2009 Fantasy Football IDP Waiver Wire Pickups: Week 10

Hello and welcome to the 1st ever weekly installment of "IDP Waiver Wire Pickups." In these weekly articles, I will be giving my advice on IDP players I believe will have a strong fantasy performance that specific week. My recommendations will exclude already heavily-owned IDP players. Instead, I will focus on recommending players who are on the waiver wire in a majority of leagues.

I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to leave comments, questions, suggestions, or derogatory remarks!

Anyways, here are my IDP Waiver Wire recommendations for Week 10:

1. Any starting DL from the Dallas Cowboys (especially NT Jay Ratliff) - The Cowboys face the Packers offensive line (AKA "Baby Swiss") this week, who seem to consistently give up 6 sacks a week no matter who they are playing.

2. RDT Jonathan Babineaux - He had a breakout game against the Redskins last week with 10 tackles and 2.5 sacks. This was largely due to the Redskins inability to block anyone more so than Babineaux's tremendous pass rushing ability. However, Babineaux has a very similar matchup this week against Carolina and should see similar results.

3. RDE Greg "Stylez" White - First off, you have to love a guy who officially changes his first name to Stylez. I'm tempted to pick him up just because of his name. But believe it or not there are some very good reasons to pick up Stylez. He has registered 3 sacks in the last 3 weeks and he plays against the Dolphins who get sacked quite a bit.

4. RDE Will Smith (not the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Will Smith) - Smith seems to have awaken from his IDP slumber with 4 sacks in the last two weeks. I doubt he is available in many leagues, but if he is, I would pounce on him. He plays the Rams this week who will likely get behind early (like they always do) and be forced to pass. Look for Smith to have a big game.

1. MLB Paul Posluszny - Due to his injury in Week 1, Posluszny is still available in many IDP leagues. Since returning from his injury in Week 6, he has put up solid numbers. Also, the Bills have a hard time controlling the ball on offense and consequently there defense is on the field a lot providing "Poz" with plenty of tackle opportunities. To sweeten the situation even more, the Bills are playing the Titans this week, who are likely to run the ball a ton with Chris Johnson.

2. MLB Larry Foote - Foote and Lions host the Vikings this week, who happen to give up the most fantasy points to opposing LB's. In addition, the Lions defense will be on the field all day and Foote should therefore see plenty of tackle opportunities. Also, with Ernie Sims possibly missing playing time this week, Foote should have even more opportunities. Look for Foote to get anywhere from 8-10 tackles this week.

3. MLB Stephen Tulloch - Tulloch has been a very consistent tackler throughout the entire season and with SLB David Thornton nursing a hip injury, he will have less tackles taken away from him. He plays the Bills this week who give up the 3rd most points to opposing LB's.

4. MLB Jonathan Vilma - Due to his highly inconsistent year so far, Vilma has been dropped in many leagues. I personally don't see Vilma's numbers returning to his 2008 levels. However, he plays St. Louis and should likely see 25+ runs from Steven Jackson as the Rams look to slow down the Saints offense. Vilma has rebounded nicely the last couple weeks and I look for that trend to continue this week.

1. FS Oshiomogho Atogwe (man, that was hard to spell!) - Atogwe provides a great balance between big play capability and consistent tackling. He plays on a bad team whose defense is on the field a lot and, most importantly, he plays against the New Orleans Saints this week. Look for Atogwe to have a HUGE WEEK!

2. SS Erik Coleman - Mr. Coleman has been sneakily amassing a large amount of tackles from his SS position. Through Week 9, he has a combined 65 total tackles and he has a great matchup this week against the Panthers. DeAngelo Williams has been reaching the 2nd level a lot the last 4 games which certainly bodes well for Coleman.

3. FS Reggie Nelson - Nelson is a great guy this week to pickup if your looking for a fairly safe 6-8 tackles. He has been a very consistent tackler this season and he has a very good matchup against the Jets this week.

4. SS Chris Harris - Harris is available in most IDP leagues because of his early season injuries. Since returning to the lineup in Week 5 Harris has put of fairly mediocre numbers. However, with WLB Thomas Davis now out for the year, Harris should see more tackle opportunities as RB's may find it easier to get to the 2nd level. Also, the Panthers play the Falcons this week which means Harris will likely be seeing a lot of Michael "The Burner" Turner.

Once again, if you guys have any questions, comments, or derogatory remarks please feel free to leave them. I'm interested to hear what people want in an Fantasy Football IDP blog and will make changes based on what people want.


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Anonymous said...

Where was your call on the San Fran Secondary? Cutler throws 5 Int's and you don't predict that? what's the deal?

Ryan Sitzmann said...

Haha. Yah, that was a downright awful game by Cutler. When making IDP suggestions, I tend to recommend players who have a favorable chance of racking up a decent amount of tackles opposed to players who have a chance at INT's. The reason being that tackles are easier to predict.

Anonymous said...


I'm in desperate need of a DB for week 11...any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Ryan Sitzmann said...

You can take a look at my "Week 11 IDP Waiver Wire Pickups" article where I recommend 5 DB's this week. Also, to add to that article, Tanard Jackson against NO is a great play this week or pretty much anyone in the St. Louis secondary (especially Atogwe) against the Cardinals this week. Hope this helps!

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