2009 Fantasy Football IDP Waiver Wire Pickups: Week 11

Welcome to another edition of "Fantasy Football IDP Weekly Waiver Wire Pickups." After last week, I'm feeling pretty good about my suggestions. Hopefully, the trend can continue this week.

I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to leave comments, questions, suggestions, or derogatory remarks!

Anyways, here are my IDP Waiver Wire recommendations for Week 11:

1. NT Jay Ratliff - I recommended Ratliff last week against the Packers and he disappointed. He gets another chance this week against a porous Washington line. This is a big divisional game and Ratliff is one of the main leaders on the Cowboys D and that should provide him with a little extra incentive.

2. LDE Chris Kelsey/LDT Marcus Stroud - Kelsey has been fairly solid this year and has a good matchup against the Jaguars this week. If you need 3-4 tackles and a sack, Kelsey may be your guy. Stroud has been a poor man's Shaun Rogers this year and the Jaguars seem like the perfect matchup for him. Expect 5-6 tackles and a decent probability for a sack.

3. RDE Justin Smith - Smith has been on IDP vacation this year registering only 1 sack so far. However, he plays the Packers this week and my pet gerbil could sack Aaron Rodgers at this point.

4. RDE Darnell Dockett - After a slow start to the season, Dockett has a sack in each of his last two games. Look for that to continue against St. Louis this week.

*The IDP Guru's Lock of the Week*
RDE Randy Starks - Starks has quietly had a sack in five consecutive games and faces Carolina this week. This should prove to be a great matchup for Starks. This is one of the safer plays this week.

1. WLB Landon Johnson - Johnson has always been considered a solid tackler even in his younger years when he was with the Bengals. With the season-ending injury to Thomas Davis, Johnson slides into the starting WLB position and with Carolina playing more Cover 2 defense, more plays will be funneled into the WLB position. In his 1st start last week, Johnson went 6-1-0 with Jon Beason going 6-2-0. This shows that Johnson is managing to shed blockers and effectively compete with Beason for tackles. The matchup against the Dolphins this week is just icing on the cake, as the Dolphins have been one of the best matchups for LB's this season.

2. MLB Paul Posluszny - Once again, "Poz" makes the waiver wire pickups list. In my opinion, when healthy, Posluszny is a top 15 LB. But because of his early season injury, he is still only owned in 20% of ESPN leagues (compared to Demeco Ryans who is owned in almost 60% of leagues). Posluszny gets the Jaguars this week and should see a healthy dose of MJD. Scoop of Poz while you still can.

3. LILB Bradie James/RILB Keith Brooking - This one is purely a matchup-based pickup. Washington's general inability to move the ball downfield consistently has led to many tackling opportunities for opposing LB's. James and Brooking have both been fairly consistent the last few weeks. I would give Brooking the slight edge here over James, but both are good options.

4. RILB Lawrence Timmons - This guy is a star waiting to burst out. He was hindered by an ankle injury earlier in the year and was therefore a little slow to get to the ball. However, the last 4 weeks Timmons' performance his really picked up, signaling that his ankle is fully recovered. I like his chances of getting a sack or two against a shotty KC line this week.

*The IDP Guru's Lock of the Week*
MLB Kirk Morrison - In my opinion, Morrison is a top 5 LB because of his tackle consistency. However, he fails to garner the IDP respect that he should because of his lack of big play production. Morrison gets the Bengals this week who seem to run the ball 50 times a game. Look for Morrison to rack up double digit tackles in this one.

1. FS Brandon McGowan - McGowan has been pretty solid this year from a tackling standpoint. He gets the Jets this week who have been an IDP points goldmine for DB's this year. Look for 6-8 tackles and a decent possibility for an INT.

2. SS Yeremiah Bell/FS Gibril Wilson - I've always been a fan of Bell and Wilson. However, this year has been a somewhat of an off year for both players. Luckily, the Dolphins are going to Carolina to play the Panthers this week. At this point, all the Panthers can do is run the ball and everybody knows it. Look for Bell and Wilson to have solid games. I would choose Bell over Wilson considering he's the SS and Wilson is dealing with an injury this week.

3. SS/WLB Bryan Scott - As long as the Bills continue to use Scott at the WLB position, his value remains high, especially with them facing the Jaguars this week.

4. SS Reed Doughty - Since taking over for the injured Chris Horton in Week 9, Doughty has put up solid numbers (6-0-0, 7-3-0 FR). Doughty has a favorable matchup this week against Tony Romo and the Cowboys. If your in desperate need for 5 or 6 tackles, take a look at Doughty.

*The IDP Guru's Lock of the Week*
SS Erik Coleman - I recommended Coleman last week and he came through with 11 total tackles. He has another great matchup this week against the Giants, who I foresee getting back to basics and pounding the ball with Jacobs/Bradshaw. Look for Coleman to replicate similar numbers to his last week's total.

Once again, if you guys have any questions, comments, or derogatory remarks please feel free to leave them. I'm interested to hear what people want in an Fantasy Football IDP blog and will make changes based on what people want.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on safteys. I have Yeremiah Bell on my team and was thinking of dropping him, but I will stay with him because of the matchup

Ryan Sitzmann said...

No problem. I was a little concerned about Bell going into last week because he wasn't playing in Miami's nickel packages. But last week, he played in 100% of Miami's defensive plays. He should be good to go for Week 10.

Jon Swift said...


Some good calls here. I like the lock of the week in Randy Starks. He had a solid game of 5-1 and is on my team! :)

Some solid picks in the DL section but one in particular concerns me and that is Justin Smith. This is a personal pick for me because the past 2 years I have drafted/dropped him and he has been a HUGE disappointment. As of right now he is also listed as Probable so it remains to be seen if he will play and if he does hopefully he wakes up.

A person I picked up and would like to recommend in his place would be Ray Edwards. I love the match-up against the Seahawks as they currently rank in the bottom quarter of the league in sacks allowed. I'm expecting a monster game out of him as the O-Line will have their hands full trying to contain that beast at RE.

The other person I considered picking up, but decided against, is on your list and that is Darnell Dockett. I expect goods things out of him against the Rams and it seems he has started to hit a groove.

Ryan Sitzmann said...

I agree with the Ray Edwards pick. I was very close to suggesting Ray Edwards this week. However, I decided to go with Justin Smith because, even though, he hasn't had a sack since Week 1, he is playing the Packers, and my grandma could sack Aaron Rodgers. Also, I figure Smith is due to get a sack. He's gone 9 weeks without one and he's just too good of a player to go any longer without registering another sack.

As always, I appreciate the comments!

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