guys who may sit!

As far as the Bengals resting their starters goes, we really won't have any type of feel until after the Patriots game on Sunday. If the Patriots win, the Bengals won't have anything to play for. However, some are speculating that even if the Patriots lose, the Bengals will rest their starters because they may want to lose on purpose to play the Jets in the 1st round of the playoffs.

I'm guessing that Ndukwe and Fanene aren't "big" enough players to be rested and if they are it will be late in the game.

At DE, I like Fanene and Carter because Bowens is more of a tackler (he's actually a LB).

At LB, I like Paul Posluzny (he's an every week starter) and Spencer.

At DB, I like Dawkins and Winfield. Those are both every week starters and Winfield has less of chance of sitting than Ndukwe because if the Vikings lose, they could lose the #2 seed.

I hope this helps and thanks for reading the blog! I really do appreciate it.

Let me know if you need any further advice.

jordan said...

Ryan - thanks for the help. I already have you bookmarked for next year.



Anonymous said...

Awesome article, it's nice to find consistent IDP rankings. I need help deciding linebackers and defensive backs. I have David Harris going for sure but I need a 2nd guy out of Clay Matthews, Nick Barnett, and Clint Sessions if he goes. At defensive back I have Pollard for sure but I need help deciding between Grimes, Goldson, and Jordan Babineaux.
Thanks in advance!

Ryan Sitzmann said...


Thanks for the compliment!

For linebackers, Session has been ruled out for this week. So you can count him out. Between Barnett and Matthews, Barnett is the safer play, so if you want to be conservative, play Barnett. Matthews is higher risk/reward.

At defensive back, I like Goldson. He's been solid all year and has a decent matchup against the Rams (especially if Steven Jackson plays).

I hope this helps. And, FYI, I will be writing plenty of articles in the off-season, if you want to stay up-to-date with IDP and gain an advantage on your opponent.

Good luck! And Happy New Year!

Nick said...

Thanks! Happy New Year to you as well.

Anonymous said...

Great recommendations last week

What five do you like this week:

Paul Posluszny
Justin Durant
James Laurinaitis
D.J. Williams
Jerod Mayo
Kirk Morrison
Nick Barnett
Stephen Tulloch

Tackles 1, Assists .5, Sacks 3, Int 2, PD 1

Many thanks as always,


Ryan Sitzmann said...

Thanks for compliment! It really means a lot to me.

I like:

1) Tulloch
2) Morrison
3) Posluszny
4) Williams
5) Mayo

The reason I left Laurinaitis off is because he has the 49ers who have given up the least amount of points to linebackers this year. NOT A GOOD MATCHUP.

Durant has Cleveland, who have been pretty good to linebackers lately, but are too risky for a championship game.

Barnett has a bad matchup against the Cardinals and has little upside.

I hope this helps. This is a tough list to choose from. These are all top 15 linebackers and you probably won't go wrong with any of them.

Let me know if I can be of any more assistance.


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