Week 11 IDP Waiver Wire Pickups - PERFORMANCE RESULTS

Welcome to this week's edition of "IDP Waiver Wire Pickups - Performance Results" where I examine how accurate I was in my Weekly IDP Waiver Wire suggestions from the previous week. The scoring system is as follows:

Green = Accurate Prediction (+1 point)
Golden Yellow = Neutral Prediction (0 points)
Red - Inaccurate Prediction (-1 point)

My goal and standard will be to finish each and every week with a total score of +2 or higher.

1. NT Jay Ratliff - (Actual Performance: 0-1-0)

2. LDE Chris Kelsey/LDT Marcus Stroud - (Actual Performance: Kelsey 1-0-0, Stroud - Did Not Play Because of Injury)

3. RDE Justin Smith- (Actual Performance: 3-0-0)

4. RDE Darnell Dockett - (Actual Performance : 2-0-1)

*The IDP Guru's Lock of the Week*
RDE Randy Starks - (Actual Performance: 5-0-1)

1. WLB Landon Johnson - (Actual Performance: 4-1-0)

2. MLB Paul Posluszny - (Actual Performance: 11-1-0)

3. LILB Bradie James/RILB Keith Brooking - (Actual Performance: James - 4-4-0, Brooking 4-4-1)

4. RILB Lawrence Timmons - (Actual Performance: 3-1-1 FF)

*The IDP Guru's Lock of the Week*
MLB Kirk Morrison - (Actual Performance: 4-0-0 FR)

1. FS Brandon McGowan - (Actual Performance: 2-2-0)

2. SS Yeremiah Bell/FS Gibril Wilson - (Actual Performance: Bell- 6-1-0, Wilson- 4-3-0)

3. SS/WLB Bryan Scott - (Actual Performance: 9-0-1 FF)

4. SS Reed Doughty - (Actual Performance: 4-2-0)

*The IDP Guru's Lock of the Week*
SS Erik Coleman - (Actual Performance: 4-4-0)

After calculating this week's total points, I finished with a score of +6 (10 positives, 4 negatives, 1 neutral). To think of it another way, I was correct on about 70% of my predictions. I consider this to be a very good success rate. When looking within each position, it's easy to see that I had a very high success rate with LB's and DB's. However, the success rate for DL wasn't what I expected (once again this week).

Moving forward to next week, I will put more of my research time into the DL position (which is statistically the hardest position to predict success for).

Thanks for reading and be on the lookout for my "Week 12 IDP Waiver Wire Pickups" article shortly.

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