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Below is a listing of my most recent articles:

2015 Fantasy Football Draft Guide (PURCHASE) - Created 3/22/2015
2015 Fantasy Football Draft Guide (ACCESS)
- Updated 7/2/2015 (Sheldon Richardson and Rolando McClain Suspensions)
2015 IDP Redraft Rankings: Cornerbacks - Created 6/9/2015 (NEW!)
2015 IDP Redraft Rankings: Defensive Tackles - Created 6/8/2015 (NEW!)
2015 IDP Strength of Schedule - Created 6/5/2015 (NEW!)
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2015 IDP Redraft Rankings: Linebackers
- Created 6/4/2015
2015 IDP Redraft Rankings: Defensive Linemen - Created 6/4/2015 (NEW!)

2015 IDP Rookie Rankings - Created 6/3/2015 (NEW!)
2014 IDP Tackle Frequency - Created 6/3/2015 (NEW!)
2014 IDP Sack Frequency - Created 6/3/2015 (NEW!)

2014 IDP Fantasy Points Per Snap - Created 6/3/2015 (NEW!)

2014 IDP Snap Counts - Created 6/3/2015 (NEW!)

2015 Every Down Linebackers
- Updated 6/3/2015

2015 Defensive Coordinators and Schemes - Updated 1/22/2015

2015 Tackles Issued by Home Stat Crews (Through Week 16) - Updated 1/20/2015
Guide to NFL Defensive Schemes - Created 7/11/2010

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